Your Life is in the Balance!

Welcome back to the current issue of the Law of Attraction Key Newsletter!

Today I want to focus on the picture of your WHOLE life!

It is so easy to get focused on only 1 or 2 areas of our lives and leave all the others behind.  This is why you hear about so many people achieving high levels of success, but still feeling like something is missing.  They feel like something is missing, because it is!

Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you have fallen into this trap (most of us have at one time or another) because you can always design a full and abundant life – and I’m going to help you get started with that today.

I personally believe the true success lies in the joining of three words…

  • Ultimate
  • Lasting
  • Balanced

Whether you fully believe it or not, you can have true success – that is Ultimate, Lasting and Balanced. I know you can, because I have seen people from all walks of life achieve it.  So no matter what your current situation is life, it is all possible – and I’m going to help you along the way.  I wrote this issue to help you do what you need to do to start on your way to a balanced, fulfilling life.  I am so excited for you and I hope I’ll pass that excitement on to you!

I so appreciate all of the comments you leave! You are helping me make sure this newsletter serves YOU and you are helping everyone else who may share in what you are currently experiencing on your journey! You’ll find a link at the bottom of each issue that leads you to our site to leave your comments and feedback – I encourage you to do so and share your voice!

Ok, let’s get started – I hope you enjoy this issue!

Life Mastery Is Yours!


Balance is beautiful.

Miyoko Ohno


Your Life is in the Balance!

By Kristen Howe

I want to tell you a story…

A few years ago, I was at a party where I was introduced to this very cool woman.  She was so full of energy and charisma and the business she had been building for the previous 5 years was really starting to take off – to the tune of multiple millions in a year.  She and I hit it off, and before the night was through, she shared quite a bit with me about her journey.

She had grown up in a family that wasn’t poor, but they were just above poor.  They lived day to day with money, and her dad, gave up all of his dreams so that he could work hourly and make ends meet.

By the age of 7 she had decided she was going to own her own successful and lucrative business, and that is what she put all of her attention and focus on.  As she told me the story of how she formed the burning desire that had just started to come to complete fruition, her eyes sparkled and I remember thinking how amazing it was to see someone right in the moment of their dream coming true.

I’m sharing this story with you now, because I recently ran into her again.  Her business has almost doubled in size and she is still warm and charismatic, but as we talked, something was different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Once again, the night went on and we ended up talking and sharing, and, toward the end of the night, something she said to me made it all come clear– she said, “Over the past few years my dream has come true, and I am thankful for it every day, having my own successful business and being wealthy really is wonderful – but I’ve realized that I spent so much of my life with this one singular focus that I forgot to decide what I wanted the rest of my life to be like.”

WOW! Talk about a light bulb going off! I mean, this is the exact thing I teach, but to see such a perfect example in front of me took my breath away – I listened carefully as she went on and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no regrets. But I realize now that I need to get clear on how I want all of the pieces of my life to look.  It’s funny, I had so much energy pointed in one direction for so long that now that I’ve achieved my first dream, I don’t know what to do with all of my energy. So, I’m excited really, to get clear on the whole picture and then put it together piece by piece.”

I have no doubt that when I see her again she will be on her way to great success in all of the areas of her life – and here’s why…

There are some key things that she said that tell me she is well on her way to a balanced and successful life – let’s look at them together…

  • She realizes that it’s all about balance and that complete success means happiness and fulfillment in many areas of your life (instead of just one).
  • She isn’t wasting time on regrets – instead, she is extremely thankful for the success she has achieved in her business, because it proved to her what she can do with clear, focused energy.
  • She understands that to achieve the full, balanced life she desires, she will need to get very clear on all of the pieces.
  • She knows that the key to ongoing success is to keep her energy focused on each piece of the picture.
  • She is excited at this opportunity to create her life deliberately and joyfully.

Your life is in the balance! And it can be a joyful experience to direct your energy toward putting the pieces of your picture together.  Learn from my friend – take her attitude on as your own and start painting the picture of YOUR joyful, abundant and fulfilling life – I am so excited for you!

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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
To decide what you want the picture of your life to look like, start by writing down the main areas of your life – these are the areas that will most likely be part of your life picture infinitely.

Examples are: Health, Relationships, Financial, Career, Spiritual, Creative etc. – make sure you have a clear picture of what you want each of these areas to look like AND that the picture you have for each area works with the other areas.  This will instantly remove conflict between areas which may be causing challenges now.

Hi Kristen!
First I want to say Thank You for everything, your report, your advice & encouragement.
I always believe I’m the master of myself & it touches me deep inside reading it coming from you. I think it’s high time I start acting like it. It’s said : give a man an expectation to live up to, and he will strive to deserve it. You just did that. I’m grateful. “

— Lucky

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  1. Ravi says:

    Hi Kristen,

    At the outset let me wish you A VERY HAPPY AND ENERGISING NEW YEAR 2012.

    Honestly speaking, my life is slowly changing to a very positive and energetic life after going through your various coaching over the period .

    Each day turns out to be more interesting and active for me.

    Thanks a zillion for your coaching.

    Warm regards,

    Ravi (from India)

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