Health and Happiness through the Power of the Mind (How Grandma Unconsciously Heals Herself)

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I think we all agree that the mind is truly powerful! With your mind, you have so much possibility at your fingertips. It is easy to look and rationalize all that is possible because of the power of the mind, but it is another thing to actually start to tap into that power. And that is what this issue is about…

This is the challenge that so many face – this powerful mind that they have isn’t trained to work for them and so often, it works against them. The good news is, this is just a challenge – and the reality is that there is a solution, and when you learn how to understand your mind and harness all that it has to offer, then it will start to work for you diligently and tirelessly and THAT is exciting!

The mind is an especially powerful tool when it comes to healing the body, but we so often ignore it and the amazing things it can do for our health. And, it goes without saying, that without your health, you have nothing.  I want this year to be a year of great health for you – a year where you take your body, mind and spirit to new levels.

To help you fully understand what your mind can do for your health (and wealth, and success, and relationships and everything else) I’ve asked Laura Silva – of Silva Mind Body Healing to share with you how a unique combination of meditation, visualization and un-conditioning can unlock the power of the mind to heal the body.

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The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Marcus Aurelius


Health and Happiness through the Power of the Mind

(How Grandma Unconsciously Heals Herself)

by Laura Silva

I recently discovered how powerful the mind is – through observations of my grandmother.

My grandma has been living with the family ever since grandpa passed away. Grandma is over 80 years of age, young and full of vitality. I say this because she has no need for a walking stick and has a mighty appetite! That said, grandma wouldn’t agree with my point of view – that she’s healthy and strong. At times, she tells the family of her concerns regarding her age and health. These concerns will lead to medical check-up routines with positive results – my grandma is indeed healthy! This got me thinking “Is this anxiety causing her some form of physical health problems?” This question led me to do some digging. And today, I present my findings to you.

The eastern civilizations have long recognized the link between the body and the mind. Buddhists especially, share the same strong perspective of the mind. They believe that the mind is pure, limitless and pervasive. It is like the sun shining in a clear sky. The problems or sickness we experience are like clouds in the sky, which block out the sun. Just as clouds that temporarily block out the sun, our problems and sicknesses are only temporary. They can be removed from the mind. Simply put, we have the ability to control the state of our body with our mind!

Some people with similar problems respond differently to same treatments. Why do some completely recover while others only recover temporarily? And why do the conditions of others worsen? Well, it is the mind that causes these differences! Buddhism affirms that for lasting healing, it is necessary to treat not only the current disease with medicine, but also the cause of the disease that originates from the mind. So the mind must be healed to rid of sickness and problems for good. This is called “ultimate healing” – a state of permanent health and happiness. How do we go about achieving ultimate healing? Here are 3 ways, a mixture of Buddhist practices and other Eastern practices.


Meditation is a practice that exercises the power of the mind to unite the body and the mind. Studies have shown that regular meditation has a host of benefits that include the relief of chronic pain. But the reasons underlying the relief have been unclear.  Recently, Harvard and MIT researchers found an explanation for this phenomenon.

In a study published in the journal Brain Research Bulletin, researchers found that people trained to meditate over an 8-week period were able to control specific type of brain waves called alpha rhythms. What are alpha rhythms?!

Well think of radio stations that broadcast at specific frequencies. Our brain works similarly! There are different types of brainwaves that help regulate the flow of information between brain cells. Alpha rhythms flow through cells where sensory information is processed. This information determines and affects the sensations that we feel with our bodies. To put it simply, alpha rhythms impact what we’re able to feel!

A 1966 study showed that Buddhists monks had higher levels of alpha rhythms across their brains. This is because they meditated regularly. The research done by Harvard and MIT confirms this. With regular meditation, we can raise our levels of alpha rhythms, and become more aware of our own bodily sensations. For those suffering pain, they can essentially turn down the volume on pain signals. How amazing is that?


Visualization works hand in hand with meditation. While one has raised alpha rhythms, otherwise known as the alpha state of mind, one must visualize the end result of a goal or desire. And this must be done in the present. Let me illustrate how this is done with an example.

Let’s say that you are feeling some sort of pain in your feet and you would like to get rid of it. So to get rid of that pain, you must visualize yourself free of that pain, and experience that moment as if it is happening right this instant. Imagine being able to walk or run without any sort of pain bothering you. Imagine how that feels. Isn’t that a wonderful sensation?


There are several elements that affect one’s ability to effectively visualize and achieve “ultimate healing”. If we consciously integrate these elements into our visualization and meditation exercises, we can achieve that “ultimate healing” that we desire. What are these elements?

  • Desire
  • Belief
  • Expectancy

Do you have an intense desire to recover from your pain or suffering? Do you believe that it is possible to recover from that pain? Also, do you expect it?

Think about it. Have you ever heard someone in pain say, “I know that (belief) if I see the doctor (expectancy), I’ll definitely feel better (desire)!” Well my grandma says that all the time! And sure enough, she feels better immediately after the family takes her to the doc. This is because the elements or fundamental energies were present in her that allowed her to achieve her desired outcome. Unfortunately, she does not consciously integrate them and hence the pain always returns.

So it’s important then to be conscious of these forces. These subjective spiritual energies when combined together can result in something beautiful – your desired outcome. It’s interesting to note that this does not apply only to your health but also all aspects of your life. The mind is indeed a powerful thing!

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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Make a list of the things you have done in your life that you are proud of.It doesn’t matter how many there are or how long ago they were.  All that matters is that you think of at least one thing that you have done in your life that you are proud of on every level of your being.  Now, ask yourself these 2 questions about each of the things you wrote down…1. When I did this, what did I believe?2. When I did this, what did I expect?

You can learn so much from your history – even if you feel cut off from the person that you were then, you CAN believe and expect those things again. Read your ‘Pride List” at night before you go to bed and you will instantly put yourself in a positive magnetic state!


“Hi Kristen,

At the outset let me wish you A VERY HAPPY AND ENERGIZING NEW YEAR 2012.

Honestly speaking, my life is changing to a very positive and energetic life after going through your various coaching.

Each day turns out to be more interesting and active for me.

Thanks a zillion for your coaching.

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7 Responses to “Health and Happiness through the Power of the Mind (How Grandma Unconsciously Heals Herself)”

  1. kat says:

    I am wondering if you think this would work on Alzheimer’s? My Mother is at the stage when she doesn’t remember ten minutes ago, and she blames herself. Always saying she has to get herself together, and horrified that she doesn’t remember things we tell her she did.She is in a home and hates it. If we meditate with her, can we reverse the plaque covering her brain?

  2. Charlotte says:

    Let me start by wishing you a fabulous new year!!! Thank-you for all your inspiring, energy-giving advice. Thank-you that you do not hesitate to share the most powerful secrets with us . I appreciate every single piece of effort that you put into making the world a better place for other people. I especially found your book about the 16 sub-laws amazing!

  3. Tony says:

    Hi Kristin,
    It is such a pleasure to receive interesting, helpful and meaningful articles which are not a cover up for selling a pruduct to the recipient, be they medicines, books, courses or subscriptions. I am very interested in development and control of mind and spiritual growth (not necessarily religion} and the law of attraction is one area I wish could master. Unfortuanately there are so many opinions of this and other so called growth processes on the web, that one has to be sort through them very carefully to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Once again thank you for this article, it is very definitely ‘wheat”.

  4. Miguel Hilao says:

    An instructor once told me when I was sick with a cold “you’ll get well as soon as you get tired of being sick” As an observation I monitored that statement over the years and found it to be true. I also found I can keep from getting sick just by not allowing my mind to agree I’m getting ill of course this does not mean I ignore serious issues but even then the healing must start in my mind. The power we have over our lives is limited only by our lack of faith in our ability to over come. This is a very good article with a message that is life changing and all we have to do is believe and live it.

  5. Abel Tom says:

    I think you are one of those wonderful people God has placed on our world to help,encourage and support others with your knowledge and experience in life’s journeys.I have been reading your articles and you are an inspiration.


    • Kristen says:

      Hi there!

      It is so great to have you sharing with us all and you are right, I am here to help encourage and support you! You are extraordinary!

      Life Mastery is Yours!

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