These 7 Words Can Change Your Life

I had an interesting experience one morning a while back, and it
just popped into my mind as a good thing to write about.

Ok…so, on this morning about a year ago, I rode my bike 2 miles
to sign up for a new gym at 6:30 am and when I walked in the door
there was a smiley, 20ish girl behind the desk.

I smiled and told her I had spoken with the Gym Manager on Friday
and that I just needed to see the gym before I signed up…she
thought that was great and we stood there smiling at each other
until she told me that the problem was that there was no one there
to show me around or take my info for a membership.

Negative thoughts started flying through my head:

‘Who is she to waste my time, I spoke with the Gym Manager, do you
know who I am, I just rode my bike 2 miles to get here, I can’t
come in the middle of the day, I won’t come back, maybe I should
threaten to take my business elsewhere, why is she staring at me so
blankly, why isn’t she trying to come up with a solution…’

And then she smiled again and said, ‘I’m so sorry, it’s just that
I’m the only one here and I’ll get in trouble if I leave the desk
to show you around and I can’t let you go by yourself because of
the liability…’

And in that moment I realized she wasn’t the bad guy…she was doing
everything she could and was waiting for me to yell at her…and so I
didn’t…instead I remembered something my mother taught me…it’s a
simple phrase but it’s so rare that we stop and use it…and it’s this…

‘I’m hoping you can help me out…’

Literally the second those 7 words came out of my mouth she
straightened up, leaned in and a look of determination came across
her face…

I continued, ‘I completely see how difficult your position is and
the last thing I want to do is make things worse so I wonder if
there is any way we can make this happen without you getting in

Her head cocked to the side like a cocker spaniel…

I kept going, ‘I know you can’t leave the desk…and I know I can’t
walk around alone because of the liability…I am more than happy to
sign something to waive that…’

Suddenly there was a waiver form in front of me accompanied by a
faint whisper, ‘If you just fill this out and promise not to work
out and try not to fall in the pool…’

I said nothing and started filling out the form…when I completed it
I said, ‘I won’t even go near the pool.’

She smiled and when I returned 10 minutes later she looked very

To be honest I probably could have bullied this girl into letting
me do the same thing…but that would have sucked for both of us…
‘I’m hoping you can help me out…’

7 powerful words…and so true…imagine using those words to get the same
results that you normally have to get by yelling and
screaming…imagine using those words to get results that you might
never have gotten because you sheepishly walked away denied…imagine
how you would feel if someone honestly said those words to
you…wouldn’t you want to help if you could?

What I like about it, is saying this immediately puts you and the
other person on the same team instead of against each other.

So my question to you is:

What are the times that consistently come up in your life where this phrase may
be a stronger and more fruitful choice?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

Go Big!


5 Responses to “These 7 Words Can Change Your Life”

  1. Rosemary says:

    “I’m hoping you can help me out.” I’ve heard that before and just thought of the situations it could help. Service is something that is so rarely given these days, and so often defensiveness causes those to whom I speak to dig in their heels to oppose what to my mind is a reasonable request. My getting angry and frustrated, because my time is all I have to offer in my real estate business, and wasted time is wasted money, only makes the situation worse. Thanks for the great advice. I’ll try it tomorrow.

  2. YanJun says:

    “I’m hoping you can help me out.”I’ll try these 7 words tomorrow. Maybe different people will give me different answers.

  3. All too often we fly off the handle when we don’t know all the details. So yes, those seven words can be helpful.


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