The Person With A Plan Wins

I just got back from the grocery store…

Normally I go in the wee hours of the morning to avoid everyone else, but today I couldn’t get there until lunch time.


At least it spurred me to write this blog post… (more on the my epiphany at the grocery store in a minute):

Okay…this is so important…

The Person with a Plan Wins!

You need to know this or you will float around aimlessly or just become an unknowing piece of someone elses plan…

Once again, this applies to everything

  • Making money fast
  • Making money slowly
  • Building a business
  • Getting a raise at work
  • Raising your kids
  • Enjoying wonderful, fulfilling relationships
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Enjoying a relaxing day

and so on and so on and so on…

Let me use my grocery store trip as an example…

Lunch time on a Friday in sunny California…otherwise known as the absolute worst time to go grocery shopping…but there I was…

I saw the chaos inside so I pulled out my list (the first good thing I did was have a list, I knew exactly what I needed and wanted)

Then I quickly decided the path I would take through the store, this only took a matter of seconds

Then I grabbed a cart and went in the door…

This is where it gets interesting…

There was a guy who went in the door at the same time and as he walked in the door he had his cell phone to his ear and I heard him saying, ‘Ok…I’m here, what do we need? Hurry up…I need to get out of here fast!’

Let’s just say that I was out the door within 20 minutes.  As I left I saw him heading from one end of the store to the other, still on the phone, with about 2 things in his cart and it didn’t look like he would be done any time soon.

I’ll say it again…

The person with the plan wins!

Now, is it possible to plan every single moment?

NO (I ran into many obstacles that I never could have predicted)…

Does that mean spend tons of time on the plan?

Not necessarily (obviously this will depend on what the plan applies to)

Here’s the deal…

You need a plan or at the very least a strategy, an approach if you will!

You won’t be able to plan everything…in fact if you do you could potentially miss out on something brilliant and unplanned for…

You don’t want to get stuck in the planning phase (You know who you are…) and will need to pull the trigger to get started, sooner rather than later please!

But…I’ll ask you this…

Do you want to show up to life with a focused, flexible strategy?


Do you want to wander around aimlessly with a cell phone attached to your ear while someone tells you what they need?

I’m all for flexibility and spontaneity and wonderful accidents and all of that great stuff and I promise you, when you have a plan or a strategy, you will get more of that.

Try it!

Leave me a comment and tell me how this applies to different areas of your life…

Take a look at the areas where you have a plan, the areas where you don’t have a plan and the areas where you get stuck planning…

Let me know what you discover!

Go Big!


35 Responses to “The Person With A Plan Wins”

  1. Having a plan helps to avoid the culprit called procrastination. But you also have to be willing to follow the plan. It’s amazing how we talk ourselves out of doing the very thing that must be done to make our lives better.

    Yes, I’m talking about me! I write. A very good writer, I’ve been told. This is the career I want for three reasons, abundant money, freedom and independence. You would think that I would follow the steps to my goal, but I find a multitude of ways to procrastinate.

    To have what I want I need to make sure that my inner adult is leading me and not my inner child.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, for me I think there are definite areas where I have implemented and developed plans in my life. These are areas, work and lifestyle, that I’ve been working on for ever it seems. There’s a long way to go as I can see from this perspective things I haven’t but want to take into account. Then there are areas of my life I have virtually neglected and am at the planning stage. The plans, now you mention it, are rudimentary compared to the other areas. I am only just beginning to see possibilities in areas such as finance and partnership. It’s crazy!

  3. Mike Mckenna says:

    I too go to the store early to beat the crowds,also when writing my list I look at whats on it, I then visualize the isles in the store and re write it in the order of my path through the isles,My wife usually writes a list first, I’ve found that if I use her list I end up bouncing from isle to isle aimlessly and it takes me twice as much time. I never thought about using that technique in other areas,I will from now on. Thank you,

  4. Mark says:

    I agree with you 100%….if you fail to plan you are planning to fail….thanks for the re-focus…..

  5. So true Kristen. Until about four months ago i had no plans. Since then i have set up my dream/job board and all my aspiration targets and deadlines. And, guess what, things are beginning to show up, including you. Thanks. The man with the plan wins.

  6. Andrea says:

    Hi Kristen, thank you for this wonderful post. It comes at a perfect time in my life. I was introduced to the law of attraction in September of 2009 and my life has changed tremendously since then (I’m more confident, I have found the love of my life, my relationships with my sisters improved dramatically, etc.) I find that I am still having troubles in parts of my life (money)and I regularly sit down and think about why some things happen and why some things don’t. I know the ‘things’ I am supposed to be doing, like meditating, visualizing, focussing on the things I want, making plans, and goals. So why don’t I do it…hmmm. I can blame it on no time, procrastination…the thought that does this actually work, but i have to start taking FULL responsibility for my actions…and I am writing this to you today so that I finally take the bull by the horns and start getting my life in order. I wanted to thank you for your posts and let you know that they DO help! Thank you for your insights and I hope that you have continued success! Peace and blessings to you and yours, thanks for the little nudges Kristen, you’re doing a great job!


  7. Gary says:

    I agree! One of my favorite quotes is “People who fail did not plan to fail they failed to plan”

  8. fotios says:

    Thank you Kristen for the emails that you send me-my main problem is in relationships( to love and be loved)I take good care of myself-eating and exercising But that problem makes me unhappy. Thank you. sincerly fotios

  9. Angeline says:

    Hi, Kristen,

    this is another powerfull message. last week my husband called me out of the grocery store and asked “Darling, where do I find the mascapone?”. Instead of asking the girl in the store he only was focused in asking me. I only go shopping with a list und always go to the same store and this is a small one. that is a great advantage. The choice is limited but if you know on advance what you want and you know what the offer you are ready within 15-20 minutes. Great stuff you give me. Thanks. Angeline from Mallorca (Spain).

  10. Hi Kristen

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for promoting – make a plan (even a simple plan such as a mud map) and MAKE A START, take the first step and keep taking steps AND COMPLETE the plan. It is interesting that getting from A to B is rarely a straight line, as you get of line and you will frequently, make CORRECTIONS to get back on line and heading in the right direction with forward movement to COMPLETE your plan.
    This should be a part of the teaching in Primary School. I believe the Quality of peoples lives would be so much improved.

    Thank you again Kristen


    Bernard Couzens (Australia)

  11. Mark says:

    Hi Kristen,
    It has been sometime since I last commented, but I a least have my businesses going now for 8 weeks. I have a local TV commercial for my Garden Gallery, alternative energy and children s sore for three weeks. My web store is going and I am trying to get traffic to it. I have a lot to learn about this and it isn’t easy. I have a plan and trying hard to stick with it. As overwhelming as it is, I am doing my best. Thank you as always for your insight and advice. Take care

    • Kristen says:

      Hey Mark!

      Great to hear from you and congrats on all the progress you’ve made!

      Keep me in the loop with what’s happening with you!

      Go Big!

  12. Peter Basson says:

    Kirsten – you are so right I have a journal, but I only write in it now and then…I have a website that over a yeear I still have not developed, I have a MLM Distributorship that I have not advertised and the list goes on – I need to plan!!!

  13. Migen L. Osorio says:

    Dear Kristen,
    Having a plan for the things you want out of everyday or the life you want to lead is like having a road map in order to reach your destination. I have throughout my life planned for the little things that caught my fancy. There were big ones too, like what I wanted to be known ultimately. And so I did set out on what I wanted to do and to be and to have. I had a road map and eventually I did get to be what I wanted to be and to do what I wanted to do. I do not have all I ever wanted to have. But with your constant reminding me to GO BIG, eventually I will reach that stage. Thank you.
    Very truly yours,


  14. Paul says:

    great blog…it is very pertinant for us all at this time of the year.
    The biggest problem in planning for myself (and I assume most others who don’t really get their plans done), is that like budgeting, it sounds like a good idea, but when it comes time to do the plan (like the writer who commented earlier), it is easier to find other things to do.

    Simply start, don’t expect perfection first time round (if ever) and start moving in the direction you know you should.

    good luck to everyone.

    start, the outcomes will shock most of us.

    “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
    Henry David Thoreau

  15. Bill Metz says:

    I know that in my personal and professional life planning not only helps to stop the “I’ll do it later” bug but it definitely helps to increase my productivity. I just go down my daily list of things to do rather than trying to figure out what is next. I teach in my coaching that everything we do in our daily lives is a goal. From that first cup of coffee to trying to get to bed at a certain time. Most of us don’t look at this way but they truly are. You will feel more accomplished when you look at the smallest things as achieving a goal rather than it is just something I have to do.

  16. Tony says:

    It also seems that making a plan calls the Universe in to help you! Sometimes when I make a plan and start to follow it, things and opportunities are sent my way to bring my desired results to fruition. Maybe part of making the plan is the energy and belief you send out with it that tells The Universe you are serious!

  17. Paul says:

    Hey Kirsten
    Yeah totally agree, we have been talking about this very point in our last strategy meeting. We are a Country Music duo called Raintown and to be fair we often used to get caught up in the planning stages WAY too long. Not now.

    Now we plan, take MASSIVE action and then review. Bottom line, having a clear plan works in every area of our lives. But always remember, you have to ‘Work the Plan!’

    Enjoyed your post.
    Thank you.

  18. J.R.Magdos says:

    I usually have a plan or list. I am 64 yrs old and believe me sometime I thank God for the man who invented sticky notes. On the most part a plan is essential except when it come to dealing with people. An old addage: The best made p;ans of mice and men are for naught.

  19. Lynn says:

    Loved this Kristen! When I talk about proactive plans/strategies with friends, family, I don’t always get a postive response. I don’t think most people see the value in this. If they did, we would see alot less chaos in our world! Thanks for the wonderful post!

  20. Lyle Friesen says:

    something holding me back, can’t put my finger on it.but I feel better about it all.thanks.

  21. Vinod says:

    Thanks Kristen for being inspirational and putting things into right perspective with simple words of daily life….You have come as a blessing in world…thankyou
    God bless you,

  22. Tamara Cox says:

    Hi Kristen, thank you for all you do for us. I KNOW there must be a plan. I have my journal, my visualization chart, my ideas. There are always distractions, so I KNOW I must schedule time alone with myself. There cannot be interruptions (at least for the period of time I schedule). I notice that if I continaully (especially at bedtime and morning) reaffirm my goals and that I believe in myself, something positive comes in to my life. It’s those moments when I neglect to focus that I notice I’m in idle mode. Not much happens. I will continue to keep planning and taking action. 2011 WILL be a very good year. I see myself GOING BIG! Keep your emails coming. They help me so much…
    I love your energy, take care, Tamara

  23. Tamara Cox says:

    Hi Kristen, thank you for all you do for us. I KNOW there must be a plan. I have my journal, my visualization chart, my ideas. There are always distractions, so I KNOW I must schedule time alone with myself. There cannot be interruptions (at least for the period of time I schedule). I notice that if I continaully (especially at bedtime and morning) reaffirm my goals and that I believe in myself, something positive comes in to my life. It\’s those moments when I neglect to focus that I notice I\’m in idle mode. Not much happens. I will continue to keep planning and taking action. 2011 WILL be a very good year. I see myself GOING BIG! Keep your emails coming. They help me so much…
    I love your energy, take care, Tamara

  24. Pansy says:

    Gmost things 99% of the time.reat share. I do use a plan for

  25. Pansy says:

    Great share. I use a plan most of the time but
    can do more.

  26. Gilda says:

    Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge, concerns and love with us. I (finally) read your report “The Go Big Now Guide…5 steps to Make the Law of Attraction Key Work for YOU”. I did the homework/activities. Even though I am now retired after 42 years of teaching, I am finally (being so hardhaeaded…thinking working is the only way to get anything) awakening to how important my thinking truly is and staying focused no matter what. I WILL accomplish MY dreams and become all that I was created to BE. Again,Thank You for awakening me. I will keep you posted on my progress. [working on visualizing…creating my movie and stepping into it..this is still difficult]

  27. Dear Kristen,

    Thanks for inspiring me with your simple ideas, yet brilliant.Yes, a lot of people think of planning but yet they fail to plan. A simple idea of wiseness may solve thousands of unnecessary provocation.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards.


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  29. sureshkumar,chennai says:

    Ur plans will reveal how smart u r & the systematic execution of ur plan will Announce You As A Successful Personality. The underlying essence is start with a plan, follow it up & execute with absolute Perfection and this is the right prescription for success in any field.

  30. Hi Kristen,

    So that you know who I am, I wrote the first comment on this post. I can see my life changing by concentrating on the plan that I have set in place and having a vision on what I really want. The shift has changed a lot in my life even though some of the changes feel a little scary and not what I expected. That is part of life when you have decided to change your life.

    To have what I want I have given up what I don’t want. That is the scary part because giving up what I don’t want, is giving up everything that I’m used to, that pleases others and which has been my entire adult world.

    To set this in motion I have determined the three things that I want more than anything, abudant money, freedom and independence. These are things that I have not had before. So, as I set this in motion I had to remind myself fairly often that changes will occur. Big changes. I have chosen a completely different life.

    The first change had to be ending my job, since it contained everything that was the opposite of the three things I wanted. Seriously, I did not have the courage to walk in and quit my job, even though they were giving me only 3 hours a week. So the Universe stepped in and took over. I went in the retail store I worked in (low pay, no freedom and independence) to see my schedule for next week and they had given me zero hours. I cleaned out my locker. The Universe sent me a friend who has loaned me a little money and with early retirement I will be okay, for now.

    The action is very noticeable.

    I finished writing my children’s book and sent it to an Agent yesterday. I will patiently wait for a response. Possibly I will send it to another Agent. Possibly I will read what I wrote, again, and make changes. Better yet I will set it aside, vision what I want with and for my book, and begin another book.


  31. Linda says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    You are always inspiring people and yes I made a plan too because there are several things that I want.
    1. I want to sell the B&B we have now as it is financially too difficult and it takes a lot of my health. I put it on the market through several agencies, on the internet internationally and I believe I will sell it at the price we put up and that we sign a contract before the end of April 2011.
    2. I have found the new house of my dreams but I cannot buy it untill this one is sold. I will continue having a B&B as this is my dream, that’s where I’m good in, that’s what I love and that will bring me financial independance and freedom.
    3. I want to start working on my health and walk for an hour every day
    4. I also want to refresh my italian this year and be fluent in it. I have to look for courses in our new place.
    5. I want to make a holiday with my husband, who is so supportive but leaves all the work and decisions with me.
    I’m a fan of the Secret and the Power but find it difficult to implement when your head is full with doubt, fear and procrastination.
    So if you have recommandations, suggestions, I’m all ears

  32. Nina says:

    Iam from Macedonia-EUROPE…I have created a beautiful picture in my mind about my life with an expencive car,rich house with my two lovely daughters and my husband and the other things that I want to have in my life. This vizualization lasts for 6 months in my mind. I give gratituide to God every night before I go to bed because I realy have beautiful house,great job, lovely family but I am not rich-Iam an english teacher.And my husband is working in the Army and now he has to go on a 6 months trip, I will be alone with my children for 6 months I didnt attract that-to be alone. At the moment I am alone and poor. What is your comment on this?

  33. Tom says:

    I have been studying my two new ebooks I purchased from you. ( Master’s Story and Laws)This morning I had a moment of clarity/undestanding (power word) that I know has provided me with a greater ability to create my life more easily. Resistence is not always a negative because it is the opposite of release and both are needed for the other to exist. I see my desire in my inner mind, I out picture it to my outer mind, I focus on it and imprint it, and then I release and get out of it’s way.
    Ok, now a little about my horse and please stick with me.
    I have a horse that was mistreated and then neglected. He is 14 yrs old. I took natural horsemanship lessons and I work with him and as a result we both have learned from each other he is a different horse and I am a different man.
    BUT here is what had to happen for this to happen. I had to first let the horse teach me.
    People who learn about horses learn a lot about them selves.
    So then he was 51% of the partnership. It is the frustrating part of working with a horse but once an understanding happens it becomes very rewarding. Then I have to work with the horse as we continue to learn together. To get the action I want from the horse I have to FOCUS on the horse by applying pressure. He then responds to the pressure. Now the pressure I speak of is as simple as looking at a certain part of his body. An examole of this is I look at his hind quarters (pressure) he then turns his hind quarters away form me and stops and focuses on me. When he does I release that pressure of looking
    and he is rewarded by this release of pressure. So he learns when I apply pressure simply by looking I then get what I want from him. When I release pressure he has what he wants and I get his cooperation.
    SO, when I focus and I am 51% of the partnership. I release focus and he becomes 51% of the partnership.
    Simply put my focus on a specific area of his body causes him to give me what I want from him causing him to focus on what he wants which is the release of pressure. When he receives the release of pressure which is as instantly as I can make it he continues to freely give me what I want without it requiring my concentrated focus.
    Same with kids.
    So this is my light bulb story for this subject.
    Any way I hope this makes sense to you, if not watch some natural horsemansip on the RFD channel on Tuesday nights and you’ll see what I mean.

  34. This is to Tom, post dated January 12.

    What you are doing with your horse, is fascinating and is very similiar to ‘Hands on Healing’. Not only can you work with your hands just slightly above the part you are healing, but also from your mind to the part you are healing. Such as a cut on your foot, you heal it with your mind, rather than leaning over to be nearer the cut.

    Wonderful that you can do this and I am sure your horse understands this perfectly well and is very pleased.

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