Breaking Bad Habits

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Here’s the truth…

We all have habits that support our desires and we all have physical habits that sabotage our desires – habits are driven by emotion and I call emotional habits ‘Habits of Expectation’ –

Let me tell you what I mean…

On one of my recent VIP calls, someone was talking about how they have realized that when money comes in, she doesn’t take time to be happy about it because she instantly gets triggered into a state of lack because it “still isn’t enough” — she told me how she knows that it is so important that she start attaching good energy and expectation to when money comes in, but she is having trouble with that shift…

I told her that she is having that challenge because the feeling of ‘still isn’t enough’ is her habit — and she needs to replace that habit with her new feeling habit…

Now, the thing of it is, we all get the concept of physical habits, but when it comes to emotional habits, we forget that we have the same power.

Let me give you a perfect example of how every living being has emotional habits (which I like to call Habits of Expectation)…

I have 2 cats and our morning routine usually is that they come and wake me up when they are ready to be fed in the morning — they literally circle like sharks and meow and bat at my legs until I feed them.

Now, let me go back 2 months — 2 months ago they got fed with an auto feeder — and for various reasons (that don’t matter to this story) I had to take them off the auto feeder…

Well — YIPPEE for me, this morning was the first morning BACK on the auto feeder –

Now, here is where we get into the perfect example of Habits of Expectation…

The auto feeder went off and they looked at it, saw that food was coming out, but out of habit they started circling me like sharks until I took them over to the bowl and showed them that the food was already there.

Their Habit of Expectation was that they still needed something from me EVEN THOUGH what they wanted had already shown up…

Now, here’s what I know…

In 3 days they will have replaced their habit of expectation and won’t circle me like sharks when they are hungry.

It’s the same for you! What are your habits of expectation? What ‘food’ may already be in the food bowl but you aren’t even seeing it? Pay attention — there is SO much power in this!

I brought in the amazing Marcia Wieder of Dream University to give you a head start on shifting your habits from negative to positive – make sure you try what she suggests in the article this issue, it is SO powerful!

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Ok, let’s get started – I hope you enjoy this issue!

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A change in bad habits leads to a change in life.

Jenny Craig


Breaking Bad Habits

by Marcia Wieder CEO & Founder of Dream University

What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?

Is there some habit or behavior that you keep repeating and all the while continually complaining about it? There is strength in recognizing our weaknesses and power in changing them. If you want to make a serious change in your life for the better, identify your so called “bad habits.”

For some, when the pain gets too intense, the loss too great or they can no longer tolerate a situation, then they’ll do something about it. I get like that when I hear myself whining and complaining about the same old thing over and over. That’s when I must make a change. The more I can’t stand something the more motivated I am to change it.

So being honest with ourselves is an essential first step. When I coach people on the obstacles that may be slowing them down or even sabotaging their dreams, often it comes down to behaviors that can be easily corrected. But it begins with honestly assessing and recognizing what it is.

Common bad habits often include: over scheduling, over thinking, over analyzing. Other behaviors that may stop you include procrastination or never completing anything, saying yes when we mean no and vice versa. The next step is to choose to change or break the habit. Once you choose to change it, you can create a “personal practice” to help you.

A personal practice is something that you can easily do with the intention of changing or eliminating what no longer serves you. I also recommend these practices to develop or strengthen your “Achilles heel” or weak spot.

Here’s an example. One of my clients is a talented artist who complained that she never had time to paint. She lamented that she couldn’t stay focused and often felt distracted.

I suggested a simple practice where for one week, one hour every morning, whatever she was doing, she would complete before she moved on to something else. That meant if she was checking her email and the phone rang, she wouldn’t answer it. At first she thought this was crazy and that this would stifle her creativity. Nonetheless, she agreed to give it a shot.

The first day she couldn’t stay focused and was quite upset. The second day she noticed she was having all kinds of self-judgment, baling and making the practice wrong. She questioned her own willpower, but even more than that, her own personal value and worth. Was her dream worth making a priority? By day three she lasted almost the full hour. By the end of the week, she was enjoying it. She claimed to be feeling freer and breathing a little easier.

She decided to expand this personal practice to 30 days. At the end of the month, she was receiving so much value from her new found clarity, that she expanded the length of her practice to the entire morning. Mornings are now office time and every afternoon becomes quality time to paint. After three months, she had completed more art then she had in the previous year. At the end of six months she had sold many new pieces. She was on track with her dream of being paid for doing what she loved. A little structure actually allowed for more creativity. That’s often the case.

Identify what bad habit you are ready to transform. Create a simple practice that you can do every day or a few times a week. Recognize and celebrate your success, however small.

Marcia Wieder is CEO & Founder of

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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Once you identify a habit that limits you and holds you back, ask yourself this important question, “If I am free of this habit, what am I scared it will cost me?”Often, we create bad habits in order to keep us from the things we desire because, subconsciously, we are scared that if we achieve what we desire, we will lose something else.For example, if you have a conscious desire to make your business extremely successful, but subconsciously you believe that the success of your business will cost you your family, you will find ways to procrastinate and self-sabotage.Once you discover what you fear you might lose if you achieve what you desire, then you are empowered to create a vision that includes all of your desires without success in one area costing you in another. “Hello Kristen! I so appreciate your slightly different perspective on things! It’s funny, isn’t it, how sometimes you listen to the same thing over and over again and you “hear” it, but you don’t “get” it, but the same thing, presented in a slightly different manner, with slightly different words, or a slightly different perspective suddenly makes the penny drop and everything you’ve heard for years finally “clicks” and you “get” it. It’s SO not easy not to think about what you’re afraid of, but your suggestion to consciously “Change the Channel” or “Change the Order” is brilliant. My Dad used to tell me that he would push an imaginary button on his temple and “change the channel” when he was overwhelmed with thoughts about the awful stuff that he lived through during WWII. He was a pretty amazing guy! Thanks for putting this valuable, life changing information out there! I expect to be a millionaire shortly. (ha ha ha – well, maybe not so funny, eh?)

— Jane.”

6 Responses to “Breaking Bad Habits”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Oh, my, that post hit me right where I live. Bad habit #1 is getting distracted by every e-mail (it makes a sound that makes me feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs), every phone call, every task, every reminder or piece of mail or piece of paper or even my assistant coming into my office to show me something. Setting aside some time to finish what I am doing (which I do late into the evening, robbing myself of quality time at home) will probably make me more efficient but will be hard to start. Thanks for the tip.

    Bad habit #2 is what you described about not having enough. Even the big commission I made yesterday needs to be blessed BIG TIME so I won’t fear the overdraft fees, constant debt collector calls and big pile of bills (that gets bigger each day — you remember that song, don’t you?). It definitely is a habit of mind. But recognizing that means I can break it.

    Thanks for everything you do, Kristen.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rosemary!

      I love seeing you here (always great to get growth comments from VIP Members) — you are so SMART — now, trust your intuition with all of this — that is where your power is!

      Life Mastery is Yours!

  2. Carol says:

    Dear Kristen:

    This one was right on the mark for me. Thank you so much

    Sincerely yours,

  3. Emese says:

    I loved the personal story of the cats and their feeding habit, it explains very well how our emotional expectations are being formed. Once we recognise what we don’t want, we can start creating what we want. Becoming aware and concious of our thoughts, emotions and habits is the first step. Great article.

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