The Law of Attraction in Your Favor

Welcome to the new issue of Law of Attraction Key!

Today, I wanted to get back to the roots of “The Law of Attraction” – no matter how much you know about LOA or how long you have been using the power of LOA, it is always great to check in on your LOA foundation.

I asked my friend Natalie Ledwell to help us do exactly that today – this is a MUST READ 🙂

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The Law of Attraction in Your Favor

by Natalie Ledwell

Something my friends have often asked me is, “Natalie, why are you so lucky?  The perfect business partners fall into your lap, your Mind Movies business keeps growing, and you even find a parking spot every time you need one.”

I always appreciate comments like that and the truth is I don’t believe in luck.  What I don’t always share is that I have a little “assist” to get me the good stuff in life, and that is the Law of Attraction.

Through some simple strategies, I’ve been able to become successful in several areas in a very short period of time.

I want to share with you the basics of the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to help you make more money, have a better relationship with your family, be healthier, more energetic and be happier in every area of your life.

The most successful people I know are making the most of the Law of Attraction, whether they know it or not.

In fact, we’re learning that science backs up what Law of Attraction students have always known but that is another article all of its own.

You see, when you follow the ideas of the Law of Attraction and take a positive and empowering mindset, the universe steps in and three things happen:

1.  You recognize more opportunities and take advantage of them.

2.  People respond to you more positively and offer you the assistance you’re looking for

3.  You find yourself coming up with the most incredible ideas to reach your goals and you wonder why you never thought of these before!

You know what the best part is about the Law of Attraction? You don’t even need to believe it to make it work for you! All you need to do is apply the basic principles and you will be astounded at the results.

Now, I’m going to give you a few of my core strategies to get the Law of Attraction to work for me. Over the years I’ve seen that these strategies work for anyone who simply applies them.

That’s how I know they will work for you too, no matter where you are financially or how much spare time you have.

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3 Principles to Using the Law of Attraction

Principle #1: Get really clear with what you actually want

If I were to ask you what you want in life, what would you say?

For a lot of people, it’s “Arghhh anything but this!”  It’s much easier to know what we don’t want.  Because of that, it’s what we tend to constantly think about.

We don’t like being stuck in traffic, we don’t like disappointment, and we don’t like mountains of debt.

The problem is that whatever you focus on tends to expand.  Any time you think strongly about something you hate, you put energy into whatever you’re thinking about and attract more of the same.

Instead, switch it around to thinking about what you DO want.  Maybe it’s a 30-hour work week or the ability to spend more time with your loved ones.

If it’s difficult to think about what you want, I have an exercise for you.  Take a piece of paper and split it into three columns.  In the first, write what you don’t want.  In the second, write the opposite of that, which is what you do want.  In the third column, write briefly why you want it.  This will help you get clear on your goals and motivate you to focus on them.

Principle #2: Feel good and visualize what you want, making sure to feel the emotions flooding through you

To use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, you’re going have to make some changes in how you think.  You need to feel happy and confident, both about your goals coming true, and about life in general.

This is the part where a lot of people have trouble. You see, unless you can actually feel the emotions of having already achieved what it is you want, you won’t get the best benefits from using the Law of Attraction.

Each day you should close your eyes and when focusing on your goals see in your mind’s eye that it has already come true. Also make sure you FEEL the emotions of already having everything in existence right now. Basically, you should fully visualize yourself already living your dream life and experience those emotions of gratitude, accomplishment, joy and peace.

Once you have nurtured this mindset, it’s typical to start having those things start physically appearing in your life, one way or another.

A great tool to help you stay focused is to create a list of positive affirmations in the present tense that represent what you want, such as “Every month I pay my bills with plenty left over,” or “I am so happy I can’t stop smiling”.

When you’re visualizing, repeat this affirmations to yourself, almost like a personal mantra, to get yourself pumped up and really feeling the emotion. Get excited because you’re starting to learn how great things will be when you have your goals.

When I tell this to students and friends, I often hear, “Natalie, how in the world am I supposed to find the time to think happy thoughts and focus on goals?  I barely get through the day as it is!”

My answer to that is, “Well tell me… how much time do you set aside every day to think about problems and worry about silly things that will probably never happen?”

The truth is that there are actually two types of time, internal time and external time, and they don’t always line up.

Right now, you probably have dozens of thoughts a minute you’re conscious of, and thousands of thoughts you’re unconscious of.  If you simply use your downtime to think positively, whether you’re waiting in line, working out, or driving, you’ll be amazed at how much the world will open up for you.

Principle #3:  Take action when appropriate

One of the hang-ups that a lot of people have with the Law of Attraction is the idea that good things can come to you without hard work.

Don’t get me wrong; you can still work hard if you want to.  However, the more you follow the principles I’ve outlined so far, the less struggle you have to go through when taking action.

You see, no matter what path you’re on, there’s probably an easier way you haven’t thought of yet.  Using the Law of Attraction is the surest way to cut down the effort needed for success.

But, the truth is, you do need to take some action if you want to give the Universe the best opportunities to provide you with what you want, but the most important point to remember is that you don’t need to see the whole plan.

To take action, you just need to take a single step in the direction of your goal. Just keep focusing on the next step, that’s all you need to do as far as action!

So, when you see something in front of you that seems applicable to your goals in life, don’t hesitate for a single second.  Take whatever action step you see and just watch what happens.

You’ll see that once you’ve finished each step, a new one on the invisible staircase will become apparent to you. As you start gaining momentum, the entire staircase begins to reveal itself, often showing you so much more than you ever expected or dreamed at the top.

If you follow the three principles I’ve outlined, you’ll begin to start seeing incredible opportunity everywhere you look….

…Someone you meet at a party might pass you a business card and reveal she’s an insider in an industry you’ve wanted to open a business in.

…You might take a wrong turn and find yourself in front of a hidden mall with incredible deals that shave tons of savings off your monthly bills.

In my experience, if you’re prepared to take action, but open to the idea that it could be easy, things tend to just fall into place so you slide through life a lot more smoothly.

Happy Manifesting!!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When it comes to taking action, here is a great thing for you to do that will take 15 minutes or less AND will guarantee that you are taking at least 1 step of inspired action each day…

When you wake up in the morning, I want you to ask and answer this question:

“What 1 thing can I do today – that will take 15 minutes or less – that will move me forward, toward what I desire?”

Once you answer the question, SCHEDULE IT!

Remember, 15 minutes or less is the rule here – I even suggest having the same 15 minutes set aside each day as your ‘Inspired Action 15 Minutes’ so you know exactly when you are taking that action!

Try it, I guarantee you will be thrilled with the results! Remember, 1 step of Inspired Action each day is life changing!

“Hi there,

I started using the techniques a few days ago and have had great results.

First I focused on something simple, I put in my head that I wanted daffodils and the following day my daughter walked in and gave me some, same with a bookmark and low and behold I am sent one today in the post for free.I have been focusing on money and have seen it coming practically from the skies in different amounts too.

I am focusing on something a lot larger now and as I have faith I will let you know my positive results soon.

This is amazing, thank you so so much for your guidance xx

— Lynda”

9 Responses to “The Law of Attraction in Your Favor”

  1. Jim Brown says:

    Great article especially the part about apply action to the Law of Attraction; that was missing in the movie The Secret. Focusing on the next step; great tip.

  2. Rosemary says:

    My goodness, Natalie writes the same advice Kristen does. Yes, I know, but need the reminders on a regular basis to keep on the right path. I dreamed of the day my building would be full, kept at it and voila, it is. It’s wonderful to have busy, successful tenants around me.

    Mountains of debt, yes, I can relate. What I really want is financial freedom, a constant stream of money, clients, tenants, deals, etc., coming into my life. The damage to my credit resulting from the interruptions in my flow has taught me a valuable lesson: Credit wasn’t real flow, and I can make it without it.

    Thanks, Kristen. And the nightly Manifest Everything Now calls are just so inspiring.

  3. Jaime Kalman says:

    Great article! As a Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Coach specializing in emotional freedom and mindset transformation, I always enjoy reading these articles! I love how Kristen and Natalie help to give readers simple action steps that they can immediately apply in their daily lives because it’s not what we know that creates results, it’s taking what we know and putting it into inspired action that creates powerful change! One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Wayne Dyer that I share with my clients and students is “We don’t attract what we want – we attract what we are being.” So, thank you for sharing the importance of committing to holding that positive vibration in your thoughts and emotional frequency! If anything, think of how much nicer the world is when people focus on what makes them feel happy rather than frustrated – that activity alone can heal the world!
    Enjoy this day,
    Jaime Kalman

  4. George says:

    Great article! really spot on. Love your newsletter by the way, always seems to be a timely reminder to me, to get back to being happy and joyful.

  5. Jazz says:

    My partner recently told me that he is suffering from depression and wants to get better before we progress our relationship. I was so distraught and heartbroken that my soul mate would do this but this has given me the strength. I know what I want and have faith in the universe that we will be together.. Ive asked and am feeling it!

  6. Abraham says:

    Natalie,You and kristen ‘re Birds of the same golden feather.An empowering stuff that makes life worth living, enjoyable right from the day we start using these principles. Thanks,you re building a dauntless elite world.

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