The Urgency of Emergence

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Have you heard about the Law of Emergence? If you answered ‘No’ – don’t worry about it – I had never heard about it either – until the day I started to do research on one of the speakers I was going to interview in my “Manifest Everything Now Series”.

His name is Derek Rydall and the conversation we ultimately shared during our interview blew my mind.  It turns out that Emergence is so much in alignment with the point of view I already come from, but I hadn’t ever heard someone express it quite like he did.

I knew I needed to get Derek to write an article for you and share some of the amazing insights and fresh perspective he shared with me.  Read this issue through (even read it twice) and then jump onto the magazine site to leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts – I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

I’m excited for you – you are extraordinary – enjoy this issue!

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There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo


The Urgency of Emergence

by Derek Rydall

The impulse for freedom seems to be sweeping the planet, from the Midwest to the Middle East. And no matter how hard people resist, nothing can hold these evolutionary energies back for long. Of course, this emergent impulse is obvious in popular uprisings against repressive rule. But the breakdown of our major systems — economic, educational, political, environmental — is also a sign of something larger trying to unfold, personally and globally. The crises we face today are not simply the result of mistakes we’ve made; they’re evolutionary catalysts, calling us to make deep changes to our vision and values, so that our next stage of potential can unfold.

Unfortunately, what often accounts for change is merely a cosmetic make-over — a stopgap solution that’s more about maintaining a false sense of safety and security. In other words, we try to change the world but stay the same. And it never works for long. It’s like holding a beach ball under water: Eventually, you let go and it pops up — often hitting you in the face. Or worse, like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, denying the deeper problem until the whole ship goes down. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking that caused it.” We must, as Gandhi said, “become the change we want to see in the world.”

There’s always something trying to be born. The universe isn’t neutral; it has a plan, a pattern — a Big Idea seeking willing places for Its ever-expanding expression. The good news is that It’s conspiring for our freedom. But to benefit, we must become what W. Clement Stone called “inverse paranoids,” believing life is plotting for us. This is rarely how we live. We often resist this “urge to emerge” because we’re afraid of change. To the ego, change is equivalent to death. But change isn’t the problem. Problems aren’t even the problem. Holding onto old forms instead of yielding to this evolutionary impulse is the problem, and the cause of our suffering.

This emerging energy always finds expression. When we deny it, it doesn’t disappear; it creates an inner pressure that must release, sometimes in destructive ways. Globally, it can erupt as political uprisings, wars or environmental disasters. Personally, it can break out as disease, financial collapse or relationship meltdown. But the meaning of these events isn’t that we’re being punished, or that someone’s to blame; it’s that we’re living in a world too small, and we must open up to a larger vision. As the Gospel of Thomas says, “If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you.” To use an analogy in nature, just as certain seeds require a forest fire to crack open their shells, crises burn away our limited self-concepts, allowing our deeper nature to come forth.

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I’ve experienced this many times. It took a brush with death while doing a movie to crack open my actor’s ego and hear the call of my soul — a message that not only changed the course of my life, but saved it by taking me out of a world of substance abuse. After that, I prayed to have greater faith. But not until I burned through my savings, exhausted all external support, and was literally living on a prayer did I get humble enough to rely on a Power greater than myself. Out of those ashes, not only did I land a two-day job that earned me a year’s salary, but I learned to live more by insight than eyesight, which has led to a more abundant and empowered life.

It was the pain of waiting by the phone as an actor that motivated me to write scripts for myself; the struggle to survive as a screenwriter that inspired a six-figure script consulting business; and the agony of trying to fix other people’s scripts that made me a strong enough writer to sell my own. It was the collapse of yet another movie deal that gave birth to my first book, which not only led to more movie deals but another book that wove my writing and spiritual work into the path I’m now on. And it was the breakdown of my relationships and body that brought the emotional and spiritual breakthroughs which inspire everything I do today.

It could have gone very differently. My knock at death’s door could have accelerated my downward spiral into addiction. My money troubles could have led to a “secure” job that stifled my creativity. My career failings could have caused me to give up on my dream, and my deeper personal challenges could have made me give up on my whole life. Believe me, I had my moments of “It’s not fair” and “Why me?” and I still do. But I started asking better questions, like, “What larger life is trying to emerge?” and, “What do I have to become to allow it?” Then I listened and — as best I could — obeyed.

Your life, like the planet, might seem precariously perched on the edge of destruction. But whatever problem you’re facing, it contains the seed of your evolution, and will take your life to the next level if you’ll let it. It requires you to release the familiar, maybe even what seems safe, and become the change you want to see by asking better questions like the ones above, as well as, “Where am I playing safe, resisting the call to be more?” and “If I believed life supported me, that I had what it takes, what would I do?”

Then, do it.

Because the truth is, you do have what it takes, but you have to take what you have and use it. Then you’re given more. As Emerson said, “God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.” But to realize your potential, you must live on this emerging edge.

After all, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When you are trying to discover what greater vision is trying to ‘emerge’ in your life – sometimes you may find that you struggle with where to look.  When that happens, try this…Ask yourself, “What areas of my life do I feel someone else has control over?”

Whatever answer comes to you, that is a great place to start – a great place to reclaim your power of choice – a great place to start to “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

I am excited for you!

“Hi Kristen,I think you are wonderful and always get such a lift from your positive intelligent and inspiring Philosophy!!!”

— Penny

15 Responses to “The Urgency of Emergence”

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I am a Law Of Attraction, Success Coach who uses the subconscious mind and energy as well, so we are on the same page of thought. Although I am a coach, I too, have those moments when I am shaky going to the next level of my own growth. It doesn’t matter what you know by training, we are all human first, with our own growth nerves that are pushing us to the next level.

    I am a newbie to your newsletter, but I look forward to them. I enjoy your insights, your message, and the inspiration that I get from them. Afterall, we ALL need that! Thank you so much!!

    “Tappingly” yours,
    Joanne Jaworski
    Success Coach & Energy Educator

  2. Michel Gagne says:

    Thanks Derek for these inspiring words. “What larger life is trying to emerge?” and, “What do I have to become to allow it”


  3. Koon Kow Ng says:

    The article on Urgency of Emergency is very thought provoking and it drives home the point that deep in our heart we know what we want, but they stay dormant inside until “aroused.” It is only when we ask ourselves powerful questions and we answer them truthfully and dig deep into the bottom of our heart for answers that surface. Wih the answers one must take action. In this regards, if I may add, coaches can help you with their powerful questioning and challenging techniques.

    I also like your Quick Tip. It is a powerful and useful tip!

    KK, Malaysia

  4. Inogen says:

    I really liked this – that Gospel of Thomas quote has always struck me as extremely profound; does anyone ever actually HEAR what it says?!
    Yes, things are changing and we cannot stop them. If for no reason other than that, we shouldn’t try to!

  5. Bhupendra Singh says:

    I admire the expression of his views by Derek.I strongly believe that difference of opinion is a creatively positive situation as it results in deep thinking and flow of thoughts.I humbly differ from his thoughts.I mainly see all these as reactions.Desire to be free from repression is a reaction. Breaking down of systems is also a reaction to the mishandling of the systems by those who are powerful and manipulative.Diseases, financial collapse, war,political uprising or relationship breakdowns – they are all reactions to earlier actions or excesses.I fail to see them as emergent evolutionary impulses or expanding expressions of universe.
    I could not comprehend what “The impulse for freedom”, mentioned in the beginning of the article, refers to. Freedom from what? A clarification is welcome.
    Even the change a deep thinking person seeks is a positive change in terms of reversal of negative changes which have taken place in past and it is not emergence of something new or something unheard till now.I do agree that even for this reversal, changing from within is of paramount importance.
    Lastly, English is not my mother tongue so errors, if any, may be overlooked. My Good Wishes and Love to all.

  6. Ranjan Kumar says:

    Hi Kristen!
    You have really impressed me with the article and it has given me the answer to a blockade that had been resisting my growth for a long time. Certainly, each breakdown in my relationship and each failure in my professional life pushed me ahead for a better opportunity. Its often late by the time we realize this difference and could surely accelerate the process of growth if recognize it earlier. ‘The Law of Emergence’ is an Amazing Reality.

  7. Thea Khama says:

    I loved the article and resonated with it deeply. The quick tip was fantabulous!
    Keep being the beacon of light you are, for you lend both beauty and strength to the planet and you are seen and heard further afield than you imagine…

  8. Resonance and echoes. Beautifully expressed. The world wide emergence of all the secret wisdoms of the ages is what the Mayan calendar prophesied…not the end of something…they simply did not map what is coming next. Mankind, just using that word because it is a well understood shorthand, homo sapiens if one prefers, is emerging from the transition from adolescence into maturity. Peace and goodwill towards all. The essence. Transformation from egocentric- to Universe- aware. The joy of being here now. From the inside out and the outside in.

    Can we take particular care of the children? The tens of millions of orphans, street kids, latchkey kids, the child-headed households, the child soldiers and now children of child soldiers, the young ones in modern slavery, the starving, need our attention now, imho. We can’t take too long to put on our own oxygen masks…the kids need help with theirs urgently.

  9. I seen the email about your Article and it was amazing thank you for a wonderful presentation and thank you for your time.


  10. Ben says:

    Magnificent! What a revelation! Where has this fantastic information been hiding all these years?

  11. Sandra Hudson says:

    Finally, food!…I was starving

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