Power Shifting

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“How do I shift my focus, Kristen?”

That is a question I am getting hundreds of times a week – and it makes sense…

Because, here we are, every week with a new Law of Attraction Key Magazine Issue – discussing how your emotions determine your reality and how positive and open emotional states allow you to connect with your point of infinite creation and with that comes great news…

And that great news is that you are getting it –it makes sense to you and you understand that your vibration determines everything you attract, but when it comes to actually shifting your focus, you are (understandably) struggling.

So, I brought in my friend Marcia Wieder to give you some help – in fact, she shares a story from her own life that is the perfect example of how to shift and how to do it quickly!

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“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”



Power Shifting

By Marcia Wieder

Imagine how your life could improve if you could shift your state of being, attitude and mindset gracefully and easily anytime you choose. In this article I will show you how you can do this in three easy steps.

I was attending a convention recently that I have gone to for the last 5 years that has typically been excellent for my business. But this year as I stood sentinel at my booth, I felt tired. People smiled and said hello as they walked by, but few were stopping to visit.

My insecurity activated my doubt and I began to wonder why I was here. The internal dialogue kicked in as I began to convince myself I should skip the rubber chicken dinner, retire early and think about cutting the trip short.

Luckily, I was listening and caught myself in the act.
I asked myself why I was here and what did I want to create or make happen. That answer was simple. My intention was to book business, but since I had little enthusiasm about this at the moment, I opened to an intention that would support me in this moment.

I have written much about intention, but you can use this powerful principle quite proactively. I decided my intention was to have fun and create business opportunities, but to put the emphasis on having a good time. And the belief I chose to use to reinforce this was, “I have fun wherever I go.”

Within minutes a woman I have known (at a distance) for many years stopped by and we had a light hearted chat. Previously, we had not exchanged more than a few words, but the conversation was quite enjoyable. Then, out of the blue, she invited me to a karaoke party, explaining that there was a whole, fun crowd who never went to the chicken dinner. Aligned with my new intention, I agreed to stop by.

I found a fabulous community of people who were laughing, singing and carrying on. I joined in for a few dances and a glass of Cabernet and honestly, this was one of the most fun times I ever had at a convention. And oh, by the way, that evening, without any effort whatsoever, I was booked for two big jobs with new clients, people I had never met before.

Forget trying hard. Learn to shift on a dime by choosing to set empowering intentions and beliefs. This will support you in changing life or better yet, allowing life to shift around you. Now that’s powerful.

The 3 steps are:
1.    Choose an intention that will shift your reality including how you feel right now.

2.    Decide what is the highest/best belief you could choose to support this new intention

3.    Allow the shift to occur. It may start internally as you notice you feel differently. Or you may notice it first around you as your circumstances or the people around you shift

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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I want you to realize how powerful you are, and how good you are at this already.  We have all experienced times – like in Marcia’s story – when we weren’t enjoying ourselves, or we weren’t looking forward to doing something, and then (somewhat miraculously) things seemed to shift and suddenly everything turned positive.

Take a minute to think back to one of those times – really remember what happened – pay attention to what it was within you that caused the seemingly magical shift within you.  I can guarantee that something happened that pulled your attention off of your negative focus and shifted you (without you realizing it) to a positive focus.

Even if it has happened to you unconsciously in the past – you can do this consciously – use this memory (or memories) from your past to remind you of how quickly you can shift your focus and with it your entire experience!

“The call with Kristen Howe for me has been the most powerful so far!

I feel quite giddy because she really brought home some things that I really think will change my life forever! I am no stranger to the law of attraction and I even teach the steps to manifest, and I still learned a ton. She was quite simply a fantastic speaker.

Thank you and please thank her on my behalf!

All the best from Rome,

–Sile (pronounced Sheila.”


7 Responses to “Power Shifting”

  1. Gia Lee says:

    Just what I needed to read today to raise my vibration! 🙂

  2. Chery says:

    Your article seems to me so natural, simple , easy and spontanuos.
    You are right, it already happened to all of us unconsciously.
    I already did it with many areas of my life, and it works except to my relationships , am I missing something in this point ?

    Thank you for the article that let us rediscover ourselves.

  3. When I rode big horses over big fences, my coach taught me, “where your attention goes, your energy flows, & the rest of you follows behind”. That’s true! I recently went thru 6 months of lawsuit misery, during which 2 of our attorneys told me we “couldn’t” win because of this glitch or that. I insisted thru-out, “we are winning this”. We won it. The trick for me is to catch myself in a non-productive or ‘loser’ perspective. Once I’ve done that, it’s easy to change my focus & improve my situation. One thing that helps greatly is to keep insisting that “I’m grateful for all the ever-flowing good in my life”.

  4. Susan Baldwin says:

    I have also been struggling with implementing the positive at given times. The reinforcement is very beneficial as I work on this “new” way of life. Having survived cancer twice, I know the importance of being in the now, of finding the graditude in each moment. Life, however is a never ending series of negative that I find I need to find pathways around. Keep up the wonderful inspiriation. With blessings, Sue

  5. Rosemary says:

    Earlier this week, I was focusing on a personal problem that had been exacerbated by a financial one. My productivity level fell markedly. Kicking and screaming, I got dragged into signing up for a site that is reputedly essential to my business. Spending time on that will be a great investment. Time to shift my focus and maybe that personal problem will solve itself.

    Thanks for the tip.

  6. Subramanya says:

    Thanks for a nice article. I find it useful for my present situation. Eager to try the process

  7. Sandra Taylor says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I really appreciate your article. I found it to be very moving. Everything I had been feeling and thinking came to a STOP ! and I felt a very warm and gentle feeling come over me.
    What you wrote was done with honesty and love. I’m presently dealing with a financial situation. I’m looking to work from home and there are so many scams out there. Every time I think I’ve found something, it turns out not to be right. So, it must be something going on within my vibrations. My situation has become critical and I could use some good advice.
    I so appreciate any advice. I’M READY FOR A CHANGE !
    Thank you
    Peace and Love, Sandra

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