The Law of Attraction Key – Inspired Action

Ok…let’s jump right in…

We’ve established that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working; it’s just a matter of if it is working for you or against you.

What we spend the majority of our time focusing on is we attract. If you spend most of your time thinking, feeling and acting broke…the Law of Attraction will deliver more situations to prove you are broke.

However, if you spend the majority of your time thinking, feeling and acting rich, then guess what the Law of Attraction will deliver to you?

You guessed it…opportunity for more riches!

Notice I said OPPORTUNITY for more riches…the reason I said OPPORTUNITY is because the Law of Attraction Key is INSPIRED ACTION.

Without Inspired Action you may be constantly surrounded by the opportunity for the life you desire…but if 8 million doors open up and you just sit there and don’t actually walk through one of those doors then your life still won’t change.

At this point, the question always arises of how to know the difference between regular action and Inspired Action and trust me there is a HUGE difference.

Regular action can keep you busy and running in circles every day for the rest of your life while inspired action doesn’t eat up all of your time and definitively moves you toward your goals.

Knowing the difference between regular action and inspired action will eventually become a ‘Gut Instinct’ for you…and once you tap into your intuition the Law of Attraction will work for you in ways you never imagined.

BUT…chances are good that right now you are like most people and much, if not most, of the action you take is probably inspired by fear or boredom.

There is 1 question you can ask yourself to discover if your instinct is guiding you out of Fear or Inspiration.

Before you take action, ask this question:

“Will doing this right now move me toward my goal of __________, away from my goal of __________ OR keep me in the same exact place?’

IT’S IMPORTANT to name the goal SPECIFICALLY, if you are general and don’t get specific this won’t be as effective.

If your honest answer is that it will move you toward your goal, GREAT, GO FOR IT…you are about to tap into the Law of Attraction Key of Inspired Action.

BUT…if it will move you away from your goal OR keep you in the same exact place then ask yourself this question:

‘What small action can I take RIGHT NOW to move me toward my goal of _______.”

When an answer pops into your head, ask yourself the first question again just to make sure you aren’t fooling yourself.



Remember, the Key to the Law of Attraction is Inspired Action. And once you tap into the power of Inspired Action you will stop taking action out of fear and in doing so will start immediately start attracting the life you desire.

14 Responses to “The Law of Attraction Key – Inspired Action”

  1. Randy says:

    Great article. It\’s funny, but all of what The Secret, your blog and what many other people say is just basic every day common sense. If you do nothing, than nothing will happen. If you keep sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating frozen TV Dinners or Fast Food, and complaining about a dead end life, than everything will remain the same. If you want to lose weight, get off the couch, put down the burger and shake, and do something, anything but what you are doing now. If you want to make more money, than find someway to do it. Start researching things that interest you. Basically though, it all comes down to personal responsibility. If you want something to happen, then go and make it happen. Figure out how to do it and do it. Unfortunately I think most of us today have been lulled to a state of semi-unconsciousness by all the mass media and instant gratification available to us. Everything is immediate, instant gratification. Most people that I speak with seem to have forgotten that they were the masters of their own destiny, not some fairy who will pop out of the blue and grant you the life you think you deserve. I\’m guilty of this as well. Over the last 6 years I\’ve basically done nothing to get what I want out of life. My last business venture failed and I went broke. I subconsciously gave up after that, and then I began to consciously sabotage myself by doing nothing. Too much TV, too much feeling sorry for myself, too much unhealthy food. It wasn\’t until recently that I allowed my mind to start wandering, to come up with that great idea I needed, and it came. Slowly, but surely, I find that each day I am getting more and more inspired to do the things that will help me achieve my goals and live the life I want. But it all starts with that first step, and only I can make myself do it, and the one after, and the next. Thanks for the work you\’ve done, I look forward to more of it.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Great article! Most people (including me) take action but never get anywhere. I’ve learned that if it doesn’t feel right, I’m not moving forward. However, some opportunities keep coming around that I say NO to because I’m not interested for various reasons. What do you do about those opportunities? They could be for you, but you may not recognize them and keep saying NO which means you don’t move forward.

  3. raymond says:

    wow randy,your living my life!!i was a detailer(cleaned vehicles)and the last couple yrs i just was’nt happy with me being 45 and im a detailer it put me in a depression(raymond,biff the detailer)well its all i know. so i tried my own business but that failed,and now while im collecting unemployment,i know my next job is gonna be$8.00hr(was making$10.00hr)and all that makes me think of how i wasted 30 yrs of my life by partying living for a buzz,well i woke up about 6 yrs ago. i quit drinking and partying at that time and last year i quit smoking ciggs.but now im stuck on what to do in life,for right now i just take it one day at a time and try to stay possitve and listen to what people like kristen has to stay,i dont have money for what they have to offer but i read the blogs and the post and i learn alot from that.

  4. Rosemary says:

    But what if I take inspired action, day after day, but am still stymied by the TIME issue? I have three deals hanging fire (one should close today and, hopefully, another smaller one, tomorrow), and my tax refund is late, but my bills are NOW. The long-term answer is to get more deals going so there is a steady stream of income, such that one delay doesn’t throw a monkey wrench into my finances. In the short term, the steps I take are working, but how do I stop thinking broke when I cannot pay the bills NOW?

    It is a quandary, but I keep on trucking.

  5. Linda says:

    Thank you again Kristen, That is a great reminder. Repetition is what I need. As falling down, getting up again is the answer and the right guidance helps. Getting past the why? And focusing on the new goal is easier with words of encouragement.

  6. Chrissy says:

    I was about to leave this page, yet I felt a pull to look at the comments, am I glad I did, Randy, you are an inspirational individual, your words were like a life line, pulling me back into fully consciousness, into the present moment, I loved how you told it straight from your gut, so to speak, I actually wrote down what you said, so I can peruse over your words in my own time, allow them to make me actually DO SOMETHING with my life, I am 55 years of age, yet I never feel this age. my mind is perpectually young, I love your comments, I will allow myself the luxury of now going after my dream job, after all, I did get Year 12, at 54. I was told by my course teacher at the time I was too old to start a new career, (shame on her) yet, I allowed someone to tell me what to do with my life, I just gave up. Never again, will I allow some one to dictate to me what I can and cannot do! I want to work, to be of service to others, after all, I survived cancer, at 50. Thank you Kristen for your help, my eyes are now fully open, life is all about doing, what we want to do, not feeling it is passing by, may everyone who reads this knows that age is never a barrier to attaining your dreams, after all,when I was 21, I was told I was too young for most of the jobs I went for, and that experience was what they wanted, now it is all about youth, my times were a different era, people worked until they retired in the same job, my own father being one of these people. He taught me values, like honesty, integrity, kindness, and the ability to feel empathy, I miss his wisdom, he wasn\’t a rich man financially, yet he had a calmness that reminded me of the Dali Lamar, he was contented with his life, when he died over 600 people attended his funeral, I asked some one why they attended his funeral, the answer, was…he was a good man, never once did he ever say an unkind word to me, he helped me when no one else did. I felt proud of my dad that day, he had lived a life of serving others, not for his own gain, but to help. It is easy to forget, about others when we strive for our own goals, yet if we go out of our way every day, to help some one in just a tiny way, boy, do we feel great afterwards, it is okay to strive for our own dreams, but how much richer, can we be if we help others in this progress of life. Love and happiness to all, Chrissy.

  7. Leila says:

    Thanks for your post Kristen. So far it seems to me that the way to tell the difference between inspired and ordinary action is that inspired action feels alive in the sense that there is emotion attached to it(joy), whereas ordinary action is more mechanical. Would this be right?

  8. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Let your heart convinces you to take action and let your mind awaken your unverifiable intuitions.

    Alex Gabriel V.

  9. diana says:

    Thanx Kristen. I kip learning everday as i read your posts. I was stuck and everything in my just looked wrong. Now i have started to act i am starting to feel the joy and happiness i was lacking. am positive am going to attain my goals. thanx for being a big coach an surely make us go big

  10. John Corona says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I believe now and especially after receiving my first blessing from Guruji, that the longer we remain in the “silence,”the better we’ll be able to connect with our intuition and therefore know exactly when to take “inspired action.”

    I’m through with taking “forced” or “desperate”action. It drains the energy level, increases anxiety, and downright SUCKS!!!!

    Been there more times than I care to remember.

    As for your situation Rosemary, I can only speak from experience, and I’m sure Kristen can elaborate with more wisdom, but, I’m right where you are NOW!

    All that I can tell you is that we’ll have to take out more time to…one, stay in the silence of what we want to be, do, and have…two, focus on the higher image rather than the lower concern…CONSTANTLY!

    I know it sounds easier said than done, however, this is something we MUST do daily. Think of it like this… you and I are like the seedling that is so close to breaking through.

    This is what ALL of the successful people in the past, present, and future have had and will have to do. The hell with the latter and letting Satan kick our a**!!!



    P.S. Remember, energy flows where attention goes.

  11. Pamela Wills says:

    Excellent reminder, Kristen.

    Nothing changes when nothing changes!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. robin says:

    Thank you for your blog. Most of us are really stuck in polluted be-do-have cycles. That means that you want to have the experience of abundance, then try to do things that attract abundance and then think they are rich. It really doesnt work that way. If you want to have the feeling of abundance you look within to see what your definition is about that. Then, from within you do things which are compatible with your definitions about abundance and finally you get experiences of abundance almost instantly. The rest is just a leap of faith :=)

  13. Richard Sanderson says:

    It seems like I get so close and then it comes to set up my autoresponder and I see so much there that I can’t go any further and lose my will to even try. Just maybe if I follow through on what you suggest I can do it. Remember I say maybe. Either that and go to the video and check it out about 4 or 5 times I will have it right.

  14. james milne says:

    Thanks Kristen,
    I think with me writing down the answers to the questions in my journal i have taken inspired journal by the way is very much in its infancy stage,but 1 step at a time.
    Peace and Light James Fae Scotland

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