God Doesn’t Say “No”…YOU Do!

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Do you have prayers that have been left unanswered?  Do you wonder if the Universe or God or the all purposive entity is ignoring your requests?

I have brought Bob Doyle in to help you understand exactly what is going on and how you can shift your current reality.  This article is for you – no matter what your specific beliefs are – no matter whom or what your personal God of choice is, you need to read this.  In it lays the answer to all of your prayers and requests that seem to have gone unnoticed or unanswered.

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Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


God Doesn’t Say “No”…YOU Do!

By Bob Doyle

There are a couple of things you’ve probably heard said over and over. The first is, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?” What you’ll generally hear next is the response which goes something like, “God DOES answer your prayers. Sometimes he just says ‘No'”.

The fact is, it’s not God who says “No”. In fact, God – the infinite source of “All that Is”, ONLY says “Yes”! God is the ultimate “creation” mechanism. God responds PRECISELY to YOUR creative catalyst.

So you say, “Well, I’ve been asking God for money, but he hasn’t given it to me.” The answer lies in HOW you are asking! Remember that God – the Universe – responds in a very precise way! It’s a matter of Quantum Physics! If your prayer goes something like, “Dear God. I’m in trouble. I have no money. I can’t pay any of the bills. I need money!”, then THAT is what will be real for you. You WILL be in trouble. You WILL have no money! You WON’T be able to pay the bills, and you WILL NEED MONEY.

The Universe feeds back to you what you give it – and in fact, amplifies it!

If who you are “being” is a person with what we’ll call “lack consciousness”, then LACK will be your reality! Every thought you have about “not having” will be mirrored in your experience of reality.

Do you desire wealth? Then BE wealthy first, and the Universe will respond.

The fact is, we are here for the express purpose of creating our realities and living incredible lives. We are the manifestation of God’s experience in the physical. God does not desire for us to live in lack, and in fact strongly desires that we have everything we desire. It is WHY we have desires in the first place! We are not only meant to have our desires realized, but we have the ability to have them manifest in our lives WHENEVER we want!

However, our egos and limiting belief systems have distorted our power. We have made ourselves “small”. We have created thoughts about wealth and prosperity that make them inaccessible to us. Yet they are RIGHT THERE…waiting for us to experience them.

God does not say, “No, you may not experience wealth.” God says, “YES! EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING!” However the “mechanics” of reality creation require you to BELIEVE that you already have the things you desire. That’s why it’s so easy for so many people to experience “lack”. It’s easier for them to believe that they “can’t have something” than it is for them to have everything they want because they have all this external “evidence”. The fact is, however, that it is just as “easy” to have either one. It is simply a matter of your belief.

Your current experience is the PERFECT manifestation of your current belief system. It is the EFFECT, not the cause. YOU are the cause your experience. When you can integrate that, you can begin to create consciously from the inside out (which is the only way you CAN create). You can break out of the “loop” which has you believing that your external circumstances are causing your experience.

You must understand that whatever your experience is right now, it is God (the Universe, All that Is) saying “YES” to whoever it is you are being, thinking, speaking, and acting.

To create consciously you MUST “be”, “think”, “speak”, and “act” that your desires are already fulfilled – and they shall be. To the extent that you do these things, you will experience the “yes” that you REALLY desire from God much more quickly.

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metaphysical faith.

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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
It’s time for a new awareness.  It’s time for you to take stock throughout the day to discover where you are putting most of your attention.  Decide right now, that for the next week you are going to stop several times a day to ask yourself this question…

“What am I focused on right now? Is my focus on what I desire or on the lack of what I desire?”

You will be surprised at how many times you think you are focused on what you desire but you are really focusing on the lack of what you desire.

Go grab an index card or a sticky note and write on it, “What am I focused on right now? Is my focus on what I desire or on the lack of what I desire?” Now, put it where you will see it several times a day. Every time you see it, stop and ask yourself the question.  Just in bringing your awareness to your thoughts in this way you will instantly start to shift your focus to what you desire.  And when you do that, you shift the creative energy of your life and you begin to magnetize to you things, people, events and opportunities that support those desires!

“Hi Kristen!

I have discovered quite the few uncomfortable “hang ups” inside! Self discovery is the first step to recovery! Like, or unlike, a lot of people I realize that my upbringing was quite negative! Even now they believe themselves to be positive and yet the only vibrations and words I’m hearing are negative ones! I do still find it challenging to “not hear” all the rubbish that is being said…especially when it’s directed straight to me. However, through positive thinking and believing in my great self I am overcoming!!! I am manifesting Money into my life so that I can “break out” once and for all….the universe is definitely on my side! I WILL MASTER MANIFESTATION! Then, I will use my skills and rid others of the nonsense that has plagued so many of us for so very long, way too long!

Love, Peace and for crying out loud..Enlightenment!

–Susan M.”

10 Responses to “God Doesn’t Say “No”…YOU Do!”

  1. Graeme says:


    Thank you so much for your “God always says yes” article. I have a question though and that is…You gave an example of a prayer for help and I understand it’s wording was negative. However you did not provide an exact corresponding correct way to have worded the prayer. I trust fully in God for my supply and have realized that I have perhaps been praying in the wrong way. What is somewhat confusing is that we find ourselves praying to God for what we need. Can you please explain this and how we should be praying correctly for that which we “Already Have”.

    I thank you and appreciate you.


  2. hossam says:

    Perfect web site and review for the book I’m starting studying the L.O.A after reading more and listing to more mp3 really it’s workingThanks

  3. Amy says:

    I agree with the article, however, I also believe that a certain amount of our lives are predetermined by God or The Universe. If this is true, then certain things are going to happen- at some point, regardless of our actions. The process can be slowed down by our thinking and our belief systems, but I do not think it can be totally stopped.

  4. Miguel Hilao says:

    Hello this came just in time I was already pondering this idea and the article confirmed my thoughts on this. It never fails to astonish me how the universe is so impectable just when one thinks theres no out the sky opens up and freedom is yours. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Karen says:

    Hello Kristen,
    I enjoyed this article very much. I can believe this is how it really works. I also want to thank you for the series of webinars you and Lance have been doing. This is a wonderful thing you are providing for whomever is aware enough to take advantage of it. I have been learning something new from nearly all of them and reinforcing what I have already learned. Unfortunately, I have SO many areas of interest, have signed up for so many courses and am so OBC that I receive so many emails, I simply cannot get to them all and have to pick and choose which to read.
    In response to the first comment, there is a little booklet by Charles Capps called Gods Creative Power that explains this concept quite well.

  6. Rosa Muziotti says:

    Thanks Bob and Kristen. I need to work on this during the day (I did it once in a while). It is important to ask myself SEVERAL TIMES A DAY…. Am I focus on what I desire or on the “lack” of what I desire?
    Thumbs up!

  7. Chery says:


    Honestly I have read similar articles but what I liked most is the quick Tip, it is a new way for help, easy to practice 🙂
    Thank you

  8. Leena says:

    Hi Kirsten
    I am such a big fan of yours and am so grateful for having the opportunity to be able to receive so much encouragement from you everyday. I wish to thank you for giving us all so much and most importantly so much to look forward to.I found this above article really potent.And I realise that visualisation is a very powerful tool that can be combined with the above to manifest our desires.
    But a lot of people also say’ask and you shall receive’ and I wish to know what your thoughts are on this.
    Because if I am asking the universe for instance everyday’what will it take for lots and lots of love to show up in my life from my soulmate'( I currently dont have a soul mate) does it not in essence contradict the above principle that ‘ I already have what I desire ‘ and also cancels out my visualisations?
    I will be very grateful if you could shed some light on this matter

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