Nothing New Here…

This morning I signed onto my computer and went through my emails…

A whole bunch of new subscribers to my ‘Law of Attraction Key Report’ — GREAT!

About 30 emails from subscribers asking for advice on how to make the Law of Attraction work — GREAT!

1 Unsubscribe with a comment that said this —

“I’m unsubscribing because this is the same stuff and there is absolutely nothing new here!”

THAT is why I’m writing this post…

Do you want the truth?

She (the subscriber who unsubscribed and wrote this message) was right!

WHAT?  Aren’t I supposed to pretend that what I have to say is new and different and the secret to all of your dreams coming true?

Here’s the deal…

I searched for years to find what would work for me and I listened to 8 million people say the same thing about the law of attraction and making money and living your purpose etc. etc. etc. and they were all giving me the same basic ideas.

The concepts and ideas aren’t different and new…

What is different and new is HOW someone says it…

Like I said, my search was far and wide…

And when I finally broke through and went from making $1200/month to over $10,000/month it wasn’t because I found someone who told me something I hadn’t heard a million times…

I broke through because I found several people who, in their delivery of the information, MADE SENSE TO ME and because it made sense and resonated with me, I was FINALLY INSPIRED TO TAKE ACTION!

So here is my advice for you…

  • STOP your quest for the magic bullet —
  • STOP looking for the new thing that is going to make all of your dreams come true —
  • STOP thinking that there is something you haven’t heard yet that is the key —

There’s nothing NEW here…

There’s nothing new anywhere, Napolean Hill and Tony Robbins and Joe Vitale and Dr. Robert Anthony and Stuart Lichtman and everyone else including me…they are saying the same things and shedding light on them in their own different and very unique and powerful ways…

The key is that how I say it is unique to me and that may be right for you and it may not…

Change your quest, stop looking for new information and start seeking the voices that make it resonate emotionally and not just rationally.

Listen to the voices that speak to you so clearly that you are finally inspired to take action.

You know this stuff, I promise you that.

Find the right teachers, coaches, voices for YOU…

THEN, realize they can’t take action for you…


If how I put things speaks to you, I am THRILLED to be able to help you on your journey and look forward to being part of your path.

Leave me a comment just because… 🙂

Go Big!


9 Responses to “Nothing New Here…”

  1. patricia says:

    Very true! It’s the voice that resonates within you that is the perfect teacher…..And thank you for reminding me to JUST LET GO!

  2. Sue says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I want to thank you,I finally got it.I have been doing this for three years with no results because some thing just wasn’t catching in my brain something you said, did now I am so excited I have so many ideas going on in my brain it’s just fantastic and they are things I love doing and can turn into a business.I thank you, thank you, thank you,I’m going big.
    Best wishes Sue.

  3. Rosemary says:


    Of course I knew that what you and Dr. Anthony are saying is the same as I have heard for years. It speaks to me, in a unique way, so I am definitely not going to Unsubscribe. What I also know is that I must maintain my happiness level, and sometimes I need help with that. Since Wednesday night, I have been away from my computer, out of contact with you, my Subliminal Videos, my work, etc., basically visiting with family in Southern California (I live in Sparks, NV). It was only tonight, my last night in Southern California, that I could get to my computer. Really makes me appreciate the help and support you offer.

    Thank you,

  4. Amazing information that works. That is all that counts, thanks.

  5. By the way, if you want more on the application of the ideas you present, just go to my article base at and put in my user name, “Joshua Clayton”, I am also on facebook and a few others.

  6. Bill says:

    I would rather hear what you have to say yourself. Those guys you mention got their information from somewhere/someone else anyway.
    They seem to act so above it all.

    What did you DO e.g. to go from 1,200 to 10k.That would interest me more rather than telling me it’s possible. Also, how to let go and take action at the same time.

    • LOA says:

      Hi Bill!

      I completely understand your request for more info…

      Here’s the deal, what you do to go from 1200 to 10k matters, but it really matters that you design what you do to go with what you want your life to look like. I say that because there were several times that I hit that goal (before it was long lasting) but because I wasn’t excited about how I did it, it wasn’t long lasting…once I got passionate about what I was doing that all changed.

      That being said, I hit the mark by finding people who were where I wanted to be and then made myself valuable to them.

      Literally, the question, ‘How can I make this work better for you?’ has changed my life more times than I can count on 2 hands…

      That’s the short and easy answer…

      In fact, thank you so much for asking this question as I will be writing a blog post about this shortly!

      Go Big!

  7. Robert says:

    Like you said Kristen, it’s not easy. It’s simple. I would also mention That I’m not really sure about the “How.” I heard some Law of Attraction Cd’s. The speaker (Esther Hicks) says, “Don’t worry about the “how,” that will come automatically. I feel that it is about feeling good about yourself. This seems to be my major block.

  8. You are absolutely right Kristen. Sometimes, it’s not even who or how someone says something, it’s that you were ready at that time to receive it. At that particular point in time you had a situation or circumstance and that same info you heard dozens of times suddenly became clear for you. Sometimes you just have to hear the same stuff over and over.
    I believe it’s true from reading success stories from way back – there are no secrets.
    The way is clear, but YOU have to accept it.
    That’s how it has been for me.

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