What are your REAL expectations?

I can’t tell you how many emails I get on a daily basis from people wondering why they keep attracting the things they don’t want.


Emails asking why they feel like something is off or wrong when they do get the things they want.

My answer is always the same and is ALWAYS in the form of a question…

What are your REAL expectations?


I know I tell you to get clear on what you want…

BUT what do you really expect?

Most people go through all the law of attraction steps that involve deciding what you do want and visualizing it in great detail etc. BUT if they don’t go through the process of clearing what they REALLY expect to happen then they find they are stuck.


They attract what they want but because their real expectation is that to get what they want their life has to be full of stress…

So it’s time for a reality check…

What are your REAL expectations?

What do you REALLY believe is going to happen?

You can change your real expectations, but FIRST you have to get real about them…

Once you see what your real expectations are, I want you to look at what you want and then write down what your REAL expectations would have to be to get what you want…

Now that’s what I want you to focus on…

What do I have to believe to have the life I desire?

Leave me a comment and let me know what your REAL expectations are AND what they need to be…

Together we’ll bridge the gap between the two!

Go Big!


5 Responses to “What are your REAL expectations?”

  1. Abdul Wahab says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I had my own engineering unit.Magically it was closed by someone.It is very very long story .I am stuck up and imprisoned in spirall of
    negativity.Please let me know how you can help me
    for coming out this negativity ?

    • LOA says:

      Hi Abdul!

      What do you spend 90% of your time focusing on? It sounds like you are focusing on what happened in the past…

      I want you to do something that will seem crazy at first…

      I want you to look at that event and ask yourself this question…

      “What’s the opportunity here?”

      I know this is counter intuitive, but if you start looking for the opportunity in challenges you will completely refocus yourself.

      Go Big!

  2. Rosemary says:

    The flow of money into my life has been so constricted that I must be expecting the worst. What I KNOW is the Truth is that an endless, unstoppable flow of money should be coming to and from me and from everyone. What I see is money being kept out of circulation out of fear or out of a need for power by politicians and others who now have it. Knowing this, please write a blog on how to change this expectation, which is becoming pervasive in this economy. Thank you.

  3. Zandy says:

    Kristen, you have a wonderful website. It is great to see someone who helps people in need. You are doing a great job.You are so right.The Law Of Attraction really works

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