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We all want to feel powerful and connected and full of love.

We want to feel freedom and success and joy.

We want to feel excited and alive and tapped into source.

We want to feel all of these things and yet, we are trying to think our way there.

I wrote a special article for this issue to help you get out of your head and fully tap into your true and complete power – your intuition.  Make sure you read this one – and take me up on the 7 day experiment – magical things will happen when you do!

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Even when you achieve great success, your experience of life doesn’t change until you change HOW you experience it – and that change lies in your heart NOT in your head.

Kristen Howe


Get Out of Your Head

By Kristen Howe

As humans, we have been given a gift that separates us from every other species on the planet.  And this gift is a blessing when we work with it, but it can be a curse when we overuse or misuse it.  So what is this gift?  What is the ability that separates humans?

The ability to think. And more specifically, the ability to rationalize.

The gift of thought gives us a power that is unique.  We can figure things out, we can anticipate, we can trouble shoot, we can plan.

The power of thought is just like anything else – it isn’t inherantly good or bad – it’s what we do with this power that brings positive or negative results.

Our brain is here to help us by allowing us to figure things out – like systems and operations and structure.  And when we use it in this way, we can do amazing things.


When we get stuck in our heads ‘thinking about’ what is good or bad or how we will make this or that happen or how our successes and failures compare with others, then thought becomes detrimental.  When we get stuck in our heads – we become paralyzed and filled with self judgment.

STOP trying to figure it all out.  You don’t need to know the answer.

Use your thoughts to systemize things and make things work, and leave it at that.

Thoughts get in the way of instincts all the time.  Thinking is what you want to use AFTER you have followed your instincts.

Here’s a great exercise to help you feel the power of your intuition…

Look back on your life and ask yourself this question:

“What big, successful moments in my life happened when I followed instinct instead of thought?”

Now look back on your life and ask yourself:

“When have I overcomplicated something and missed things because I was caught up in my thoughts and ignored my instincts?”

A definite clue that you are using your head to shut down your intuition is when you ‘have a gut feeling’ about something, but because you can’t explain it, you shut it down as an option.

You know what it is like to ‘think yourself in circles’ – we all do.  And it’s time to get out of your head.  Get out of the way. Stop trying to think your way through life.

If you have resistance to this – good, that’s your head trying to stake claim to your life.  You aren’t going to get rid of thinking, you are just going to let thinking work for you instead of letting thinking run you!

If you still feel resistance, then let me ask you this, “How has thinking your way through life gone for you so far?”

Let’s just go for a 7 day experiment – where you pay more attention to your intuition than you do to your thoughts.

What if you changed how you made decisions by asking yourself how you FEEL about something instead of what you THINK about it?

What differences do you THINK you would see in your life?

What differences do you FEEL you would see in your life?

Any time you are questioning the power of your intuition, remember to use the ‘PROOF Question’ I gave you a minute ago – and remind yourself of when your instincts have brought you success you never could have imagined.

Read on…

Your intuition and source of infinite creation live in the NOW – discover how to live in the NOW here…

Play with this – for 7 days, pay attention to your small instincts – which direction is your intuition asking you to go?  What person are your instincts telling you to call?

Once you start to listen to your intuition on a smaller scale, you will get more comfortable with it, the voice of your intuition will start to be louder than the thoughts in your head.

Our intuition brings us to people, opportunities, places and situations that our brains could never have conceived of.  It is time to get out of your head and allow the limitless voice of your intuition show you the miracles that surround you!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
How do you know when you are in your head in a way that is harmful instead of helpful?That’s a great question that I get asked all the time.Our heads are hurting us when we are trying to:“Think about if we should or shouldn’t do something.”“Figure out if this is the right decision for us.”“Rationalize how we can make this happen.”

“Come up with the perfect solution for how we can fix our life.”

“Decide what we need to DO to make everything better.”


You get the idea!

When you find yourself talking yourself out of something because it just doesn’t make sense (even though it feels right) then you need to take a step back and get in touch with your intuition again.  If you live only in your head, you are living from the neck up.  If you live from intuition and then use the power of your thought to support your intuition – then you are living wholly and completely!

“Hey there!

I get dozens of things like this every week, but this one is really good.  A keeper.  Two great questions and I am looking forward to the next one. 

I am a writer, and this is the sort of thing that gets me going to be just a bit better than I was yesterday. 

Thank you.
–Dr. Marvin”

12 Responses to “Get Out of Your Head”

  1. Barbara Duminy says:

    Thank you for this help…
    It is exactly what I need at this point in my life, to break the habit of thinking too much and doing not enough to tap into my intuition.

  2. Gaye says:

    I’ve always read that if you spend money like you have it, or you give money away, it makes room for more to come in. A few weeks ago my bank rep called and said I enough money to open a tax-free savings account and I said yes, but that’s my emergency fund in case the furnace blows up or whatever. I knew in one part of my brain that I could do it, but years of saving and fear of not having enough wouldn’t let me. Then I thought well, let’s just try out this law of abundance and see what happens. I opened the account and put my $5,000 in and within two days I had received a cheque for $5,000 for work I had done that had been outstanding for months.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Gaye!

      What a great story — what I most love about it is that you didn’t risk your money — yet you found a way to ‘leap and let the net appear’ Thanks for sharing this!

      You are extraordinary!

  3. Kathy Lemoine says:

    I have experienced the power that erupts like a volcano when I get out of my head. Over the past couple of months I have been living my life more through intuition and it has not only brought an amazing amount of peace and joy into my life, but I am now moving to a different state and the transition has been so much smoother when I don’t try to make things happen. My intuition is expanding and my mind is much quieter than ever before. As a matter of fact, I sleep much better now because I can turn my brain off now. Thank you for the confirmation that what I am experiencing is a truth of the Universal Laws.

  4. Trish Kirby says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you for your post! It makes perfect sense to me. I am so guilty of spending too much time thinking about things and not listening to my intuition. I look forward to reading more of your posts! Have a Blessed Day!!


  5. Karolyn says:

    Excllent article! I am going through some heavy-duty changes right now, and this is very helpful.

  6. I really like that – leap and let the net appear. My new motto in life is Leap Fearlessly and I don’t always do that, but feel like I am getting closer each day to living by intuition instead of living by someone else’s rules. Thanks Kristen!

  7. sufua says:

    Very good points I am a moon child astrological and my motto is I Feel. Lately due to so many dramatic changes in my life I have gotten away from my motto. Well guess what? That is going to change as of now. And yes I do miss feeling me. Wow!

    Give Thanks For Sharing,

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