Top 10 Ways to Manifest Money

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Money is energy – in itself it isn’t good or bad – it is infused with whatever energy you give it.

Kristen Howe


Top 10 Ways to Manifest Money

By Jeanette Maw

No matter how much money we have, it seems most of us would welcome more financial abundance into our lives.

In working with lots of deliberate creators to attract money using the law of attraction, here’s what I’ve found works best:

1. Drop the need.
Need and abundance don’t go together. So if you have to pick one of those vibrations, it’s obvious which one to go with, right? Find a way to release that needy energy.

2. Make peace with the present.
Resisting your current state of affairs only perpetuates them. (This goes hand in hand with #1.) However you do it, find a way to get okay with how things are now. Resistance serves as a powerful dam holding up tremendous wealth. Dropping that resistance bursts the dam, flooding you with money.

3. Skip the middle man.
Give yourself the gift of whatever you think having money will do for you. You think it will bring peace of mind? Happiness? Relief? Fun? Access those states now. Three deep breaths ushers in peace. Playing with the dog enhances joy. Don’t make money responsible for making you feel better. Feel better now, just because you choose so. (That’s a party money loves to show up at!)

4. Act as if.
You don’t have to actually have money in order to vibrate it. Since we get what we vibrate, when you send the signal to Universe that you’ve got money, guess what it has to send? Money! Here’s how Mike Dooley did it: when he’d get a big bill in the mail, instead of fretting or despairing, he’d say, “Oooh, it’s a good thing I’m rich.” When he wasn’t. Yet. (And it worked!)

5. Engage relationship counseling.
Improve your relationship with money by paying attention how you treat it. Do you speak to it kindly? Think of it appreciatively? Make improvements in that relationship and it’ll love you back.

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6. Be good to yourself.
Since Universe is taking its cue from you, when you treat yourself well, it’ll do the same. And money is often part of how it does that.

7. Use a money manifesting technique.
Call it in, sing it in, chant it in, journal it in, visualize it.

8. Watch your language!
Tell a better money story. Are you talking about it like there isn’t enough? Are you speaking about it like you need more? As long as you tell that version, that’s how it has to be! Improve your story and money will follow suit. Even “it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be,” “it’ll be ok,” “everything works out,” “I don’t have to figure this out right now” type stories can start a good shift.

9. Appreciate the money you have now.
Abraham says the best way to get money is to appreciate the money you already have. And if you don’t have any money now, appreciate whatever else you have. Or the money you see around you. Or the money you’ve had before. Bottom line – give thanks for money where you can! When Universe gets that signal from you, it’ll send more.

10. Forget about it.
When your financial panties are in a twist, sometimes the best thing to do is get off the topic altogether. Give it up. Walk away and let things work out while you’re mowing the lawn or taking a nap. If you consistently come to this topic with a negative vibration, and aren’t having any luck upgrading your vibe (which is really easy to do when you think you’ve good reason to worry) – the best thing you can do might be NOTHING! Let it go. Find something else (enjoyable) to occupy your mind and don’t be surprised if things take a swift turn for the better once you really truly drop the subject.

Practicing just one of these tips can make a tremendous difference in your manifested wealth. Here’s to your enhanced financial abundance!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Remember, money is energy! Pay attention to the energy you give to money.Do you judge people that have money?

Do you judge yourself for desiring money?

Do you feel that you aren’t worthy of more money?

Do you attach a feeling of hard work with money?

Do you feel like there isn’t enough money to go around?

It is SO important to get aware of if you are judging the energy of money…

Ask yourself this, “What would I need to believe to allow money to flow freely and positively into my life?”

Ask yourself this, “How can I surround money with a positive charge of emotion?”

If you are sending contracted, scared or doubtful energy to money it will respond in like. Money is just energy – money is just energy – money is just energy!

“Thank you Kristen.I appreciate you too! And I’m so grateful to have been on this journey with you. You have made a huge difference in my life with your “Manifest Everything Now” teleseminar series, the “Message of a Master” downloadable material I purchased and your numerous “Go Big Coach” and “Law of Attraction Key” inspirational emails.

Thank you so much for shining your light and illuminating this world!!!!


— Maria”

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    Hey there,
    This is beautifully done. These reminders are very important and crucial. Thank you for sharing them.

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    Thank you Kristen for sharing these keys. I found them very inspiring and right to the point…I believe that following your tips will really help to manifest abundance…..GBU

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    Thank you. I appreciate the tips to help stay focused and positive. I especially enjoy reading them during my work hours, keeps the energy flowing upward. The newsletters stays starred in my email as a priority. I look forward to the newsletters.

  5. nicholas says:

    your articles are just amazing.Ever since i started applying your concepts, i hv found out the significance of embracing things positively like you already have what you want…keep up the good work.

  6. mustafa khan says:

    there is no doubt about that money is a energy

  7. RINA says:

    I needed to hear this
    My focus on not having is certainly creating more blockages
    Many thanks

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    Brilliant! A surprise is on its´way. Thank you

  9. Trina Moitra says:

    The best list of wealth abundance advice on the internet. I have fought my way through hours of LOA material and countless calls with experts…but if I had to list the gist…these points would pretty much be it.

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