How to KNOW You’re Going to Be Successful!

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Is it possible to KNOW (without question) that you will be successful?

It is possible, and I have asked Andy Shaw of “A Bug Free Mind” to join us and tell you exactly how you can use the power of knowing to reach extremely high levels of success and happiness.

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At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable.

— Christopher Reeve


How to KNOW You’re Going to Be Successful!

By Andy Shaw

To know something is very powerful. It means it’s absolute, it’s certain to you. It doesn’t mean that it is true, but it does mean it is true for you.

We create our reality based around what we know to be true. If you listen to any successful person they all say that they knew they were going to be successful, that they were just waiting for that success to show up.

This is not about self-confidence, as they have that in abundance… There is no need for self-confidence when you know something… Why? Because you know it! It needs no support.

We as humans were all born with the natural ability to create the state of ‘knowing something would be true.’ We used it to learn to walk. We were not able to communicate fully at that time, but if we were you would speak to the child and the child would be able to say… “Hell yes! This walking thing, I am so gonna own that! That’s happening! I don’t care what I have to do… I KNOW I am going to be walking soon!!”

It’s very powerful when you slow down and start to look at it. This is your natural success mind-set.

We as were all naturally 100% self-confident when we were born. We had no low self-esteem or lack of confidence… We were complete as people; however, most of the world’s population appear to have lost their natural born self-confidence on their journey through life. The secret for how to be confident lies in getting your natural mind-set back…

So do you know you will become a success or do you know you will become a failure?

Do you want to say “yes I will succeed”, but secretly do you know you will fail?

You see, it is the state of knowing which is important to attain… And to know something you first have to conceive how it can be possible. Every single thing you have achieved in your life which when you started out you weren’t sure you would achieve or not… Every single thing you achieved you attained the state of knowing you would at some point. This is how to become successful at anything you desire…

However, the same is of course true of failure… The power of knowing can be used to create or un-create… It is just a law of how things work and it has no feelings one way or the other about how it is used. Just as gravity has no feelings… it just is.

The Dark Side of Knowing

However, knowing has a dark side too. The human race knows things on different levels… The first level is the weakest level of them all… This is intellectually knowing something.

Like before I ran financially successful businesses, I knew that I should have better financial control. I knew what I should do… But I didn’t apply it. So I only intellectually knew it.

A human ailment is that because we know something on an intellectual level, that sometimes somehow we don’t think we need to apply it. This is the dark side of knowing and basically we only know it on the intellectual level, which of course is of no value to our lives whatsoever.

However, when I took what I knew and absorbed it and applied those financial tools which I knew were needed, all of a sudden as if by magic I had several successful businesses. I no longer just knew it intellectually, I now had absorbed it and it was now part of me… In other words I now lived what I knew to be true.

That level of knowing is 100 times greater (at least) than the intellectual level. The weak level of knowing is the principle reason that people never succeed. As what they know they do not apply, so in effect what was the point of knowing it?

They just fill up their lives gathering more and more intellectual information which they will never apply…

So the point of it is? It is what society has told them that they should do, and so just like lemmings they are following what they have been taught to do without thought.

Read on…

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How to Use the Power of Knowing and Become Successful

To use the power of knowing – to KNOW you are going to be successful – is simply a question of KNOWING what you want to be successful in, and KNOWING what you may have to do to get there.

If you know what your success will look like then you already HAVE success in your mind… So you KNOW what it looks like. Then if you KNOW what steps you may take to get there then you have provided your mind with stepping stones. Little bridges if you like which when combined take you from where you are to where you desire to be.

Once you have provided your mind with the destination and options for how to get there, then your mind can KNOW it is possible to get there… Your mind can conceive it happening.

Next you just need to keep looking at the destination and picturing it in all its reality… You also need to picture as many different ways of which you can get there… You are providing your mind with multiple options, different ways to achieve it… And your mind will seek out the ways to make it happen.

Your job as the pilot of your plane is to provide different options and let your subconscious mind know where you want it to take you… Now your subconscious mind will evaluate everything and then start to take you on the journey… Of course you have to step foot outside and walk in the direction you think you want to go in… And then your subconscious mind will reward you with the right steps.

At some point in all this you will attain the state of knowing you will be a success… And then pretty soon after that you will attain the state of roughly knowing how you will become a success.

To achieve the state of knowing you will become successful you just have to cultivate your ideas and dreams… You need to water them with options of ways to go… Until all of a sudden you just KNOW that it is impossible for you not to create the success you desire, because you already have the success in your mind now!

Once upon a time you knew you would one day walk and then one day you did. The difference between you and successful people is that they are still in contact with the same mind-set they had as a child. You have just allowed society to re-program your mind ‘its way.’

Therefore all that needs to happen is you re-program your mind back to how it was before all of the junk programming was added. Do that and success is inevitable!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
You have heard me talk about levels, and I want you to use levels in combination with Andy’s concepts to build unstoppable momentum.

When Andy talks about providing your mind with the destination; if you find yourself resisting that because your mind doesn’t believe the final destination you desire is possible, then I want you to give your mind a destination you can believe is possible, which is the next level from where you are now. Then, once you arrive at that next level, you can give your mind the next destination and so on. It is like being on a train and making stops along the way and each stop shows you that you are closer to your final destination!

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8 Responses to “How to KNOW You’re Going to Be Successful!”

  1. Jake says:

    Well this post came at a great time (LOA in full effect). I’ve just recently come to the realization that all I am missing is that initial spark, the part of me that knows that I know. There are several things that I know on a conscious level, just need to get that communicated to my subconscious so that it knows and then all will unfold gloriously.

    The thing I’m taking away from this particular article is that confidence and self-esteem have nothing to do with succeeding. I do have self-esteem issues, but I am usually pretty confident that I can pull things off…I just tend to do them under the radar.

    Great article, keep them coming!!

  2. Cam says:

    Sweet! Knowing creates a mindset of expectancy!

    “If you know what your success will look like then you already HAVE success in your mind… So you KNOW what it looks like.”

  3. Don Lynch says:

    Good story and I believe that the general pop is messed up with set standards to follow and the only way to get successful is to step outside of that box!!

  4. Beatrice says:

    Very informative article.

  5. The Morgan says:

    The statement that touched me the most was… You know you’re going to be successful, you’re just waiting for it to show up. Oh my gosh… that’s been my life for a long time. Yet… I still need to work on this one some more. I direct theatre and have been very successful. I’m waiting for the breaks that will connect me to the next “economic” level.

    It’s been proven to me over and over. With each play I direct, “I get the actors I’m supposed to have.” And that’s what makes me successful, working with VERY talented actors.

  6. sufua says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! The reinforcement I am receiving from this article is a miracle. Now I know I am moving in the right direction.

    Give Thanks For Sharing,



  7. Dwayne says:

    Thank you for your amazing post, I love your tips to stay focus and positive. The Power of KNOWING is surely the right path to a happy life.

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