How to Supercharge Your Manifestation Power Using EFT

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I’m getting a lot of emails about EFT; in fact here are the top 3 questions I receive…

  1. What’s EFT?
  2. How do I use EFT to manifest something I want?
  3. Can I use EFT to get rid of what is blocking me?

EFT can be extremely effective, and I love that so many of you are looking for new ways to release your limiting beliefs! So I brought Rishan B. in to help you give a turbo boost to your manifesting with the power of EFT.

You probably remember Rishan from when I interviewed him on “Manifest Everything Now” – his easy, straight forward approach got rave reviews from my listeners and I can’t wait to share his article with you today!

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How to Supercharge Your Manifestation Power Using EFT

By Rishan B.

Mastering the art of removing limiting beliefs, thoughts or habits using EFT will empower you to attract abundance at will. EFT is one of the fastest and most effective tools for personal change on the planet. I’m excited to share this with you because I know it is a key that you can use to help free you from struggling to attract what you desire, and the frustration and slow grind of forcing action and seeing little to no results.

For this article I will assume you are familiar with the EFT procedure. If not check out this video tutorial: How to Do EFT( We’ll be using EFT to remove the emotional charge behind the limiting beliefs and thoughts that prevent you from attracting abundance. Once that emotional charge has been removed, you’ll find that those thoughts and beliefs no longer have any influence over you.

Using EFT in this proactive way, you can choose exactly how you’d like to feel about any goal or subject and as you well know, how you feel about a goal is a direct reflection of what you’re attracting to you.

Secret Procedure #1:
Remove Immediate Doubts/Blocks/Fears to Attracting Abundance

The first process we’re going to learn is very simple. It’s designed to remove the immediate blocks that come up with respect to our goal.

  1. Get out a pen and a blank piece of paper.
  2. Write down your goal – pick a specific area in your life for which you’d like to attract greater abundance.
  3. Read your goal out loud.
  4. Next, write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t censor, simply write down whatever comes up.
  5. Do the EFT procedure on whatever comes up. Repeat the EFT procedure until the emotional charge is gone.
  6. Read the goal out to yourself, and write down the next thing that comes up. Tap out the emotional charge from that too.
  7. Continue until you need a break OR reach a state where you feel positive about your goal.

Read on…

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Secret Procedure #2:
The Smart Questions Procedure

This next process involves asking yourself a powerful, searching question in order to bring up any deeper blocks.

  1. Get out another blank piece of paper.
  2. Write out the follow question: “What’s stopping me from achieving my goal of …?” Fill in the details of your goal at the end of the sentence.
  3. Take the first thing that comes to mind and write it below the question.
  4. Now tap out the emotional charge from that idea/belief/thought using EFT. Repeat the procedure until the charge is gone.
  5. Read the question out to yourself again, write down the first thing that comes to mind and tap out the emotional charge.
  6. Continue until you need a break OR run out of blockages to remove!

Of course there are a ton of highly effective questions you could use. Here are a couple of other suggestions:

  • “Why don’t I deserve to have this goal?”
  • “What’s stopping me from having a burning desire to achieve this goal?”
  • “What will I lose by achieving this goal?”
  • “What do I have to gain by not achieving this goal?”

Just doing those two procedures alone will skyrocket the power with which you are attracting your goals. Every limiting thought or belief you have reduces the power with which you’re attracting your desire. By combining EFT with the procedures given above, you’re well on your way to clearing them out and creating the life of your dreams.

Now that you have these two procedures, the next step is to get out a piece of paper right now and start on procedure one by writing down your goal…

Remember EFT is an amazing tool to attract abundance, so make use of this new found knowledge and put it into action!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When you release one limiting belief, you may find that another, deeper limiting belief is revealed. If that happens, I want you to celebrate!Why?Because, with every limiting belief you uncover and discover, comes the opportunity for you to remove it and open yourself up to even more of your true power.

So, celebrate and then perform the EFT exercises that Rishan has given you on this new limiting belief and you will be amazed at the power that you start to feel within you!

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