Law of Attraction Tip – Be Specific

You’re here reading this, so I know 1 thing about you…

You’re looking for Law of Attraction Tips…

I can even guess that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you the way you had hoped.

So, I know 2 things about you…but there is only 1 thing I really need to know about you and this is the first thing I ask every coaching client I work with.

Now I’m going to ask you…

You ready? Here it is…

What do you want to use the Law of Attraction for?

Seriously…why are you so interested in the Law of Attraction? What is it that you want to attract?

Chances are good you answered something like:

I want to attract more money…

I want to attract love…

I want to attract a better job…

I want to attract happiness…

I want to attract success…

OR you may have even answered…


If you were more specific with you answers, GOOD FOR YOU! If you weren’t, don’t worry, most people give a general answer at first, but here’s the challenge with general answers…

More money, love, success etc. means something different to everyone!

Before you can attract anything, you need to use this simple, but often overlooked (or ignored) Law of Attraction Tip.


If you tell me you want to attract more money and I hand you a penny…are you going to be happy?


So when you say you want to attract more money (or love or happiness or success etc.) what do you mean?

Be specific…write it down…picture it…taste it. Seriously, use all of your senses and get into as much detail as possible.

The details matter… and what really matters is that you tap into how this FULL PICTURE of what you want in complete detail makes you FEEL!

All the Law of Attraction tips in the world won’t help you attract what you want unless you are extremely specific AND connected to it emotionally. So, do it right now…pick one thing you want to attract (yup…that’s right, just do one at a time) and write it down in FULL DETAIL.

The Law of Attraction Keys we’ve talked about so far are:

  • Get specific
  • Connect emotionally
  • Identify what is inspired action
  • Take inspired action

Next time we’ll talk about what to do if you don’t know what you want. Trust me, it’s much EASIER to discover what you want to attract than you may think and I’ll give you an exercise in the next post!

24 Responses to “Law of Attraction Tip – Be Specific”

  1. Mark Danner says:

    After begining this journey of starting my own businesses, what I want most is success! I want to be able to have enough to be able to pay off all the bills I have aquired and to be able to help others. I know this takes a hugh commitment and I want to be able to fill that commitment. I know it will not be easy.

    Mark Danner

  2. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    The great future is not greater than its present and its past is much more greater than our “Golden Age”. The man of future is the master of his faith.

    Alex Gabriel V.

  3. bart van hoeck says:

    What does one want?
    More money yes how much to give some idea it would be having at least per month 3000 euros to be able to go live on my own pay the bills and still have enough money to pay something for girlfriend which she would love to have but finanialy doesn’t come to it to buy that.To be financialy free and beeing able to travel more then once a year to the and be with the people 1 wants to be with without having to ask the boss for my vacation just beeing able to pick up my bags take my passport and airline ticket & just take of the my choosen destination & beeing to stay there longer then 2weeks but more in the range of 2 to 4 months and still make enough money to sustain myself a my girlfriend even if i’m not in the country.
    So in a year in total wanting to make that i’m not quite sure of but it would be cool to be able to have a check in my hand written in my name to me a check of 1.000.000 euros that i would see a perfect start to have a amount to built with.But now to vizualize a check of 1.000.000 euros in my hand is just going to make me go nuts and i getting the feeling of that i’m going to jump very high in the air high enough to touch the sealing in my house and it’s pretty high.When having the abundance of money i can do much good with it as like there many whom don’t have what i’ve got so to help people against poverty it is better to be rich in mind instead of poor of mind and in wallet to. Seeing my girlfriend happy will make me feel doing something without thinking about me and she’s happy so i’m even more happier. Real success is doing something you do love and i’m looking into how i can make money online,my home study course or anything to see a change in my financial situation £
    NOW so Kristen how everything so far makes me feel is knowing there people out there that do believe in that you will make all your dreams come to live just very happy even happier then i was allready feeling knowing of all the oppertunity’s that are laying around but some request master/visa/ammex card. SO there still the dilemma cause i’ll need a more stable financial live to be albe to have such a card.
    And today i’ve signed up for the home study course of Interiour house designer everyone like to change the way there homes look from the inside or there gardens & spend thousends & thousends of $$$$$ and still they ain’t feeling any happier so i have one idea that i find people should then try you have ways of feng shui which you can combine in your house and around or a Japanes garden/ you have the ancient cultures going from mayan to more mystical tribal african native american just to give something to what ever the person wants that will them feel at home or more closer to there native land or just a modern look for the young kids but by using natural material like wooden floors & walls which are easier to apply & use.
    So Kristen what’s your opinion?


  4. Linda says:

    I am focusing on my wants, visualization, pictue boards,writing,inspired action, faith and the big one for me is feeling as if I have it now. I am finding the having it now harder to comprehend as perhaps I am wanting it too much.Having faith is where I am at.and I trust I will eventually get my desired lifestyle.
    Thank you again for your good words Kristen.

  5. Welcome says:

    I need success in my part-time business that I am planning to do full time as from next year. Success is earning extra income equivalent to my current salary before next year.

  6. blend says:

    Dear Kristen
    Every time when i want something i imagine it at the begining and i always attract those things which are small or not that important but when i want something big that i want it very much there will be aproblem that i can’t get it.
    can you help me with that?

  7. Claudie says:

    Make a detailed list of your specific wish and read it every night before going to bed, let your subconscious do the work whilst you are asleep.


  8. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, my desire is to be able to handle my feelings as they arise. To do the best thing not to create more suffering by ignoring or repressing them or something but at the same time as I’m doing this inner type work I desire to be able to do some fun things that I’d like to do in a spontaneous type of way as in doing things when you feel like doing them and planning some fun trips etc. like that. This would be for me some ideal scenario. Also and with this in mind it is with my closest and dearest friend who I love. That’s it so far. Thanks.

  9. timan says:

    Haia everyone,

    wish you people a big happy Easter ,K you are doing great.
    Obs:Explain more point 3.

  10. PANSY PIERCE says:

    SUCCESS- Find people who are goal oriented and
    ready to work for what they want so I can equipp them for a leadership role. This would allow me to reach my goals. Money would come more freely to lead a rewarding and stress free
    life. I would be able to contribute more and
    would be happier knowing I have the resources to help others in my family and community.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    BE grateful for what you have

  12. This part of the Law of Attraction is just like basic goal setting. If you do not have a specific and measurable target then you will never be able to measure your success. If I am out in the backyard with bow and arrows and I don’t have that red bulls eye to aim for then I am just as likely to hit the neighbors cat as a target I cannot see. With a real specific target, I improve my accuracy 1000%

  13. Trina Sonnenberg says:

    I want to attract a career as a famous writer.

  14. Rose says:


    I totally get this concept. The part I’ve been having trouble with is “inspired action”. I understand that you should never do things out of desperation but inspiration, but I feel really scared and desperate either when I try to take action or I am taking action. I know this will not get me the results I want. I have not been able to come up with anything that makes me feel good about taking action and I know this is essential to attracting what I want and need. Any ideas or advice you may have would be very helpful.


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rose!

      It may be that you are trying to go too big too fast — can you believe I’m actually saying that? 🙂 Seriously, try to break it down so you know what your next level is…then look for the next possible step — go for 1 step at a time — small steps at first and you’ll be amazed!

      Go Big!

  15. Fábio says:

    Dearest Kristen,
    I have been observing that daily routine seems to be the bigest monster that keeps us (poor mortals) apart from organizing ourselves in a way to kind of ‘sitting down and writing down about things we want to transform’, using all those many precious tips like this one you are showing here. The day-by-day process gives us so many stimulations that we feel lost and confused about the right track to take. Probably this confusion is what unconsciously blocks our consciouly wanted things to come.
    And this is how I feel: fighting against such huge monster and losing and losing again…

  16. Tabitha says:

    I think what I struggle with most is wanting too many different things at once. I really want to make my marriage work and develop better parenting skills and I’ve been very focused on that since January. However, my writing is even more important to me. I was very dissapointed in November last year after finishing a manuscript that there was hardly any interest from possible publishers. I decided to use this experience to refine my writing according to what my target audience needs and wants. I started developing Information Products that I am very excited about and that are generating interest but I don’t know how to market them and convert this into a viable, sustainable activity. Then, as mentioned in a previous post, a youth mentoring programme I developed for my church takes up 80% of my time and energy but yields very little results at the moment- probably because I don’t want this to be my focus anymore, I have outlived it’s purpose. What do you do when there are competing desires like this?

  17. karen says:

    I will recive this month a red chevy 2010 camero with red and black seats and me driving it to my home amd to work and feeling my hair flying in the wind with the window down,

  18. Lyanna says:

    I want to be successful in my business. Reading eKristen’s helpful e-books etc! it boost me to start a business. Now I started one and I want the business to success.

  19. Colleen says:

    My chakras are all closed or dead as some say.
    I have been held back by a darkness since I was a child. I am getting help to remove this darkness, because it has interferred every time I was close to success. So now I am working on getting my chakras back open, and then I will have more of an idea of who I am, what I’m here for. I’ve always been giving and love to help others. I’ve been unemployed for 4 years now, got fired for being 1 minute late. Now no one wants to hire me. But I refuse to give up. I thought about starting my own business, but I need to be licensed which means going to college, which being unempoyed I cannot afford. That’s why I am looking for another job. I refuse to let this darkness control my life any longer.

  20. Elena says:

    Hi, Tabitha. I am happy that you have found the solution to the need of people. This will bring you success and happiness. Good luck and blessings.

  21. Chrissy says:

    Kristin, I so love what you write, your clarity and directness are inspiring. I am specific, and manifestations are taking place; it is quite remarkable. Most importantly I desire the ability to give and to be in a continuous state of gratitude for what is. These seem to be key as well as the other components to LOA that have been readily stated. I have much gratitude to you and for your work. ~Namaste

  22. Carrol says:

    i\’ve been trying to understand the whole concept of attracting what you want. I believe i have a blockage but don\’t know how to remove it. I understand your theory, but am having difficulty doing the practical.

  23. Rosemary says:

    At this time, what I want specifically is more than enough money to pay all my bills, including my entire mortgage on my beautiful home, the mortgage on my beautiful building, the money to pay for the help I need to build my business, to market properly and to get my life back. The money to buy the time to take life-enhancing trips. The time to see friends that I value so much. The time to create even more business for myself and help ever more people.

    Specific enough?

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