Are You Acting from Gratitude, Love, and Trust or Doubt and Fear?

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Quick question…

What are you grateful for right now?

If you answered, “Nothing”, I want you to look again.  There is always something to be grateful for. Look for small things to be grateful for and your life will begin to gain momentum and fill with joy. I have brought Dr. Joe Rubino in to share how you can shift from lack-based emotions like fear and doubt to abundant emotions like gratitude, trust and love.

Make sure you do the 6 steps he gives you at the end – you will get an instant boost!

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Gratitude fuels you when you think you are on empty.”

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Are You Acting from Gratitude, Love, and Trust or Doubt and Fear?

By Dr. Joe Rubino

As human beings, we operate daily reflecting a wide range of emotions with a multitude of motivations fueling our behaviors. All too often, we react emotionally to what others say or do. If our reactions are preceded by the emotions of fear, anger, or sadness, we forfeit our ability to act with personal power and effectiveness in lieu of a knee-jerk response. This reaction is all too often sourced in fear and low self-esteem. We may focus on what’s wrong with us and our lives, fear being controlled, hurt, or taken advantage of. We may overlook the many things we have in our lives for which we should rightly be grateful, doubt our ability to thrive and access the abundance we see all around us in the world, reacting instead from the concern of scarcity and the expectation of failure, hurt, and disappointment. We may see ourselves in competition for the world’s resources and the love and attention of others rather than realizing that there is more than enough of all that is good to go around. We forget that we manifest what we expect rather than needing to compete for limited resources.

Whenever we forget that we are magnificent beings and that there is plenty of wealth, happiness, fun, and fulfillment to go around, we might feel the need to protect ourselves from what we perceive to be a dangerous world. We likewise tend to forget that others operate from the same lacking self-confidence, scarcity of gratitude, and deficient self-love that we often do. So, whenever two or more individuals see themselves as not good enough to tap into the world’s abundance and get all their needs met from a physical, social, mental, and emotional perspective, conflicts are likely to arise. The result is broken relationships, strained communication, emotional pain, struggle, and suffering. All of these are needless and optional for those who realize their ability to detach from the struggle and master their emotional response.

When we stop to realize that everyone else suffers from the same self-doubt and fear of being dominated and cheated out of getting their fair share of love, fun, money, possessions, and security, we can break the vicious cycle of endless competition and continual striving for domination. We can realize that cooperation and communication is more effective in producing harmony than competition and a focus on self-interest based on fear. We can intentionally choose to trust that others are doing the best they know how to do based upon how they see the world. We can assume that they act from good intentions, even when we fear the opposite. We can hold them as worthy, competent, loving, good natured and capable of creating win-win relationships rather than fearing them as hateful, ill meaning, incompetent, unworthy, selfish opponents.

When we decide to champion others by looking for the best in them and interact with them out of an attitude of gratitude for their gifts, strengths, and positive qualities, in such as manner that they are clear that we hold them as intrinsically good and worthy of our love and respect, we provide for them a new and exciting opportunity for them to show up for us in this manner. Our decision to hold others as great (because they really are when we strip away their anger, fears, and insecurities) allows them the freedom to rise to our expectations. By operating from love and gratitude for the wisdom and empathy we develop as a result of our interactions with others, we see their mistakes as temporary indiscretions producing valuable lessons from which to learn and grow rather than reflections of a fundamentally defective being.

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The key to bringing out the best in others is non-attachment. When we realize that we have total control over our response to any situation, and we give up our right to be invalidated by others or control them, we will possess a new found freedom that allows us to exit the drama of conflict in favor of understanding, compassion, and love. Decide now to be grateful for the challenges you will encounter in your life and business. See the problems that arise as opportunities for your personal development. Look for these challenges as you go about your day, be grateful when you encounter them, and seek out the gifts awaiting your discovery.

Exercise for Expanding Gratitude and Shifting Your Reactive Nature

  1. List all the things you have decided to be grateful for in your life and business.
  2. In your daily journal, record each time you fail to express gratitude for a challenging situation.
  3. Catch yourself reacting emotionally to what someone says or does and shift your perception in that moment to appreciate the learning experience at hand.
  4. In your daily life and business, who are you not holding as magnificent?
  5. How can you champion their excellence and express gratitude for the opportunity to grow in love and wisdom that they are gifting you instead of reacting with anger, sadness, or fear?
  6. Who are you seeking to control or avoid being controlled by? Will you take on the practice of non-attachment in your relationship with them by creating space for them to be who they are? Do this for 30 days and record in your journal how your interactions with them evolve. Make note of something that you can be grateful for in each situation.


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Put on your ‘Gratitude Glasses’ and start a gratitude journal. Take 5 minutes before bed each night to write down what you are grateful for in that day.  Always be on the lookout for NEW things you are grateful for.

The more you put on your ‘gratitude glasses’ – the more you will discover you are grateful for. And the more you discover, the more appreciation you will have for your life and the world around you.

What are you grateful for right now? About yourself? About someone else? About your body? About your life? About strangers? About the people you love? There is SO much in every moment – pay attention and put on your ‘gratitude glasses’ and the world around you and within you will transform!

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7 Responses to “Are You Acting from Gratitude, Love, and Trust or Doubt and Fear?”

  1. Jim says:

    After suffering a horrible accident in which I fractured my neck and back, I was told that I might never walk again. That was not an option! Instead of giving in to what I was told by the Dr’s, I found hope and gratitude for everything in my life! Every night, lying there, creating my future, my life, and being grateful for everyone in my life who cared about and who loved me. I walked out of that hospital.. ON MY OWN !!!! I’m still not where I’d really truly love to be, but I am still being grateful everyday of my life !!!!! Peace, Love , and Light !! Jim

  2. Cyndee says:

    Thank you. As I read this, I was able to shift my mindset to one of gratitude, and am reminded of how blessed I am.

  3. ISAAC A. FIANKO says:

    Very grateful for this piece of advice in the form of an exercise to undertake. I pray that i should be able to practice to gain from the it. I actually need to expand my Gratitude Glasses and do away with a lot of inner pain, resentments, rancor and negative thoughts. I am strong and healthy and go about my duties with little constraints but somehow life seems to be stagnant. I always have the inner feeling that there are a lot of things ican do to progress in life but they are many a times never done.
    I hope to commit myself to this exercise to clean the mind for more positive thoughts.
    It is well.
    God Richly Bless you for your numerous motivating articles.

    Mr. Fianko

  4. natasha says:

    very good, thank you Natasha

  5. natasha says:

    I am acting from Gratitude, Love and Trust

  6. Walt Jahner says:

    What you have written is something people should read every day and live by it. We all get caught up in our own little world and forget the world around them and how to treat other people as we want to be treated.

  7. Sheila says:

    I like the idea of the gratitude list. Fantastic.

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