Our Attraction Point – Love

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I want to tell you a quick story…

2 years ago, for my birthday, a friend gifted me a reading from a woman named Marybeth Murphy. I have enjoyed having ‘readings’ all my life, and because this woman was recommended by my friend, I knew I was in for something powerful.

It was unlike any reading I had ever had before – on the other end of the phone was a straight forward, positive woman, who I instantly trusted.  She started and within seconds was talking about my guardian angels – and even though I had never explored guardian angels and things of that nature, Marybeth was so grounded that it felt right and I stayed completely open throughout.

Let’s just say that the experience was VERY powerful and since then I have stayed in contact with Marybeth.  She shares my views on Law of Attraction and Manifestation and then takes things a step further and guides you to the Archangel(s) that can powerfully assist you.  I have personally experienced great results with this and have asked Marybeth to join us for the issue this week. I am excited to share her powerful words and gifts with you!

You are extraordinary and I can’t wait to hear from YOU personally – make sure you leave me a comment at www.lawofattractionkey.com – I’m excited to hear what you have to say and love being able to help you along your journey!

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Unconditional love is the thing – for others and for yourself…
Love, absent of condition, is the power of the Universe

Kristen Howe


Our Attraction Point – Love

By Marybeth Murphy

The Law of Attraction states: That which is like unto itself, is drawn – like attracts like. This is the law of the universe and how everything in our world finds us.

The universe is energy which vibrates at different levels or frequencies. We are magnets continually pulling in people, situations and opportunities that are a match to our own vibration. Life circumstances should be applauded since we conceived them. If we are not happy with our reality we can change it which is the wonderful part of being human – the power to create. Our beliefs originate from similar repetitious thoughts and are evident in our physical surroundings. If we believe that life is difficult, then difficulty finds us. If we believe that abundance is everywhere, then money and opportunity abound. If we believe that our life partner is right around the corner; then guess what – here he or she comes. We are manifesting our reality, every second of every day. It can seem at times that our mind spins uncontrollably and our thoughts are thinking us but that is an illusion since two seconds before we have a thought we choose to have it. The way to get control of this rapid fire process is to focus on our feelings.

Feelings tell us what we are thinking. A continuous feeling of anxiety alarms us to recognize a negative thought pattern. Focusing on our feelings helps us tap into our process and begin the creation of a new positive pattern.

This exercise is simple and is started in the present moment…

Find a memory or a physical item that makes you feel happy and concentrate on it until you feel better. Do this each time you realize, through your feelings, you are in a negative thinking space.

This is an ongoing commitment that requires micro managing your thoughts. If done consistently, this re-directing technique will help build positive thoughts, a new belief system and ultimately a happier vibration. You are in control of your own life; it is not left up to anyone else but you.

Read on…

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Marybeth Murphy here

Archangel Ariel facilitates miracles and personifies the love, strength and courage that are in each one of us. She helps us realize our own power so that we can manifest all that we need for our life including money, possessions and prosperity.

Ariel helps us love and in that space we accept responsibility for our own creation as we grow into the understanding of our life path. We enjoy the journey, wherever it takes us and are lifted up by Ariel and our Angels during the difficult moments. Looking back, we see the learning that was received from those hardships and accept the spiritual knowledge that was gained and the patterns that were released.

We receive assistance from Ariel as well in clearing any negative beliefs that hinder our manifestation from finding us. Healing work may be required so that we are free, open and worthy of receiving the gifts that we have requested.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I love that Marybeth encourages you to…

“Find a memory or a physical item that makes you feel happy and concentrate on it until you feel better.”

You have heard me talk about this so many times.  Remember, the Universe doesn’t care how you feel about something; it just cares how you feel.  When you are upset about money, health, your relationship or anything else, don’t try to change how you feel about that specific thing.  To do that, would be fighting an uphill battle.  It is your only job, in those moments, to simply change how you feel.  And to do that, you need to shift your focus to something else.

Trust me, this isn’t avoidance, you will find that when you step away from your negative emotions, and what you are feeling negative about, long enough to actually change how you feel, you get back in the flow.  Solutions to those challenges show up almost as if by magic and your instincts lead you to the right opportunities, people and experiences to transform what you are attracting in to your life.

Your most important focus in every moment is to raise your vibration higher. Laughter is one of the best and fastest ways to do this. Look for reasons to laugh, remember that last time you laughed out loud, and remember it in detail, pull out that funny picture of your kids or animal.  Shift your focus to these things and your vibration will raise – instantly!

“Well Done Kristen! Hard work does pay off!

I really enjoy your emails, they are really informative and I’ve noticed
they can arrive ‘freaky’ exactly when I need them.

Thank you for inspiring me!Kind regards,


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  1. Paulina says:

    Archangel Ariel is one of my favourite Archangels. Whenever I do Reiki healing Ariel is there with me and was the first angel that I saw. I have since seen (with my minds eye) and comunicated with different angels and they arrive to help with different ailments but Ariel is the one allways at my side.

  2. Susan says:

    Enjoyed your article! I can see how useful this will be on a daily basis. Thank you!

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