What FEELS Right? A Whole New Approach

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I’ve been using a whole new approach recently – and I have to tell you, it’s been life-changing.

Let me explain how this all started…

A month or so ago, I was feeling a lull – I was really enjoying the interviews and coaching I was doing, but to be honest, everything else felt like HARD WORK. I mean it, when it came to all of the other stuff I do for my business, my health, my relationships etc. I wanted to do nothing. (Yup, we all go through it.)

So, I stopped fighting it, and gave myself permission to do the minimum until my lull passed.

From that permission, came a whole new approach that turned out to be much more productive and much more fulfilling than what I was doing pre-lull – and I was shocked.

I’m going to share my new approach with you today – at first, it may seem crazy, it may seem like it will open the door to procrastination, it may seem that it will only leave you scattered – and all I’m going to ask you to do is TRY IT – trust me, I’m the most surprised one in the room – but this new approach really works – and, even better, it feels better and completely shifted me out of my lull and into a new, refreshed and invigorated phase. I can’t wait for you to give it a go and let me know how different your life becomes.

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“The question is never a matter of what you think is right — whether we realize it or not — the question is always a matter of what FEELS right.

Kristen Howe


What FEELS Right? A Whole New Approach

By Kristen Howe

Before I tell you my new approach, we need to talk about something important that is the cause for so many, well-meaning, highly motivated, amazing people getting off track and derailed.

What is it?

When You Hit the Wall

Here’s the deal – we ALL hit the wall at one point or another. Let me give you some examples of what I mean when I say ‘Hit the Wall’.

You Know You’ve Hit the Wall When SUDDENLY…

  • You lose motivation where you used to be fired up.
  • Action that used to feel effortless, suddenly feels like it will take forever and be hard.
  • Your physical energy drops and you have small bursts of energy with long periods of fatigue.
  • You are still interested in things in concept, but taking action on furthering those interests feels like too much and doesn’t hold your attention.
  • When you socialize, you don’t feel like you have anything interesting to share and would much rather sit and listen to everyone else talk about their lives.
  • The burden of all the things you ‘should’ do feels heavier and heavier, and the more of those things you do, the more of those things it seems there are to do.

Notice, I said you’ve hit the wall when any of these things SUDDENLY happen. When, seemingly out of nowhere and without a specific event or incident causing it, there is a dramatic shift from being engaged and charged up about your life to feeling disengaged. It’ when you suddenly feel you lose your MOJO, but you know within you, it will come back.

So, what does it mean?

When you hit the wall, it means 3 things…

  1. You’re human.
  2. You need to refuel.
  3. You need to pay attention to what ‘feels’ right instead of what ‘thinks’ right.

What do I do when I hit the wall?

Let’s talk about the first two things first!

  1. Love yourself for being human, acknowledge that you’ve ‘hit the wall’ and let go of any desire to judge yourself for it.When you ‘hit the wall’ it doesn’t mean you are terrible or lazy or that anything you have been working toward is now a lost cause. It just means you got a little burned out and off track. Let it go and love yourself for being human – in doing so, you make the ‘wall’ much more temporary!
  2. Refuel!Whatever refueling is to you, do it – and do it NOW! If it means taking a day or an extra hour in bed, do it.If it means sitting by the ocean and just staring at the surf – do it!If it means taking a walk in nature – do it.Whatever it is for YOU – do it!When it comes to refueling, there are 2 things that matter –
    1. Refuel YOU ONLY (resist the temptation to make this something about anyone other than you – it is ONLY about you.)
    2. Free yourself from having to be productive or engaged in anything other than your refuel.

    Now you are ready for the WHOLE NEW APPROACH I promised you…

Read on…

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The Whole New Approach

Pay attention to what ‘feels’ right instead of what ‘thinks’ right.

This, my friends, is the whole new approach I was telling you about. And it’s as simple as this…

I get out of my head and into my emotions.  I let go of what I feel like I should do, and follow what feels ‘easy’ at the moment. Now, do I have certain things that have deadlines? Yes, of course I do, BUT with this whole new approach, I work on them when it feels easy to work on them. And, when it stops feeling easy, I ask myself, “Ok, with the things that are the musts for me, what feels easy and natural now?” And then I shift to work on that.

Please understand – feeling easy doesn’t mean it isn’t intensive and focused work, it just means that I don’t have resistance to it at that moment.

Let me give you an example –

One morning during my ‘Hit the wall’ phase, I woke up and walked to my computer – I knew 3 things needed to happen that day – they were:

– Write a speech for an upcoming event I was being featured in.
– Clear off my patio for the new fence that was being put in.
– Do some research on an expert I am interviewing for my next Manifest Everything Now Series.

Normally, I would put these 3 things in order of priority and then I would schedule them. But normally is NOT when I am in my wall phase, and that just felt difficult. So this is what I did instead…

I asked myself, “Which of these things feels easy to act on right now – not to start and finish, just to start?” And the answer that came clearly to me was “Do some research for the Manifest Interview.” And that’s what I did – I started by downloading their product and started reading through their materials.  It felt easy and I was definitely taking it all in. THEN suddenly, I noticed I was starting to resist – my mind was wandering and it started feeling hard.

So I asked myself, “What feels right, right now?”

And the answer that came back was, “Take a break.”

So I did, I walked out on my patio to get a little sunlight. As I stood there watching a hummingbird, I noticed that I was (without realizing it) mapping out where I was going to stack the patio furniture for the fence replacement.  And it hit me – doing that feels easy right now, so I did.  And it felt great! Sometimes a little physical work to break up the mental work is just the thing.  I had initially thought clearing the patio would take at least an hour, but to my shock, I was done in 20 minutes AND I felt great because it felt easy.  As I was walking back inside to wash my hands, I thought, “Wow, this whole approach is really powerful, I definitely need to share this with people.” And then I realized, it was the perfect subject for the speech I needed to write.  The ideas for the speech started flowing to me, so I sat down to write – because it FELT easy.  It took my about half the time it normally takes to write a speech and I was really excited by it because it was flowing so easily.  I finished and thought, “Okay, now it feels easy to do a little more research for my Manifest call.” When I returned to do the research, I realized that I actually had done all the research I needed and had a great grasp of what this expert was about.  THAT’S why I had started to resist it earlier – I had done what I needed to do, but for some reason I ‘thought’ I needed to do more – when I looked at it again from how I felt, I realized there was nothing more for me to do.

From that day on, I lived my days just like that.  And each day I was amazed at how much more I was getting done, how much faster I was getting stuff done and how much more fulfilled I was when I was doing it.  And within 3 days, I realized, I was past the wall.

Try this while new approach when you find you’ve hit the wall (or anytime at all) – you’ll be amazed – just like I was!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
With this whole new approach, it’s important to realize that at some point everything actually feels easy. The key is finding WHEN it feels easy, when the moment strikes and that is when you do it! So here’s my tip…

If something NEVER feels easy you may need to break it down into smaller steps – or uncover and release the limiting beliefs connected to it.

Try breaking it down into smaller, bite sized pieces – that will free you up to feel when it ‘feels easy and natural to take action.’

“Hi Kristen,

I’ve just come out of a relaxing dip in the pool, where your fountain of wisdom kept flowing through my veins and pumped my energy to max.

Thank you filled with a tank of gratitude.

Warm wishes,

11 Responses to “What FEELS Right? A Whole New Approach”

  1. tal says:

    hi Kristen-

    thank you so much for this article.
    it’s a great reminder for me, not to “bang my head against the wall”, but rather- listen to the natural flow of life, to the gentle guidance of the Creator, to my inner voice,
    and so the actions are always lighter, easier and more effective.

    thanks so much.

  2. Jennifer Beatty says:

    Dear Kristen

    Thanks for the messages. You sound pumped up. That is a Good Sign. We all need that. It is feeling encouraged. Well I was starting to get directed like this 2004. I was so Happy! God came along and just Picked Me Up! I became Healthy and so life as it was. GOOD.It became obvious how He was directing my path. He had done so for Years since I became a Christian but through my own bad decisions, the path was less good.
    I believe that this Good God has this path for everyone and they just need to discover it.
    May God blow your mind today and give you All the Love He has for you.
    He ALWAYS loves us even if we aren’t aware because of depression or a wron notion about Him or ourselves. Christ can live in us which makes us truly children Of God!

    Blessings Kirsten, Jennifer Beatty blessed. Please Share this
    We are Counting on You!! You are Magnificent Kristen

  3. Elizabeth says:

    hi Kristen

    thank you for your article…it made me realise that this is how I have been operating for quite sometime now in my approach towards my life and the things I want and do in my life…I noticed that I tend to go with what feels right to me at that given time…and when I follow this approach things seem to flow and feel easy or easier and more natural…and also enjoyable…effortless is one way I would describe it…I have also noticed that when I take this approach in time I’m always shown that it was the right way to go…it always confirms itself to me…I must say though and this may sound like a contradiction…but sometimes I instinctively know what the right thing is to do…but taking that initial action towards it may be a bit difficult or hard even…but once its done it feels so right…for example breaking off a long term friendship that has become unproductive or no longer serves me in a postive way…at first its hard…but in the end it feels so right…

  4. Elena says:

    Kristen, this article is exactly what I needed!! Thank you so much!! I gave myself a full afternoon of doing absolutely nothing – I took a long nap, and then just sat looking through the window at the trees outside my room. The best part is that I don’t feel guilty, and am getting ready to start a productive day tomorrow!!!
    Thanks for the insight!!

  5. Shan says:

    Great article and very true. I find myself battling my head trying to figure out the right solution…but I find the solution comes to me when I let go of TRYING to THINK it through.

    Another thought on getting past the wall…positive affirmations!!!! Reminding myself of all the good and things I am grateful for.

    Thanks Kristen!


  6. Lena Larsson says:

    I just listen to What My body and intuition tells me. One great thing to do is to have one Day in the WEEK free from the Internet.

  7. Norman Damatac says:

    I did that this week. I need to finish some paintings to be exported there in the U.S. this coming Saturday. I was loosing my concentration and I was not in my mood. Instead, I signed up for a webinar last Wednesday and didn’t report for work. After the webinar, I felt so relaxed and easy. Today, Thursday, I’m done with my work in just four hours with no retouch.

    I really believe that we need sometime to connect within. More power to Kristen. Your a big help to us. Love ‘ya!

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