Are you wasting this commodity?

Most of us are wasting time…


Because we aren’t choosing what to do with our time…

We are filling it up with the things “We have to do” or are pleasing the people that “Call the shots”…

Let me ask you this…

How often do you find yourself thinking that you

  • Are wasting time
  • Don’t know where the time went
  • Just had more time

or anything else like this?

Most people have an unhealthy attitude toward time which is too bad because it is the one commodity we all have the same amount of each day.

Here’s the deal…

You may think you are choosing how you spend your time, but I can almost guarantee you that you are lying to yourself.

Harsh right?


But it’s true!

Most people have a negative connection with time…

  • They constantly feel like they are catching up
  • That they don’t have enough time
  • That if they just had more time their lives would be drastically different

WRONG!  Just like with money, negative connections will cost you dearly!

If you have an unhealthy attitude toward time it won’t matter how much extra time I can help you find; it still won’t be enough or make you happy (and I can guarantee I can help you find AT LEAST 5 extra hours per week).

So how do we change the negative connection with time?

I hinted at it before…

You have to start to ACTIVELY CHOOSE how you are spending your time!

To be honest, you will often end up doing many of the same things you did before, but the shift to you choosing to do it as opposed to it demanding to be done will make ALL the difference in the world.

We’ll go into this in more detail because I know a lot of you are struggling with time and time management…

Let’s start with this…

I want you to answer this question:

“How do I feel about time?”

Write down 3 sentences that tell me how you feel about time and post it here as a comment…

We have to start here and THEN we can move to the next step!

Do it now…

Later is an excuse…

3 Sentences on how you feel about time — good or bad — do it!

I know I’m being extra strong about this but seriously, this is YOUR TIME and if you want your life to change we have to start here!

I’ll look for your comments!

Go Big!


27 Responses to “Are you wasting this commodity?”

  1. Anne Robertson says:

    Timedoesn’t really exist. It is an artificial construct created by Man. There is no such thing as the past or the future, all we have is the eternal now, so we really have all the time there is to do what we need to do.

  2. Segabane N Latimer says:

    – to all 24 hrs are given
    – well thought out goals are neccessary
    – decision to implement the goals is paramount

  3. Justene says:

    I feel like I am running out of time
    I don’t use the time I have.
    A lot of my time is spent doing things I don’t really want to do.

  4. Peter says:

    1. I cannot manage time, I can manage how I use my time
    2. time won’t wait for me to be ready
    3. it is up to e to decide how I use my time

  5. kay says:

    how do i feel about time
    1) I am an eternal being, so time is infinite.
    2) Then why do I feel like I am wasting time not being able to rise above my inadequacies
    3) I have time. I want to learn to use time to move forward, but am somehow stuck in some murky void.

  6. Jeff Snitker says:

    1. Time is slipping away and I have soo many goals to work on!
    2. I don’t like to go to a crappy job
    that steals hours out of my day.
    3. I worry about aging and feeling less energetic and more broken down every year

  7. Velda says:

    1. Time can be a hinderance to achieving goals.
    2. Time is a method used to control others.
    3. I control time, time does not control me.

  8. Linda Ralph says:

    -I love the hours in a day
    -Everything comes at once, all needs doing at the same time.
    -Time is passing by, and I want to find my passion.

  9. Crisologo says:


    1) It seems I’m not conscious how I manage my time.
    2) I can’t control my time
    3) If I can manage my time properly, I’m sure I’ll progress.

  10. alice says:

    1- I wasted so much time in my past, I am always going to be behind people who are my age (family, career, money wise).
    2-For that same reason I am always finding ways of “shortening” the time to do things, but often waste even more time trying to do that. So I have to start all over again, accepting the idea that “it takes time” to build things with strong foundations.
    3- The above, could be referred to my job. I don’t want to waste time any longer doing work that doesn’t fulfill me. Yet I can’t imagine spending too much time “growing” in my ideal field. “I am too old”, I think. And so I stay in a job that robs me of my precious time.


  11. Paula says:

    1. I feel hurried, because I want to do so many things in the time I have.
    2. I feel different about different “time-zones” of the day: fine but time is going fast in the mornings, then after lunch somewhat bored, then 16.00-18.30 time is going to fast and feeling out of control, then dinner and feeling tired, wanting to rest / sleep
    3. I feel time is working against me

  12. Tahera says:

    1- I just dont know how to manage time i start something and am never able to finish it and leave it half way through
    2- I wanna do sooooooo many things and always think i will do it tomorrow donno why????and my tomorrow never comes
    3- if someone stops me from doing something i really want i feel demotivted and dont feel like continuing anymore even if i have time..i set targets follow for 2 days and the third day i feel i have many things to do and there is no time i really dont know wht is the problem…..

  13. olga says:

    Time is precious when you use it wisely

    Time should not be wasted

    My time is my time and I don’t let anyone to take it away from me

  14. 1. I feel as if time is passing me by at a high rate of speed.
    2. No matter how much I plan my time, I still never seem to get done.
    3. I need more time in my day to acomplish my daily goals; let alone any other goals I might have.

  15. Cindy says:

    1. I am obsessed with time.
    2. I am always early and detest being late.
    3. I feel that if I get out of bed any later than 7am that I have wasted my day.

  16. ken says:

    Time is of the Essence.
    I feel that is a commodity.
    I feel i waste hours analyzing and procrastinating my to do lists.
    I have recently sprung back into ACTION!!!!!

  17. Frits says:

    1. Time goes so fast
    2. I have not enough time
    3. I often spend more time for an object than I thought.

  18. Cat says:

    – Time is flying
    – Time is a material. I choose how to create life with it
    – Time can be very generous when I am grateful to it

  19. Ivan says:

    Time is tie every day, espend to many hrs on the job, too many thing todo todo.

  20. Anita says:

    I feel time is pecious.
    I need to be able to prioritise time better.
    I think slowly and seem to need more time than most.

  21. tracy says:

    for me, i feel like i’m a hamster, pedaling away, trying to get somewhere, but never enough time to do all i want.

    i lose focus and lose track of time. hours pass and i think, what the heck was i doing? what did i get done?

  22. Rosemary says:

    * Too many days go by, and it’s time to pay my bills again with no money.
    * I love what I do, but what have I to show for the time I spend doing it?
    * If I spent my time more wisely, maybe money would again begin to flow into my life.

  23. Lallie says:

    To be honest I wwas the worlds best procrastinator. recently I have learn\’t self-love and seem to be coping much better.As for time and me it is never enough, but I am trying and seem to be winning the pre-schoolers race.

  24. Timothy says:

    ….Priorities…break \’em down..what is truly Important…Even making excuses sometimes can be a habit…I agree with every thing gets done in the NOW…so start writing your future with a choice YOU make RIGHT NOW….\’;o)

  25. bart van hoeck says:

    mainly i’ll be not really choosing what to do most of the time i just do something as like going out or see a movie.Only not to fall completely in seculsion. And see time pass by without really doing anything so beeing spontanious does have it perks.

  26. Marie says:

    Kristen, I agree that a person can get caught in the “have to’s” like volunteering for the many organizations needing help and neglect our own lives. However, sometimes making peace and doing things for those we live with is the best solution. i.e. at this time of year, there’s a lot of yard work to do — plants brought in, garden dug up, trees watered, rake up tons of leaves from neighbors’ trees, etc. Not everyone likes to do this, but we “have to”.

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