WAKE UP and Create Something

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to coast through life with joy, ease and abundance while other people struggle endlessly?

If you are one of the people struggling, is there a way to shift to the other side and actually live a life of joy, ease and abundance?  There is a way, and I’ve asked Bob Doyle to help you do just that and create the life of your dreams!

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“What you focus on outside you is a
reflection of 
what is within you –
you have the true power of creation
at your fingertips, use it wisely!

Kristen Howe

WAKE UP and Create Something

By Bob Doyle

It’s time for the “mainstream” to WAKE UP. The alarm clock is ringing, they keep hitting snooze, and in the meantime, the life they could be living is passing them by.

Day after day, millions of people go through their lives wishing and hoping and dreaming that things could be better, with absolutely no knowledge that it is they themselves that perpetuate their own dissatisfaction.

It is not the “gifted few” who create their realities. It’s not just for those in the metaphysical community. It is all of us. Every single one. However, there are a few who have awakened to this knowledge, and make creating their reality a daily event…manifesting whatever it is they want in their life with seemingly no effort!

Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on in wonder and disbelief. They assume that these “fortunate few” are among the cosmically lucky.

To be honest, the whole thing generates some anger in me. The problem is that we are “dumbed down” by society throughout our whole lives under the pretense that we are actually being intellectualized. The “scholarly” tell us that metaphysical topics like reality creation are pure fantasy. Science insists on measurable evidence of everything before it will acknowledge such claims as fact.

However, it’s really not that difficult to comprehend. Even the most skeptical people should be able to grasp a few simple concepts like:

  • Everything in the Universe is composed of Energy, including you and me. Even our thoughts are Energy.
  • Through Energy, everything in the Universe is connected.
  • The Universe creates without effort, and in abundance. Just look around you. Trees, rocks, air, planets, etc. all were created without stress, effort, or over-analyzation. The Force you choose to believe initiated the creative process doesn’t matter. They are all there and were created effortlessly.
  • You ARE a part of the Universe and through the power of thought, have the same creative power that manifests everything you see. The only thing that limits your potential is your own belief system!

Everything that occurs in your life is interpreted BY YOU. You add the meaning, you add the emotional response, you add EVERYTHING. It is your thoughts that literally take the energy “data” and transpose it into your reality. What you consider “real” is nothing more than an agreement that you’ve made with yourself (and no doubt many others in some cases).

This is how our reality has been shaped. This is how we have learned what is possible, and what is impossible. We learned it from OTHER PEOPLE. The problem is, these other people (family and friends perhaps?) have their OWN limiting belief systems which they ALSO consider “real”.

So human limitations spread like a virus, and we don’t even realize what’s happening.

As discouraging as this is, many of us ARE waking up. I personally feel it my sacred duty to shake people out of this “intellectual trance” that limits them and show them what is truly possible.

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So what IS the difference between those who cruise through life in a seemingly perpetual state of bliss, with everything they want coming to them with no effort, and the rest of the population working at jobs they hate for the sake of doing the “responsible” thing, hoping that SOME DAY they can live the lives they hope for?

The difference is that these people know their purpose, know WHY they absolutely HAVE to fulfill that purpose, and commit themselves to never stopping until they realize their dream.

They may or may not have thrown the accepted definition of “responsibility” out the window. The only thing that matters ultimately is that they now live lives they love, following their passions.

You see it is our PASSIONS in life that tell us precisely what we are to do. When we follow our passions, our life lights up. We give off incredibly powerful energy which attracts our desires to us. That means people, money, objects, careers…whatever we want that is in line with our purpose. The Universe WANTS to provide those things we want most. It is only our own limiting belief systems that stop fulfillment from occurring.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
What are you passionate about? If you are struggling to come up with the answer, ask yourself this question…

“If money were no object, if I had all the time in the world, if all of my needs were met, what are 3 things I would want to spend time and energy doing?”

So often we disconnect from what we are passionate about because we don’t think we have the time, energy or money to spend on them.  Your passions will bring you more of the resources you long for. Your passions make your heart sing!

“Hi, Kristen!
Thank you very much for your report. It is very accurate, precise and crisp. 
I’m doing the exercises you suggest. Once again thank you for sharing such a wonderful report to the Universe.
With all my Gratitude, Love n Respect,

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