Do you stick to your guns?

During my Broadway days in NYC I also trained dogs for a while and there is something so important that can be learned from training dogs and that is sticking with your guns…


Stay with me and I’ll explain…

One of the dogs I trained was a jack Russel Terrier –WOW they are smart dogs–some people say they are too smart and too hard to train…

I disagree…

If you stick to your guns and follow through and make sure they follow your command when you give it to them (no matter how stubborn they are) then eventually they become the best trained dogs you can find.

For example, this one couple who had the Jack Russel would have me work with him and then I would work with them and him…


Because in reality I was training them…

This is how it would go…

I would have him sit using a simple arm gesture and command…

The wife would have him sit with the same arm gesture and command…

The husband would try to have him sit with a similar arm gesture and command and then would give up after 3 tries…


If you tell a dog to sit and you really want the dog to know that when you say sit you mean it…


Here’s the deal…

At first they won’t want to and they will try to out stubborn you BUT you MUST PERSIST…

I don’t care if you have to stand there for an hour until the dog sits BUT you can’t let him go until he does.

Here’s another example…

I was in the grocery store the other day and this is the conversation I heard between a mother and little girl:

Little Girl: Mommy I want a candy bar

Mother: Sorry honey, not today

Little Girl: Why?

Mother: Because we’re about to go home and have dinner.

Little Girl: Please!

Mother: No honey, not tonight, some other time.

Little Girl: But I want it!

Mother: You’re about to have dinner.

Little Girl: I WANT IT!

Mother (embarrased because people are looking): Ok, but just this once…

Just this once huh? I don’t think so, that mother is in for a lifetime of candy bars before dinner…

And believe me, I completely understand…her daughter wore her down and brilliantly did it in front of strangers…who wouldn’t give in just to get out of there right?  Seriously, I GET IT!

What’s my point?

Here you go…

You are the Dog AND the Owner

You are the Child AND the Mother

Your conscious mind decides it wants something and gives your subsconscious mind a command to get it…then the outer world strikes and puts up an obstacle or sends out a diversion and your outer mind abandons the original command and changes it.

In other words…

You know what you want out of life and you tell yourself you are going to get it but the second something comes up to indicate that you may not be able to get it you give in or give up and call it a pipe dream and accept whatever ‘SEEMS’ to be true…

We’ve all done it…I know I have…

It’s time for that to end!

CAUTION: I’m not telling you to force things or force action BUT I am telling you not to give up!

Letting go of the specifics will help…

By that I mean don’t attach to how you will make a million dollars or who your perfect mate is or how you’ll get the financing to buy your dream house…

  • Know what you want
  • Know it’s possible
  • Know that roadblocks will show up to indicate it ISN’T possible
  • and then STICK TO YOUR GUNS and believe that you can have what you want and then…

Ask yourself this question…

“Even though I have run into a roadblock, what I step can I take right now to move toward what I desire?”

Please, I beg you…stop giving up on your dream every time someone or something tells you it can’t happen…

Like I said, you have to let go of how it will happen or who it will happen with because it may come to you in a way you never imagined but keep believing that you can create your life…

Leave me a comment and tell me the dream that you will now commit to believing in no matter what!

Be brave and…

Go Big!


33 Responses to “Do you stick to your guns?”

  1. Crisologo says:

    yes, my weakness is I’m easily discouraged, if I can’t meet my deadline I stop my work. That’s my roadblock.

    I want to to succeed with my life, so I’m forcing myself to fight back with this negative feelings within me.


  2. Dorothy says:

    This is so true with me. I’m gung ho until the 3rd roadblock pops up (it used to happen with the first) but now I am totally committed to becoming the person I know I can be and want to be. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Imatch says:

    i am trying my best to make my wish come true with LOA but did find myself doubting if it will come true as it is taking time….yet i am sticking my guns & waiting for it to come true sooner… i right here? please advice.

    • Kristen says:

      I’m sure you’ve heard this analogy before, but when you plant a seed do you dig it up every day to see if it’s growing?

      Who do you need to be to have the life you desire?

      Let me know!

      Go Big!

  4. Ryan says:

    I know what it is that I want, but it is like you said, I get close than I get blindsided by something. This has been a frequent occurance in my life. I t only takes so much before you believe in failure. I understand it is a test by the universe to see if I am ready for something more but it is hard to get past the initial thoughts of maybe its just not meant to be.

    • Kristen says:

      If it is meant to be…what kind of person do you need to be? How would you need to handle obstacles? How would you have to live differently and choose differently?

      Let me know your answers!

      Go Big!

  5. kannan says:


    My dream is to have a fulltime job in u.s and happily settle down with my family.I will stick to this no matter what.


  6. Robert Walker says:

    i will become a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rosemary says:


    I don’t give up, but the lack of flow of money into my life (at least, seemingly not enough money) despite my continued efforts, is becoming more and more frightening. My bills are due NOW. My clients depend on me NOW. My houses needed to sell NOW. My building needs to get leased NOW. My financial partner and I need to get financial relief NOW. My husband, for whom I am so grateful and on whom I depend for emotional support, needs relief from the fear of loss NOW.

    What do I want? How’s paying off my building, my house and actually drawing a $10,000 a month salary for start? I deserve it. I’m more than valuable enough to earn it. It is true NOW.

    Stick to it? I don’t know any other way.


  8. Ivan says:

    Hi, Iam keeping fallow you on evereting, and also I have my vision boart that I worck on it every day, hoping one day my dream come thru.

  9. Hi Kristen,
    Am mailing from Nigeria. Being a boss of of my own is my greatest dream. Am now an unemployed graduate. Internet business is what I have have been following and pursing for over a year. But my greatest constraint is the mode is rerceiving my payment. The most accepted payment which is paypal do not allow sign up from Nigeria, what do i do. I have gotten a lot of opportunities but how to receive my payment still is a problem.
    what do you think i should do. Thanks

  10. olga says:

    Hello Kristen,

    Very good article, I believe it 100%, I still have not given up. I know that something big is going to happen in my life now. Keep up your good work

  11. dawlat says:

    yes yes you are right its our fult not geting what we want when i insest to have some thing or do i get it when there is no douting in what i want and bleeve in what i want its soooo much easy for me

  12. Anthony says:

    Hello, Kristen.

    I’ve read your report and occasionally read your emails. I am glad that I read this one.

    I normally never do ‘blogs’ or post comments, but I felt compelled to do so this morning.

    I read ‘The Secret’ at the beginning of this year. It opened my eyes and awareness to the law of attraction.

    I began studying the book and watching the movie on a daily basis. I also started taking the message to heart and began following the practices outlined in the book.

    I recently became a student of Dr. Robert Anthony and The Secret to Deliberate Creation. This has definitely opened me up to see life in a new light.

    What I’ve been struggling with is attracting more cashflow. I began a new position with a company that is basically like my dream job and they promised me the world.

    But things are moving a lot slower than anticipated and I’ve been beginning to question whether or not I am in the right place.

    I’ve had a tough life. The type of life that would leave most people down for the count. However, I have overcome numerous challenges and actually made something out of myself, despite my circumstances.

    Thank you for telling me to stick to my guns. This is fabulous advice.

    Thank you again.

  13. nitesh says:

    hello i am Nitesh, i am 19 year old… my dream is to become a multi-billionaire znd i have started workin on it. i am going to open a cafe this december – 10 december target is 50,000 rs a day ! and a wopping 1500000 per month. i am confident that ill get it, i got it. thanks kristen

  14. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, I think the dog training idea is a great analogy. I also like the way you say that we have to be both the kid in the candy shop AND the harassed mother. I like it, but it’s not an easy act to accomplish.
    Personally, I am committed to attracting my ideal mate but I also have someone in my mind. Hmmm!

  15. Michelle says:

    I would like to meet the man of my dreams

  16. I give you a simple: yes, I most definitely do “stick to my guns” no matter what, I live to my own drummer. Later Kristen.

    Go big!

    Joshua Clayton.

  17. Lallie says:

    Hi Kristen
    I dream of taking my family on an overseas holiday next year.The only problem I have now is that with all the natural disasters in the east I want to change my destination to America especially DISNEYLAND , that’s my dream is it okay to change the destination, I still want to go overseas.

  18. David says:

    I will have my own megayacht, and travel the world and explore different cultures, see the 7 wonders, also give back to those in need, pay it forward persay. You can never go wrong helping and giving to others, and this is not necessary monetary, giving of ones time, talents, being a good listener, a friend, all have values.Whatever the mind can perceive it can attract and achieve, the problem is to clean out the negative thoughts immediately and relace them with positive, uplifting happy ones instead. A good example from the scriptures is when one wanted a meeting with the king for example Queen Esther, if the king lifted his sceptre then the subject was permitted to a royal visit with the king, if not then they even the queen would have to wait for permission. We are the King on the throne, and we have the power to let good in or simply reject it no more no less. It is always our decision.The difficulty is to reject the negative and replace it immediately with what we do desire
    Blessings to all…….. DJ

  19. Betty says:

    This is great timing. Just today I realized that is my problem, giving up. When I was driving home from the store this morning, I decided I would not give up on my intention. I am not going for the millions right now, one small step at a time and no giving up. Perfect1

  20. Abdul Wahab says:

    Disiciplining your mind so that it is focused on your goals is crucial to your success. If your mind is not trained to focus on and achieve your goals then you really have no chance at success. Your mind is a direct link to your subconscious mind, if your mind is focused on your goals and is trained to achieve those goals then your subconscious mind will also be focused on these goals and will attract the situations and opportunities for you to achieve the success you want.

  21. kay says:

    Thanks Kristen,
    This is the dream that I will commit to no matter what.
    To be aware, always, no matter what occurs in my life or what I witness in this life, that every life event, without exception — is part of The One Source
    1 Source for everything — good and bad.
    To completely trust in divine timing with no accidents — life will feel safe to me no matter what.
    To understand that every experience is drawn to me, without exception, as an opportunity for me to demonstrate mastery of life.
    To ultimately never judge myself or another as right, bad, good, or wrong, or as anything other than an expression of The One Source.
    It is my dream and goal to find alignment with my higher self — to shift from living as a fearful human being, into oneness with all that is.

  22. bart van hoeck says:

    as kids we always got what we wanted cause we still knew how to get it.But at some point we are taught diffirently and grew up believing what other tell us to believe, and still i hear people try to make me believe i don’t deserve better life then i’m living now.
    Even to know there many things i’m greatfull for but everyone deserves a better more abundent life. Everyone has a dream and a goal they want to see coming true,and these people whom dare to dream will get looked at as beeing unrealistic or daydreamers only to take an example Thomas Edison when telling the world he’ll invent the light bulb people will have laughed aswell untill he did…….
    Even my confindence tends to lower itself but i have to keep telling myself they are wrong and i’m right about sticking to my wishes and to keep following my dreams….
    SO i started to look everywhere and look up as much infromation that there is and i DID not realise there SO much infromation and SO many people out there whom have been reaching out to those whom want to teach you what they know and have acomplished so these people are in someway a role model to look up to and to keep telling yourself keep on going.
    But as said there’s alot of people whom will start to react diffirently some will try to debunk you with there limited mind and limited vision but i have to keep going if i don’t make any leap of faith in myself then what will become of me months or even next year?
    TO align with your higherself is in todays world better kept to yourself untill the changes/shift’s really have taken shape and are unstoppebable cause the taken another course into the direction you want to.
    So for me there still alot that i’m asking about and still sometimes it can get you down and then you have to start allover again.The reason to keep on going is eveyday i wake up in the morning at 0600 arrving at work and only after every weekend waiting for the next weekend. The money is slim not something that will be giving me the option to when i get married that i can give her a dreamwedding and support her & the childeren to the fullest.
    it will take big amount and these days some still try to make you believe there’s not enough when there is………..


  23. Tracy says:

    My dream is for $10,000. I have to start with an amount that is greater than I am comfortable with, but not so large that my inner beliefs negate it. And, I never worry about the how because I don\’t care how it comes as long as it does, lol.

  24. Linda Ralph says:

    Thank you stories reinforce what we know already but have let go and taken on what is reinforced more, such as others news, media,the sad stories that sell. Yes we are all reasponsible for our choices and that knowledge alone can be the power we need in our life.

  25. Tamara says:

    Thanks for the encouragement of sticking to my guns when people around me think my situation with my husband is hopeless..I will not give up on our marriage no matter what it takes to sort out the negative and destructive habits that got us into such a mess..there is always a way through and I will find it and reunite with my husband.

  26. Martin says:

    Great article. Gripping till the end. I am doing an exercise, a programme that involves anchoring a target/goal/desire and one is required to write out the target 100 times like you did at school! What an exercise. But talk about sticking to your guns. It gets embeded in your subconscious. Talk about powerful effect.
    Just today I needed some money to meet some commitments and I recalled my target – basically, I had accomplished having large sums of money before so I could repeat the experience for a larger amount ‘for the highest good of me and all concerned’. Can you believe that someone just handed me an envelope for $5000. All I could do was thank my higher self for producing this cash which was totally unexpected and talk about badly needed. Thanks again for your article.

  27. Kaye says:

    Thanks for the reminder to stick with it, Kristen! My goal is to be prosperous – to “get money, as an issue, out of the way” (a phrase I borrowed from my network marketing days 🙂 I will tell you my dreams as affirmations: I am a prolific writer, phenomenal public speaker, an innovative youth mentor – transforming lives and educational systems, an accomplished author, a loving wife, mother and beloved grandmother, great grandmother and great, great, great: I am all that God Intended for me to be. I have and do everything that I choose, with Excellence. I am joyful, happy, healthy and thankful. My life is Bliss!

    Thanks again, for reminding me to stick to this! It seems that when one makes the decision to go for ones dreams, the darkness creeps in constantly, challenging things. I will not let the darkness overreach me again! Not this year. Not in 2010.
    K. Gabrielle

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