5 extra hours…

What would you do with 5 extra hours a week?

Don’t just think about it…

Write down 5 things you would do with 5 extra hours a week…

Your 5 things can be anything from relaxing to going to the bank — the point isn’t what you write, the point is that so many of us are constantly struggling with needing more time or needing to maximize time and I want to know why…

So, what would you do?

What are your 5 things?

Here’s are a few more questions for you to answer…

  • Why are these the top 5 things you would choose to do if you had 5 extra hours a week?
  • What would 5 extra hours a week mean to you?
  • Why?

5 extra hours might not seem like a lot, but really imagine it — imagine having those 5 extra hours — what IMMEDIATE difference would that make to your life?

We’ve already identified the associations you have with time, NOW we need to know WHY it is so important for you to maximize your time…

Leave a comment right now with the answers to the questions in this post — this is unbelievably important!

Go Big!


25 Responses to “5 extra hours…”

  1. beverly says:

    if only i have five extratime i want to go for aerobics exxercise or swimming with my boyfreind

  2. Anne Robertson says:

    Write 20 more pages of my novel
    Do an extra Pilates Class
    Cook an extra meal tostore for week-end
    Walk for another hour
    Simply rest for an extra hour each week day

  3. Sean says:

    So, what would you do?

    Play/Compose Music (by myself and/or with others)
    Record Music
    Video People, Places and Their stories.
    Relax with by myself and/or friends.
    Learn more music and/or something new.

    Why are these the top 5 things you would choose to do if you had 5 extra hours a week?

    These are all things I enjoy doing.

    What would 5 extra hours mean?

    It would give me The Freedom to do more of what I want to!


    I will be able to enjoy life even more!

    Keep Dreamin’


  4. Sean says:

    What are your 5 things?

    o Play/Compose Music.
    o Record Music.
    o Video People, Places and Their Stories.
    o Relax by myself and/or with friends.
    o Learn Music and/or something new.

    Why are these the top 5 things you would choose to do if you had 5 extra hours a week?

    These are things I enjoy doing.

    What would 5 extra hours a week mean to you?

    It would give me freedom to do what I want with my life and create for me a wealthy life.


    I will be able to enjoy life even more!

    Keep Dreamin’


  5. Martin says:

    I live my life in a way that I do not feel pressured to ‘need extra time’. I wake up early and go walking for 1 hour every weekday. As far as I am concerned God does not play favourites he gave everyone exactly 24 hours each day and it is up to us how we use this time. If my circumstances changed to allow a free hour every week day, I would meditate or read with the extra time.

  6. keith says:

    Rest, Visualize pray and meditate.exercise,work,go fishing,go fishing

  7. Gotcha. I have enough time and mind.


  8. Bhaawanaa Nambiearr says:

    With the extra 5 hours I would go use those hours for my physical regime, dance and acting classes, meet my parents on a daily basis and write poetry n stories.

  9. Seema says:

    I would
    – Read more
    – Spend time thinking about and visualizing my goals
    – Clean out my home
    – Spend time with friends/family
    – Spend time relaxing

    5 exttra hours may be the difference between me achieving my goals and me wanting to achieve them.

    • Kristen says:

      Great answer…I want you to find just 20 minutes this week to spend on 1 of the things on your list…make it a MUST and do it!

  10. Naomi says:

    I would work on getting my song list together and creating a two hour \\\\"act\\\\" to earn more money…I\\\\\\\’m a VERY good singer..:-)

  11. Paula says:

    I would do more of the things I like to do, like studying to optimize my work, to better understand the Law of Attraction and my creative powers
    I would do the things I do in a more relaxed way – without hurry

  12. Lallie says:

    What would five extra hours mean for me:
    -more time on the LOA website.
    -more time to read
    -can complete my assignments and marking
    -learn to meditate

  13. tracy says:

    With 5 extra hours i would:

    – spend more time with my husband
    – clean my home
    – make more jewelry to sell
    – read
    – read more

  14. Ivan says:

    Whith 5 extra hrs I,will 1)Enjoy whith my family 2)Learn more about you experient 3)sleep more 4)learn more about love atraction and be sucefull,5)Enjoy my life.

  15. Rosemary says:

    Okay, I would:
    * Call all 50 of my overdue contacts
    * Follow up on all my prospects for my office building.
    * Walk with my husband.
    * Just contemplate my naval (meditate)
    * Plan my life better.

    But, you know, Kristen, I stopped watching television, except for Dancing with the Stars or when I simply want to spend time with my husband who makes it a habit to watch tv every night, and found I had lots of time to listen to a new program: “Happy Pocketful of Money,” or a paraliminal, or read your e-mails and really think about their content.

    Also, yesterday, I got off onto the wrong foot, scaring myself half to death over the money situation and feeling I had wasted my life in not following the rules of money (it’s not the number of hours in a week, but the wasted years of my 61 years), which has resulted in my current financial woes. So, I literally wasted my hours with a stupid computer game, and barely got done what I needed to get done. So, my subconscious, or my self will always find a way to find the time I need or want to catch up (I had worked all weekend, to study for the renewal of my California Real Estate License, so had little time for myself).

    Where, there’s my insight. I need more than just 5 hours a week. I need the last 40 years of my life back.


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