Set your week up for success…

Let’s start this week off right!

I want this week to be a success for you and I know you do too…

So let’s do this…

I want you to ask yourself this question:

“If I ________________ by Friday of this week, my week will be a success!”

Fill in the blank and leave a comment with your answer…

Here are a few things to consider when you are filling in the blank:

1. It should push (but not shatter) your comfort zone

2. It should be an Inspired Action Step that you have been avoiding but that you KNOW will move you toward a specific, immediate goal.

3. It should be something you can realistically achieve in 5 days.

4. Go for 1-3 small WINS with this and we’ll build from there.

REMEMBER you want to set yourself up for success! I know I tell you to Go Big, but sometimes Going Big means small steps along the way…so this week is about taking one of those SMALL steps!

Now that you’ve filled in the blank, SCHEDULE IT!

Where most people fail is when they have things that they know they can do, they know it will create a success for them, but they DON’T schedule it so it gets pushed off.

Set yourself up for success and make this ONE THING a MUST for you this week…

Post a comment with what you are doing and when you scheduled it and why this will be a success for you!

Go for it!

Go Big!


24 Responses to “Set your week up for success…”

  1. Ivan says:

    My blanck space should be: if I feel EMOTION on this weck I WILL BE SUCEES. Because I fin-out tha.
    I dont feel Emotion went I do Meditecion. than.GOD BLEES YOU.

  2. Lallie says:

    If I can finish my baking before Saturday ( a special day in the hindu calendar) I will be proud of myself. If I can sort out my assignment by Friday I will be happy.

  3. tracy says:

    if i clean up the incredibly large pile of shoes, magazines, papers, books and crap on my side of the living room by friday of this week, i’ll know i’m on my way to a cleaner home.

  4. bart van hoeck says:

    success that’s something that i havn’t seen alot over the i watch the movies of the the secret & beyond the secret to understand it all.
    Reading as many books on the LOA & some NLP to change my mind setting as i’m still trying to delete the old program that has been installed thru the ages till now.
    Success in defeating your own demons is one way to attun with the higher self that will lead one to there dreams.

  5. Lallie says:

    Hi Kristen
    Just wanted to let everyone know that all we
    have to do is live big, even if it’s small in someone else’s opinion. We all learn to walk
    at a different pace. Lets enjoy the scenary as we go thro life, don’t struggle just let it be and watch how GOD allows your life to BE.


  6. Domi says:

    my blank space is: write a CV and cover letter and start to sending it to my new employer 😉
    I have so many dreams, but first i have to find better job, with better salary, to make my dreams come true. It’s my first small step


  7. Sai says:

    One question – often my success in achieving my goal is depedent on someone else delivering what they promised (Professional Environment).. If that someone does not deliver, then all my efforts still does not bring any results. So how do i handle this??

  8. Brenda says:

    I will apply for a job as a nurse.
    I don’t really want to work as a nurse at a hospital, but it will pay my credit card bill.(goal)
    The job I have now does not allow me to make enough money to support my life style.

  9. Lindsay Gasser says:

    I will have issued all my invoices by Friday. Oh how I hate paperwork!
    And I will have carried out a very difficult discussion calmly.

  10. jacqui says:

    if i get morgan back by friday, i’ll know she loves me and she will be in a good home and my week will be a wonderful success. better still, if she stays with me now and doesn’t leave, but i think it would be good for her owner to see her and see how she can cope and then back to me on friday!

  11. If I finally finish that project of mine that I’ve been putting of for so long by Friday of this week, my week will be a success!

  12. Rosemary says:

    If I clear up the backlog of contact reminders by really Thursday (I’m flying to Los Angeles Thursday evening) of this week, I shall consider the week a success. In deference to your earlier comment, Kristen, I’ll make that a MUST.

  13. Cat says:

    If I decide yes or no by Friday to do the Meisner acting workshop in May, I will have taken a committed step toward my carreer paths.

    Thank you, Krsten, for truly standing for my/our success!

  14. Trina Sonnenberg says:

    If I can get a positive response from the bank, or an agent to sign my manuscript, my week will be a success.

  15. Jan Marie says:

    “If I perform my EFT everyday by Friday of this week, my week will be a success!”

    This will be a success for me in the personal and business area’s of my life and improve the quality of life for myself, parents and my children.

  16. ken says:

    If I can get PC service from the second floor to the 1st floor apartment and the basement without buying a wireless router that I can’t afford at this time, my week will be a success.

    I will plan it now.


  17. john kuria says:

    if i get that contract from WOFAK by friday, my week will be a success

  18. mbakwa says:

    If I could manifest enough for myshare of fund raing for my local church I will be the richest in the world.

  19. Dolphin says:

    If I can organize my second file drawer with teaching stuff, I will be ready for my long-term sub position that starts in 2 weeks.

  20. ley says:

    I want to hear from a loved one that he will postpone his trip home this year and that I can sell 5 rooms or more by Friday. When we dream, we have to dream big, small steps are very important than not taking any step at all.

  21. Leila says:

    If I can get my head and my heart to feel peaceful by Friday, my week will have been successful.

  22. mbakwa says:

    I realy want to put up a bungalow for my family. I have started the foundation. What is the inspired action to take in a situation like this to attract the money I need to finish this house

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