How do you really spend your time?

This is so important!

First let me ask you a question…

Have you ever had a day start and then end and you know you were busy and frantic the whole day, but you don’t really know what you spent your time doing?

Join the club!

It’s similar to spending a day in NYC — you can start with $100 in your wallet and at the end of the day have $1 in your wallet and have NO IDEA what you spent the money on…

This is what I want you to do…

You’ve told me what you would do with 5 extra hours a week (by the way, AWESOME replies on this!)

And I can help you find 5 extra hours a week…

But to do that, I need to know how you are spending your time.  I’m going to give you the exercise that I use with my coaching students that has proven to be unbelievably eye opening and life changing!

Here’s the Go Big exercise of the day:

DO IT NOW and Leave the answers here as a comment, I promise you will start to make changes just because you know there are people reading what you are up to…accountability is VERY powerful!

  • Write down all the things you ‘HAVE TO’ do in a typical week
  • Write a list of all the  things that you ‘HAVE TO’ do that might not come up weekly but come up monthly or every other week
  • Make sure your lists include EVERYTHING that is a ‘HAVE TO’ (this includes sleeping, eating etc.)
  • Make sure the list you have ONLY has ‘HAVE TO’ items on it
  • For every item on your list put the amount of time that it should take…BE REALISTIC (you are probably spending too much time on some items that can take less time AND you are probably under estimating the time needed for other items.)

This is the first step…we’ll go from here, but I want you to see how you REALLY spend your time since that’s the only way you can get on top of things and start spending more time on the things you want to be doing instead of ONLY on the things you have to be doing!

Go Big!


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11 Responses to “How do you really spend your time?”

  1. tracy says:

    weekly have to:

    go to work – up 4:30am, home 6:00pm
    sleep – 5.5 hrs daily. wish it were 8.0 hrs.
    lunch, m-f – 1 hr daily

    we have 2 high maintenance doggies:

    make breakfast for doggies – 10 mins daily
    make dinner for doggies – 20 mins daily
    set up snacks for doggies – 15 mins daily
    walk doggies – 30 mins daily
    clean up potty pads and accidents from doggies – 30 mins daily
    wash doggies hineys – 10 mins daily
    wash doggies faces – 5 mins daily
    brush doggies teeth – 15 mins, every other day
    clean doggies anal glands – 20 mins, 1x week

    daily ironing – 10 mins
    make dinner daily – 30-45 mins
    laundry – 1.5 – 2.0 hrs every other day
    eat dinner – 1 hour daily
    spend time with hubby watching shows – 2-3 hours daily
    shower/wash hair daily – 30 mins
    read – 1.25 hr each way during commute, or 2.5 hrs daily
    groceries – order from peapod every other week – 1 hour
    groceries – put away delivered grociers – 2 hours every other week
    check email and websites/surf/ – 1.5 hrs daily
    spend time with hubby – 4.0 hrs weekly
    go through mail – 5 mins daily
    stop at bookstore on the way to work – 10 mins every other day
    see therapist – 1.0 hrs, 1x week
    refill transit card – 10 mins every other week
    take doggies to groomer and buy their foody – 3.5 – 4.0 hrs every 3 weeks
    run errands on saturdays – 4-5 hrs
    misc. errands during the week – cobbler, bakery, dry cleaner – 20 mins every other week
    talk to mom – 20 mins every other day

    kristen, i put actual time i spend b/c i can’t see how i can whittle any of this down. i really don’t. and just writing about it is making me tired. i need a nap, lol.

    • Kristen says:

      Is there anyone who can help you with your furry friends?

      Also, start trying to group things together that are similar so you can be focused on one area, you will be amazed how much faster you’ll get things done when you do that!

  2. Rosemary says:

    Oh, my goodness. Just writing it all down takes valuable time. I\’ve printed this out and will take it to the office, so I can write those tasks down.

    What do you do with all the e-mail that accumulates in the in-box? I have one here that had 362 unread e-mails in it because I hadn\’t spent (wasted) my time going online. Then, there\’s the one at work for which, fortunately, I can set up \"rules\" so that extraneous e-mails to which I might want or need to refer can be automatically sent to different folders. E-mail was supposed to help us save time, but now it has become a chore.


    • Kristen says:

      When you have 362 emails, how many would you estimate actually NEED your attention?

      You can set up filters in your email so that it files things automatically into separate folders (I know you are doing this at work, but you can do it at home too.)

  3. Lallie says:

    Weekly I go to work ; up at 4:30 evryday
    sleel average 5.5.hrs. Start school at 7.30 finish 2.30 lunch breaks -40min per day.
    Mon & Tuesday attend lectures takes approx 40min to drive there and 40min to drive back depending on traffic.
    Mark assignments, complete admin work- 2hours
    cook for family – 1 hour
    complete assignments for college 1.5. hrs
    supervise my children’s homework 1 hour
    attend to household matters eg. phone service providers 30 min.

    Kristen there are so many things that we do for ourselves that it is almost impossible to write everything down. Iam just so exhausted today because I went for a meeting with education officials and then went to college all this after a long day at school with approximately 48 learners in each class. How on earth can I find more time? I have tried buut then it means sleeping later and the next day is wasted, because I am so tired. But I am open to suggestions & look forward to your reply;


    • Kristen says:

      Hi there!

      Is there any way for you to start to chunk similar items together? And, is there any way you can leverage out some of what you are doing so that you are getting some assistance?

  4. Velda says:

    Have to: Go to work 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and fix issues the manager is responsible for (Really not motivated to get up and go there but do a good job despite this).

    Don’t have to but want to: 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. go to check on my Mother, Niece, and Nephew and help my Niece and Nephew with homework (math) if needed.

    7:30 p.m. at my apartment where I catch up on lessons/lectures from the internet (seminars, wealth maps, etc.). I spend approximately 10 hours a week for this. I manage to watch a little T.V.

    Have to find time to clean, exercise, work on my projects, grocery shop, eat, sleep is lacking lately which is mentally affecting me, etc.

    There is so much more that I can’t possibly write.

  5. Tracy says:

    Kristen, unfortunately daily care of my doggies is all on me. Hubby only helps if I’m ill, and then just the bare minimum. No way I would trust anyone else. Lola and Sophie are like our children.

  6. jack says:

    next week i have to eat break fasts diners and lunches out of that i have to go out to the park, go to the library, on saturdays& sundays at 2;00-6;00 afternoon watch the premier league foot ball every tuesday evening at 7;00-9;30 i go to the church i wast most of my time reading books on the library afternoon as wel as morning

  7. James says:

    Years have gone by watching tv and reading and suddenly I realize how precious those minutes and hours wasted were. Good post.

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