Struggling with Gratitude?

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Are you struggling with gratitude? If you are, don’t worry you aren’t alone, so many of you have written to me asking for help with this and that is exactly what I have focused this issue on.

I’m going to give you 5 Gratitude Generators that you can use even if you think you have nothing to be grateful for right now – once you start using these, your blocks to gratitude will disappear so that you can magnetize your desires!

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“Gratitude unlocks great power;
the temptation is to DO gratitude,
but the 
key is to FEEL gratitude.

Kristen Howe

Struggling with Gratitude?

By Kristen Howe

By now, I’m sure you have heard that gratitude is essential when it comes to harnessing the Universal Laws and manifesting the life you desire.

And it’s true, you MUST take time for gratitude every day.

Here’s the key with gratitude (and with everything else)…

The emotion that comes with the gratitude is where the power of creation and manifestation lives.

What that means is this…

If you just repeat things that you think you ‘should’ be grateful for but you don’t generate the ‘feeling’ of gratitude, then you’ll be spinning your wheels.

And that’s why so many of you are stuck, trying to ‘do gratitude’ when what you really need is to ‘feel gratitude’. If you are like many people, here are some of the things you struggle with when it comes to ‘feeling’ gratitude:

You are so stressed and in fear, doubt and worry that you can’t settle your mind enough to think of anything you feel grateful for.

The mere act of trying to think of things to be grateful for just makes you focus on what you don’t have – and everything that is going wrong.

You feel like you know what you want to feel grateful for BUT it will have to wait until something specific happens in your life.

I get it, I’ve been there, I know how it feels to try to ‘feel’ gratitude and have your brain scream at you, “Are you crazy – we don’t have anything to be grateful for, it’s all just lack and struggle!”

It’s a catch 22 – you have to get into a state of gratitude to rise above lack and struggle and yet, when you try to feel gratitude, all you think about is lack and struggle. So what do you do?

I want you to really let this sink in…

Gratitude is a ‘feeling’ not a ‘thinking’ and when you get stuck focused on what you don’t want, that is instigated by thought – the key then, is to get out of your head. 

I have a few Gratitude Generators for you to help…

There are 16 Universal Sub-Laws
that you can work with to Manifest
Anything – do you know what they are?


Gratitude Generator #1:

Ask yourself this Power Question: “I know I don’t think I have anything to be grateful for right now, but if I did have something to FEEL grateful for, what would it be?”

You’ve heard me use this kind of power question before and it is extremely powerful when it comes to getting out of the objections of your head when it comes to gratitude. 

Gratitude Generator #2: 

Use your history:  Think of things you are so grateful for in hindsight now that they aren’t a part of your daily life any more.

This is just to remind you that often there is so much to be grateful for, but we may not realize it until after the fact. Once we see this and feel this truth, we become empowered to feel the things that are currently in our life that we can feel grateful for that we may not have seen before. 

Gratitude Generator #3:

Use your History Some More: Think of a time in the past when you were down and out, when things weren’t going well, but eventually you prevailed and came out on top. Now, look at that time when you were down and out (and probably thought there was nothing to be grateful for) and identify what you could have been grateful for in that time that you didn’t even see.

Once you realize that you have felt this way before and in fact there were things you could have been grateful for (even though you didn’t see it then) you open your self up to a new vision of what you can be grateful for now. 

Gratitude Generator #4:

Let Them Set the Example: Look at any friends and family who are struggling and who would tell you they have nothing to be grateful for.  Can you look at their lives and see things they could be grateful for (even though they can’t see it)? Of course you can. It is the same for you! 

Gratitude Generator #5:

Let Them Set the Example Some More: Look at people who have what you desire. What are all of the things, you can see, that they could be grateful for. (More than just the fact that they have the thing you want.) List EVERYTHING you can see that they could be grateful for and then ask yourself, “What of these things is already in my life, even if it is in a small way?”

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
This is SO important. When you are using the Gratitude Generators, resist the temptation to judge yourself, especially when it comes to looking at your history or discovering what you may be missing now. Judgment will only keep you stuck. Here’s a trick to free you from judgment – any time you want to judge (yourself of someone else) say this:

“Whenever I want to judge, that means there is a valuable lesson to be learned. I am willing to have that lesson revealed to me now and I am grateful for what I am learning as I know I am growing into more of my magnificence!”

“Dear Kristen,

Your emails are helping me a lot to redefine myself and also to feel better when I’m stressed or sad or anything negative.

Thank you!”

Silvia P.

10 Responses to “Struggling with Gratitude?”

  1. Jane Champion says:

    There is so much to be grateful for……. the fact that I am alive, that water comes out of the tap, that there is sugar for my tea, that I can communicate with the world through the internet, that the world we live in has flowers, trees, rocks, animals and so many natural wonders. gratitude can be infinit
    I did find a downside to gratitude as for me it mean`t being koyal. I was adopted and grateful that I had a familtand wasn`t raised in an institution. But gratitude led me to not following a desire, which was to find my biological mother because of needing to be grateful for being adopted. I deniedmyself and what was important tome in favour of another person and other people. This was not being unselfish as there was fear there which came from guilt. I am always very, very wary of people who say you should be grateful as if there is something dreadfully wrong with you if you aren`t. If as a personality I need people to be grateful to me then I am not authentic and I am indeed trying to fill a hole in me through that need which means there is no true giving….

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jane – great having you here! You can be grateful for one thing while still choosing to follow a desire. That desire doesn’t contradict your gratitude for what is 🙂


  2. Dom says:

    Hi Kristen–I first want to thank you for the material you supply to this world. Right there is something for which each person who has read your post about Struggling with Gratitude may choose to be express his or her appreciation

    I first learned what I call a “language of gratitude” when I entered 12-Step recovery. I was told to make a gratitude list everyday. The men and women around me expressed gratitude often. At first I hated all their feel-good thinking. However, as is said in such programs, “I kept coming back” and heard more and more from people until finally I gave in, and, like you said in the article, “felt grateful”. I have since made it a specific intention to surround myself with grateful people as often as possible.

    Last year, one such person in the recovery community, whom I barely knew, and I happened upon each other in a taco shop and decided to dine together. I have often since told him that I am so grateful for his introducing me during that chance luncheon to the Law of Attraction and related concepts.

    These concepts have changed my life. The first evidence of that was shown to me the next morning, when I awoke in a completely new state of mind, body, and spirit–my thinking, feelings, and connection to the universe were all rich in ways which I will never forget.

    I have been on my way ever since, and there at my center is my commitment to continue to develop my ability to be grateful. Besides the excellent concepts in your post, there are several things I have found to be helpful to my progression:

    One, I earnestly listen for others’ gratitude, particularly if it happens to be directed at me. I take to heart the “thank you’s” expressed to me, whether I am interacting with a clerk at a store or receiving an appreciative wave from a guy whom I let in ahead of me while driving in traffic.

    Two, I almost never miss a chance to thank others. I go out of my way to say thank you when I can, even for the most routine of encounters. I build on this by mentioning to a co-worker my experience if I have found him to be excellent in his performance; I thank my vendors for their service; I leave what some have called “overly” generous tips for wait staff; I even sometimes ask the front desk clerk where I have my car fixed to thank his mechanic for taking such good care of my vehicle.

    Three, I believe gratitude is both a choice and a “state”. Therefore, I choose to be grateful about EVERYTHING, even if others would use the word “bad” to describe such things. I trust that I will be shown a purpose for everything I am asked to face. The choice is immediate, the “state” sometimes follows later after I have integrated the event in my overall belief that everything I experience is “good”.

    I wish to thank you once more for all you give to us. May you and all who read this have a blessed day full of synchronicity and adventure.

    San Diego, Calif.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Dominic!

      I’m thrilled to have you here! Thank you for those 3 added points you mentioned – you are spot on with each of them…

      I particularly love that you mentioned that we need to allow other people to be grateful for us, the instinct to deflect when someone tries to express gratitude for us is often strong and so I am thankful for the reminder you are sharing with all of the amazing readers of the Law of Attraction Key Community here!

      Thanks for sharing!

      You are extraordinary!


  3. Ali Hassan Tareque says:

    Dear Kristen,

    I am really helpful by your e-mails you send me. In fact, I wait for something new you may send me. With gratitude, I must follow your laws you have advised.

    I am very much grateful to you for your excellent services.

    Best regards,

  4. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for sending this article! The points you made are so true- I have struggled many times with feeling gratitude for the exact reasons you mentioned- especially the one about feeling so stressed out, anxious, and sad that it isn’t possible to feel gratitude. I have been having a fairly large problem with that one lately- since I’ve been spending my time looking for a job- for the second time- and getting frustrated. Then again, I still have a house and a very loving family- and clothes to wear and food to eat. At the end of this week, so many people in the country don’t have these things- or don’t have all of these things- anymore. I guess I just talked myself out of my own depression! Anyway, I think your tips for feeling gratitude will really help me. Thank you very much!

  5. sean casanova says:

    Hi kristen I bought your package last year and worked somehow quite good.! but then I found a wall I couldn’t feel gratitude anymore..

    I started to think and realise that I had been very ungrateful with many things , people, circumstances and started to feel guilty . some times I even cried because I realised that I understimated so many persons , that were with me without having to . and I never did nothing, that held me back .

    that was killing me for one side,..

    ib the other hand I started to feel fear that now that i see the things that are in my life . like food , clothes , adn belongings in general could not be there

    now I’m trying to feel gratitude liek before but it is not strong as it was last year

    what do you advise to do?

    last quiestion; when i felt gratitude last year the emotion was so strong.. that I felt a very big connection with my hands its like my hands would open my self to feel to recieve gratitude my palm would raise slowly as i felt gratitude is it ok?

    i”ve hear that the hands are the entrance hall to meditation but I don’t know

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Sean! Allow yourself to stop comparing with last year and simply drop into this power question, “What small thing can I be grateful for right now?”

      And yes, what you described with the palm of your hand is great – it’s all about what works for YOU!!!

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