The Secret Spiritual Laws of Nature – Part 1

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Responsibility is such a huge word – and there is something happening around this word that is causing many of you to struggle with seemingly endless fear, lack, doubt, depression, anxiety,  etc, etc, etc.

There is a way to shift this, and that is by redefining what we are actually responsible for and what we are mis-claiming responsibility for. Within this redefining is the key to releasing so much of the negative emotions that keep pulling your energy vibration down.

I’ve asked Dr. Alex Loyd to share with you his “Secret Spiritual Laws of Nature” – you’ll find the answers to the responsibility question within his words and by the end of his article, you will be able to raise your vibration instantly!

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“It isn’t up to you to control what happens
in the world, but it is up to you to CHOOSE
how you respond – that choice is your
right, that choice is your power.”

Kristen Howe

The Secret Spiritual Laws
of Nature – Part 1

By Dr. Alex Loyd

I began to develop these Secret Spiritual Laws of Nature when I first started my private practice in counseling and therapy. In a very short period of time I had a six?month waiting list, and I give the great majority of the credit for that to these Secret Spiritual Laws of Nature. They can create and instant “aha” that changes a person’s perspective and attitude, and because of that, a lot of other things that people are working on will also change. I mainly realized these through prayer. I consider them a gift. Here is part 1 of the Secret Spiritual Law of Nature.

You Were Never Supposed to be Responsible

What we’ve come to mean by the word responsible is able to ensure a certain result. That’s a lot of responsibility! But the word responsible originally meant able to respond. And there’s a big difference between the two.

During the last year or more, I’ve talked to so many people – wealthy people, middle class people, lower income people – who are very scared. They are caught in a hand-wringing anxiety and worry and fear and even panic. I do know what has been going on in the economy and how many jobs have been lost. I know it’s scary, and it’s not changing fast enough. I genuinely sympathize.

When I’m talking to people who are anxious about the future, I might ask them questions like, “Do you and your family still have a warm place to sleep at night?” and they say, “Oh, well, yes.” “Are you still eating three meals a day, even if it’s not steak or eating out every day? Do you still have food for you and your family?” “Well, yes. We do.” what I see in almost every scenario is that, for the great majority of people, there has not been any great catastrophe that has affected their basic needs in life. What has happened is almost entirely a fear of the future.

Over many years, the word responsible has come to mean this onerous burden to ensure some future result. We believe that if we are responsible for something we can ensure the outcome. But one of the Secret Spiritual Laws of Nature is that we were never supposed to be responsible in that way. We are supposed to be able to respond. When an event happens, you are able to respond appropriately. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are able to respond in a way that ensures some specific result.

Here’s where we get into trouble with this. In order to be responsible in the way that we’ve come to use that word, it means we have to have power. If you give me responsibility for something without the power to do it, that would be unreasonable at the very least, and maybe cruel. “Alex, you have to be responsible for this, but I’m not going to give you the power to make it happen, to ensure the result you are responsible for.” It would be wrong to hold me responsible for that result.

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The reason you weren’t meant to be responsible is that the power to bring about a result is usually an illusion. You do not have the power to ensure most future results. Do you want proof of that? With your next breath you could die of a heart attack. Or you could be struck by a car tomorrow.

As for finances, we could have an economic collapse that makes what is happening now look like Boardwalk and Park Place. There could be some global crisis that is just catastrophic. On a personal level, your business associates or friends or family could make choices that hurt you deeply. I could talk about almost every area of your life that you feel responsible for, and we would see that ultimately you do not have the power to guarantee a specific outcome. Something could happen that could make it impossible for you to ensure those future results.

As for worrying about the future, most of those things that we feel a heavy responsibility for preventing or avoiding are things that are never going to happen in the first place. With a couple of friends who are upset about their financial future, I’ve asked, “Is your retirement 20 years from now the thing you are so upset about right now that you can barely function? You can’t sleep? Your blood pressure has gone up over this? We’ve had 19 recessions in the last 80 years where similar financial crisis happened and then things recovered.” Who knows whether this time it will be the same or not? But when we’ve talked it through, they’ve been able to say something like, “Well, that doesn’t make sense does it, that I’m so upset right now over something that most likely won’t happen? And I really can see that I’d survive even if it did happen.”

We all assume responsibility for things that (1) we do not have the power to act on or affect, and (2) would probably not be as horrible as we imagine if they did come to pass. As long as we have food to eat and a place to sleep and people that we love around us, life can remain pretty good.

Here’s the Spiritual Law of Nature: what you are meant to be responsible for is being able to respond, to simply act in the present moment on wha tyou have the power to do yourself. You are not to take responsibility (meaning ensuring results) for anything that is not within your power. Is it within your power to go through your daily routine? Short of having a heart attack, yes. Is it within your power to plan the next steps you need to take at home and at work tomorrow and next week and next month? Yes. You can plan the next steps that you personally are able to take in any area of your life.

But do you have the power to determine how the government and your business associatess and family will act as they make their own decisions? Absolutely not. There are a million different factors that can affect the weather and the economy and the people in your world. Don’t take responsibility for what is beyond your power. You’re not supposed to take responsibility for it. You’re supposed to do the best you can each moment, active with reason and integrity on what you have the power to do. You have to let go of everything else. And when you do let go, you will have peace.

Something bad may happen tomorrow. Something great may happen tomorrow. But you are not to bear the responsibility of anything that you don’t have the power to ensure. You would not put that burden on your children, but most people do it to themselves or other adults. It has put people in a chronic state of anxiety, worry, stress and sometimes panic. They are assuming responsibility for something that is not within their power.

Your responsibility is to act in the present moment on what you have the power to respond to now, and leave the results for tomorrow or next year or 20 years from now up to God. The people I know who live this way, live in peace. They always have what they need and usually a lot more. They enjoy their lives.

Things might happen to you that are scary. They happen to me, too. But push that “reset” button and say, “I’m in fear. I’m not supposed to live in fear. It means I’m assuming responsibility for something beyond my ability to respond. Let me get back on track, and focus on the people who are in my life today, not on what may or may not happen tomorrow or 20 years from now.” We never have any guarantees of those things, anyway.

Be responsible by being “able to respond” when and if things happen. This should be great news to you. You were never supposed to be responsible for all those things that you do not have the power to act on. Let those go. Give them up. Just focus on those things in the present moment that are important to you, and trust yourself to be able to respond as each event happens in your life.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
There is so much power in the shifting what you are responsible for. As of today, you are no longer responsible for things out of your control. AND as of today, I’ll ask you to accept responsibility for how you respond to everything.

I understand it can be hard to harness the power of choice when it comes to responding, and the reason it can be so difficult, is because many of our responses are habit so we habitually and unconsciously respond.

So, how do you shift this?

Here’s a great way that I use all the time…

The second you feel yourself in an emotional state of stress, lack, fear or doubt – follow these 3 steps…

  1. Acknowledge that you MUST be responding in an habitual (and unconscious) way that makes you feel badly.
  2. Ask yourself, “What is the habitually response I am using here?”
  3. Ask yourself, “How can I CHOOSE to respond differently?”

The awareness alone will start the shift, and then when you add to it the power of choice, you are on your way to harnessing the power within you to respond instead of react.


You are beautiful in and out, I feel bless to be able to have access to your positive advice.

I listen to the calls you hosted on manifest everything now and I’ve learned so much that I am a better thinker now.

Thank you, thank you and LOTS OF LOVE.”

– Elaine P.

15 Responses to “The Secret Spiritual Laws of Nature – Part 1”

  1. Rittie says:

    excellent article

  2. Linda says:

    This is a great article. I enjoyed it sometimes we are looking so far ahead and with fear, we cannot realize the gift of each moment. Thank you Linda

  3. Lainey says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put these messages together. They often contain exactly what I need to learn at that moment, and this issue is no exception! You’re doing amazing work that is well appreciated!!

    Thanks again!

    • Kristen says:

      Thank you Lainey – your message means a lot – I appreciate you taking the time to post and express your gratitude – it really does make my day!

      You are extraordinary!
      Kristen 🙂

  4. Margaret says:

    Thank you for reminding me that not everything is my responsibility, only that which is in my immediate environment. However how does one stop feeling inadequate if out of one’s comfort zone?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Margaret!

      As far as feeling inadequate when you are out of your comfort zone, the only reason you feel that way is that you are attaching that definition to the discomfort, this is going to seem simple, but it works, try changing the word inadequate to excited. When you are uncomfortable, you can feel excited about all you are learning instead of feeling inadequate. It’s a shift in words, but it is SO powerful!

      Go Big!

  5. Andrea stevens says:

    I m Learning alot everyday. I am homeless and live in a shelter, though i try to keep the faih in have leaned and am learning , fear just seems to interfere. But still in all im so thankful for the free info. Because without Kincome it’s impossible to purchase almost anything , I am working hard to get out of.this mindsets of lack.wih my chonic leg injury.keep up the good wor k.there are people who need it. Thank you miss Breaking through

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Andrea!

      Amazing to hear from you – keep focused on faith in the Universe – fear and faith can’t exist at the same time 🙂

      You are extraordinary!

  6. nt says:

    Yes. Best leave to God the things we cannot handle.
    In this respect, the following piece always gives me encouragement:
    ‘Leave the past to God
    the present to HIS mercy
    the future to HIS promises…’

  7. Totally helpful article – I love how it helps with explaining “responsibility.” Now, I have one more tool to help with overcoming fear.

  8. randa says:

    Thanks very much dear Kristen
    GREAT work .. I was really in need to hear your powerful words..
    keep in touch ,plz.
    GOD bless u , ur work & all ur life…. ……. ……
    GOD covers all ur days with happiness , success & true love fill ur sweet HEART

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