Learn the Art of Mental Rehearsal

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Do you know what mental rehearsal is? It’s a powerful technique that you may be most familiar with as being used by pro athletes. BUT, this amazing tool is not just reserved for athletes, successful people of all walks of life use it.

In fact, I guarantee you have used it before (probably without realizing it). The key, is learning how to use mental rehearsal, consciously and consistently to create your life deliberately.

I’ve asked Christopher Westra to show you exactly how to do just that!

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“Pay attention to what you are ‘playing’ in your mind. Are you rehearsing failure or success? What you rehearse mentally, you prepare yourself for completely – and you most assuredly attract.”

— Kristen Howe

Learn the Art of Mental Rehearsal

By Christopher Westra

I think the most helpful way to write about mental rehearsal is to tell you about a few of the ways I have used this “mental vision” in my own life.

Way back in high school I read the book “Psycho-Cybernetics”.  That was the first book that taught me about imagery and “mental rehearsal.”

I was on the wrestling team, and I rehearsed in my mind the moves that I would make when I was in a match.  I saw myself in control, and winning.

Did I always win?

No, I didn’t win every time.  However, I know that my mental vision and rehearsal helped me to succeed more often.

Since I knew it “worked”, I started to use this mental rehearsal and “inner practice” in many other areas of my life.  I used it for running events, dating, test taking, job interviews, speaking in public, and much more.

Any event or scenario that is imagined in detail is more likely to come to pass in reality, or in the physical world.  Some events can “manifest” quickly, for example, a really good talk with your child. Other events, such as a trip to Hawaii or Switzerland, will take more “inner work”, as well as concrete action items.

The goal that you form in your imagination is the end result you want.  If you are not proactive in creating the life you want, then other people will plan your life for you.

I think it’s best to create my own life!

You will often encounter bumps and detours on the way to your goal.  This tests your determination and focus.  Keep your vision, and act “as if” you have achieved your goal already.

Feel and act in confidence, and manifestation of your goals is assured.

What else have I manifested in my life?

  • A beautiful loving relationship with my wife.
  • A new house (that I built).
  • My own business.
  • Engaging in my favorite recreation activities frequently.
  • Writing many books.
  • Participation in humanitarian work.
  • A trip to Hawaii.
  • A close relationship with my children.
  • And much more.
Imagine what you want and “feel it now” as if you have it and you will.  This is the key to manifesting through inner vision.Why don’t more people manifest successfully?One major reason is that they lack focus.  Writing down your imagined scenario, and your accompanying feelings, really helps your focus.Writing increases the clarity of your thinking. Thousands of people have received the benefit of writing their dreams and visions down.
VIDEO: Achieve Radical Life Improvement With These 9 Manifesting
Habits and Tools…

There are many books on inner vision and manifesting that can help you.  Read as many as you can.  You will learn something from all of them. Do read Psycho-Cybernetics also.  It’s not the easiest read, but it’s worth it.

So what are some of the keys to successful mental rehearsal?

Here are four tips for you.

1.  Focus on the end result you want.

Be clear about what you want, and write it down.  It could be a nice romantic evening with your spouse. Maybe you want an adventurous vacation.  Or, it could be $20,000 in extra income this year.

2.  Come up with detailed mental pictures representing what you want.

Here are some examples, based on the end results we talked about in number one above.

For the nice romantic evening, you could picture the two of you laughing easily together over a private candlelight dinner.  Or maybe your image is a long slow walk along the beach, hand in hand, at sunset.

If it’s the adventurous vacation you want, you could picture you and your friends going over some rapids in a boat, fighting the white water.  Or perhaps you see yourself hiking the half dome in Yosemite National Park.

If you want extra income, you could see in your mind’s eye rejoicing with your spouse at the end of the year, and planning some fun event together.  Or you could see a remodel or addition to your home that you’ve been wanting.

3.  Feel the emotions as well as seeing the pictures.

Mental pictures alone do not have much power.  Emotion has power!  When I saw myself winning a race with an excellent time, I felt the exhilaration.  As I see myself giving a presentation to hundreds of people, I feel the confidence, and the connection to the audience.

Let’s explore the scenarios we have been using in this article.

When you “see” the romantic evening, you should also be feeling the closeness and the love, the connection to each other, and the pure joy.

As you picture your adventurous vacation, feel the rush of endorphins and the excitement, the freedom and the focus, the rush of pitting your physical body against challenges.

Along with the pictures you create that represent extra income for you, feel the stability and safety, the confidence and gratitude, and the confidence in your ability to give value to the world.

4.  Include other people, and action, in your mental rehearsal practice.

Instead of a static “snapshot” of two people at a romantic dinner, rehearse some examples of conversation that might take place.  See the two of you laughing and smiling, flirting and enjoying each other while you have dinner.

Rather than simply an image of a boat going over the rapids, picture you and your friends screaming as you go over some falls and plunge into the water.  See all of you camping on the shore at the end of the day, and laughing as you rehearse the day’s activities.

And with income, don’t picture actual money. There is no power in pictures of green dollar bills alone.  See in your mind’s eye enjoying a vacation with your family with the extra money, or playing out in the backyard in your new sport court.

There you have it – four tips to great mental rehearsal.  Use these tips to explode your manifesting skills and achieve much more of what you really want.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
If you find yourself thinking, “I’m not good at this mental rehearsal thing.” I want you to stop and think about this…

Most people use mental rehearsal ALL THE TIME, without even realizing it.  The challenge is that mose people also use it to rehearse things that they DON’T WANT.

Have you ever found yourself caught in fear and start playing out an imagined scenario of how this thing you are scared about might play out?

BINGO – that’s mental rehearsal!

So, you’re already good at this – you just need to flip it around so that you are using it consciously and to attract what you desire.





“Dear Kristen,

A quick note to say THANK YOU for sending the proof audio yesterday!

In short, I listened and then meditated for 15 minutes…….when I went outside for a walk, I again thought about what you said during the audio. To my complete surprise, someone across the street yelled for my attention and then began speaking about my desire and goal. He ended the conversation by giving me a thumbs up……..all unsolicited by or from me!

Still shocked but overall excited as I know all of my goals and desires exist and that they are on the way!!!!!!!!

Thank you again for all that you do!


– Jordan R.



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  1. Phemie Zervos says:

    Dear Kristen,

    Thank you so much for this excellent piece on mental rehearsing!!! I have recently started using it in various situations, picturing the outcome or response I want …. and most of the time it works!!! This is also one of the key teachings of Neville Goddard. As Christopher Westra, whom I like and admire very much, mentions we do this unknowingly all the time … and most of the time it is concerning fear or worry about a particular situation. So when this happens I immediately catch myself and change the picture!!!

    Many, many thanks to you and Christopher for this excellent piece on Mental Rehearsing which illustrates this powerful tool so clearly!


  2. Naresh says:

    I have experienced benefits from mental imagery or visualisations myself, having got quite a few things manifested for myself, only after I learnt how to do it both Kristen and Christopher’s newsletters.Thanks for keeping us informed about these simple practices.

  3. Deokie Narine says:

    Thanks so much. It has been a great help. I know we do it all the time. We must never give up on our dreams. Thanks again.
    Lots of Love

  4. Russ says:

    Excellent article …. keep ’em coming Kristin.

  5. Yahzid says:

    Thank you for the article it was a great help
    I want to be wealthier than I am right now.
    I have a desire to trade the stock and commodity markets to aquire wealth and prosperity quickly but I have a major challenge of facing my fear of loosing money

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