Where Peace Resides

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Do you want to tap into your source of infinite creation? There is a 3-letter word that allows you to do just that – without limit and without fail.

I have asked Stephanie Mulac to share exactly what you can do to instantly and consistently raise your vibration and connect with enormous power.

I’ll warn you, this may seem simple (and it is) – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t powerful, because this is the essence of all creative energy and spark!

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“There is nothing behind you, there is
in front of you – there is only Now.
Where ever you go – Now is where you are.”

— Kristen Howe

Where Peace Resides

By Stephanie Mulac

We’ve all heard the phrase “living in the here and now” but most of us have no idea how to do exactly that. We haven’t a clue just how magical the present moment really is and how it can bring everlasting happiness and peace to our chaotic lives.

It is the key to living peacefully, abundantly and joyfully.

As we work towards liberating our consciousness and connecting with Spirit, we must realize this magical power and pay attention to nothing but the present moment. When we do this, all things are possible because we tap into the only real energy there is…the energy of NOW.

Most of our time is spent thinking or obsessing over something that has already happened (and, therefore, is gone, over-with, and non-existent) or worrying about something that hasn’t even occurred (and, therefore, is non-existent). Very little time is spent just “being”…just doing whatever it is you happen to be doing and “being” okay with that…embracing and loving it.

There is so much energy expended feeling guilty about things we did in the past (which, remember is non-existent),things we failed to do, things we think we should be doing, things we’re supposed to be doing, things we’re expected to be doing – it’s all unnecessary crazy-making based on fear, attachment, anticipation, resistance, and more.

It steals all your energy/attention and awareness from the magical moment and gift of the present. You may well miss the sweetest part of your day along with the excitement within because your mind is off obsessing about some seeming infraction in your past!

Here’s a fact: we don’t have to spend a single second of our precious time on thoughts that bring forth negative vibrations.

It’s true – we really can stop the obsessing and worrying right now. Now, this is not to say that negative thoughts will never cross our minds – quite the contrary. Negative thoughts will always be lurking around trying to steal our happiness. And, while it’s true that some negative thoughts are hard to ignore, it’s like anything else in life…the more practice we put into it…the easier it becomes and someday soon in the near future we find that we automatically “think” the positive thoughts rather than the negative.

We have changed our “habit of thinking”.

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Awareness and detachment are the keys to the power of the present moment – and vice versa. Be aware of negative thoughts but detach from the feeling/emotion they bring.

Observe but do not react and bad thoughts will fall away of their own weight. When the bad thought knocks, don’t answer! Instead, pull yourself deeper into the present moment by giving 100% to whatever it is you are doing…if you’re walking up a flight of stairs, slowly focus on each step; if you’re washing dishes, focus on the feel of the water, the bubbles, the cleanliness; if you’re reading a book, don’t just read the words, look at them.

So simple and so powerful and so buried beneath a mound of complicated chaotic untruths! Liberating consciousness is all about the power of the present moment and our connection to the light body Spirit. You see, happiness, abundance, peace….all of this belongs to us by Divine right – and the magic of the present moment and all the laws of the Universe have been put in place to help us find our way home.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Do you find yourself getting continuously sucked back into past thinking or consumed with future fear, doubt and worry? You just need to retrain your habit of thinking, and the best way to do that is to set an alarm for every hour on the hour and ask yourself this question:“Where am I right now?”

When you answer this question – honestly and purely based on fact (not emotion) you instantly bring yourself back into the Now.

Try it – set an alarm for every hour on the hour (except when you are asleep) and do this for 7 days straight. Then let me know the differences you notice in your life.



Thanks for your good USA Thanksgiving wishes.
I wish you a very memorable Thanksgiving this 2012.

I would like to let you know that your articles have been very inspiring and mind-lifting for me, and I believe that other people see these articles the way I see them.

Do keep it up and continue to educate the world with your knowledge.


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18 Responses to “Where Peace Resides”

  1. Iain says:

    Thank you for your great and timely e-mail. The content has allowed me to make a diagnosis and has offered a treatment plan — I have to find out more about putting the treatment plan into practice to allow the prescription to work.

  2. kim says:

    Thank you for a great article. The advice was spot on.

  3. David H Hoffman says:

    My Grand mother in law and mentor has always said to me be mindful of this ” what ever you think you are thinking it in this moment of light”
    So I got it then and have been in training ever since! Her family considered her someone they could not relate to, sadly I have thought of how this simple cosmic truth helps any of us up to slowing the mental hopscotch and ringing in our minds!! Very nice to have your email and please continue your efforts are very much needed and appreciated by others!

    David H Hoffman

  4. BL says:

    Thank you. There comes a time when suddenly you realize that you are in control and to your surprise you did not realize it. Living in the now is powerful. I still find myself focusing on the now moment but with more ease. My world is becoming more peaceful. Life is more beautiful. It is OK to feel free and not feel guilty. My smiles are more genuine.

  5. Anna G. says:

    Thank You dear Kristen for Yours mail=)
    You helping me a lot. I stuck in my past, but you just showed me that it is not exist …
    The only true is present and we need to think about how to make it nice =)
    Thank You =)

  6. Colleen says:

    Being a Law of Attraction life coach (for Nurses in Burnout), I always love to read what other people have to say about the Universal Laws. The Power and Presence of NOW is so important. I love that that was the focus of the article. It doesn’t matter if we are thinking about the past, present or the future, we are always vibrating NOW, and therefore sending that energy out.
    Thanks for a great article!

  7. Amy says:

    Thank you very much for posting this article! You have brought a very simple- but important- truth back into my mind, and reminded me about something that I really need to work on in my daily life. This is one of my big problems- I spend way too much time worrying about the things that might go wrong. Another important point to mention is that it is very easy to misinterpret events or people’s intentions- this is a key example of a situation that happens in my life. For example, I’ll call somebody I’m working with on a project or a certain aspect of my life, and she won’t be available. I’ll leave one or maybe several voice mail messages on her phone, and after a while, if I haven’t heard back from her, I’ll start assuming that she’s mad at me- is tired of working with me on this aspect of my life, etc…. I’ll create this whole mental dialouge of reasons why she may not have called me back. Then, when she does call me back, everything is ok- she was just busy and it took her a while to get back to me! If I would have realized that this would probably be the case before I created that whole mental dialogue, imagine the peace I would have felt!

  8. Rosa Muziotti says:

    Thank you Stephanie and thanks to Kristen for this simple, yet powerful tool. Practicing this excersice makes me feel really good.

  9. patrick says:

    Thanks for this very enlightening article on such a simple solution which with perseverance will lead us to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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