3 Essential Connections

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It’s the holiday season and that means a lot of things. Parties, shopping, hustle and bustle. And all of that can be fun and add to the energy of the season, but there is 1 word that needs to be emphasized at this (and every) time of the year.

What is it?

Connection. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all of the business of the season and forget that connection is what it is really about. I’ve written a special article for you today about the 3 kinds of connection and how and why we require them to fuel our lives.

This is a must read, and a must share…  🙂

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“The simple act of connecting can fuel
you for extraordinary things.”

— Kristen Howe

3 Essential Connections

By Kristen Howe

Connection is one of those things that gets pushed aside. We’ve all said things like, “Once I get my business to take off, then I’m going to focus on connecting with my family.” Or, “As soon as I retire, I’m going to really take some time to connect with myself.” And, “Once things calm down, I can’t wait to take some time to connect with source energy (or the Power of your understanding).

We push it off over and over again – we even look forward to it as the reward for when this or that is finally taken care of. We say we can’t wait for some time to connect with others, ourselves and our spirituality – but we DO wait. And we wait, and we wait.

If I told you…

  • That the simple act of connecting can fuel you for extraordinary things
  • That without connection, you are minimizing the life in your life
  • That connection is essential AND can be done in seconds

Would you then take connection and make it a MUST? Of course you would. And that is exactly what it is time for, because it is true that the simple act of connecting can fuel you for extraordinary things. And it is true that without connection, you are minimizing the life in your life by literally cutting yourself off from the flow of happiness, love and even money. And it is completely true that connection can be achieved in mere seconds.

So, you now see that connection is essential. And for you to use connection to fill your life with the feeling and expression of extraordinary abundance, you must first know the 3 Essential Connections.

I have hinted at them already – but let me put them here for you:

The 3 Essential Connections

  1. Connection with Self
  2. Connection with Others
  3. Connection with Source, Spirit, God (or the Power of your understanding)

Now let’s talk about how you can connect with all 3 Essential Connections in a matter of seconds…

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Connection is so much easier than we think. As I said before, you can literally do it in mere seconds. So why do you want to bother? Because, connecting is like directly plugging into the power of the Universe – it is exceptionally powerful AND it feels amazing – which results in raising your vibration, which results in higher and faster manifestation and so on and so on.

So here are your 3 second connection techniques for each of the 3 Essential connections…

Connection with Self – 3 Second Connection Exercise: Use a mirror to look yourself in the eyes. Say one affirming thing to yourself while you do. (My favorite – and the most powerful is “I love you.”) The key here is that you MUST believe what you say to yourself and you MUST hold your own eye contact for the full 3 seconds.

NOTE: If you struggle with finding something positive to say to yourself in this excercise, see my special tip at the end of this magazine issue.

Connection with Others – 3 Second Connection Exercise: Do this with someone you know OR someone you don’t know – both are very powerful (in fact, do it with both and you will be thrilled with what starts to happen in your life.) Have eye contact and smile while you have the eye contact. Make it a real smile and focus on sending positive energy to that person through your eyes as you smile.

Connection with Source (Spirit, God, Power of Your Understanding) – 3 Second Connection Exercise:  Doing this outside is most powerful, but you can do this anywhere. Plant your feet, close your eyes, breathe in and feel a chord of energy flow through you from above and below. Say, “I love you and feel your love and protection for me always.”

In just 9 seconds, you can reconnect to the 3 Essential Connections and completely plug into the power of the Universe. Do this for 7 days in a row and you will feel calmness within you. Do this for 14 days in a row and your mind will noticeably quiet. Do this for 21 days in a row and you will find yourself connecting to everything and everyone around you (including yourself) in a much deeper, truthful way. Do this for 30 days in a row and you will feel the Universe around you and within you, you will notice synchronicities and miraculous events around you and relish in them and allow them as the new magnificent way your life is.

Connect – connect – connect and happiness, love, money and more will flow into your life with great abundance. If you feel out of the flow in any area, ask yourself, “How can I connect?”

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When you do the exercise for self connection, if you struggle with finding something positive to say to yourself that you believe, try this…Look yourself in the eyes and say, “Hi there – I know I’m struggling to find something positive to say to you, but if I did know what to say, what would it be?”

You’ll be surprised at what answers will come to mind – and if nothing does, do this for as many times as you need to, eventually your inner truth will break through and give you something very positive to say, and in the meantime, you are significantly strengthening your relationship with yourself. And THAT is priceless!

“Being a Law of Attraction life coach (for Nurses in Burnout), I always love to read what other people have to say about the Universal Laws. The Power and Presence of NOW is so important. I love that that was the focus of the article. It doesn’t matter if we are thinking about the past, present or the future, we are always vibrating NOW, and therefore sending that energy out. 

Thanks for a great article!” 

– Colleen




13 Responses to “3 Essential Connections”

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Kristen ,
    I really appreciate your message.It is very powerful yet simple to do!
    I think that is something we all need! Liz

  2. Ethel Jackson says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Your instructions are exactly what I have been look for. Talk about gratitude!!!!! Thank you so much.

  3. billy says:

    Very timely article, Kristen. Especially during the Holiday season when the hustle & bustle and manic materialism strive to knock one off center. Thanks.

  4. lynda says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    Powerful and timely exercises. They make sense and if followed as directed, results should be equally as powerful. Thanks for taking time to share. I already started to implement connection one and three. Could hardly wait to apply exercise two.
    Thanks again!!!!!

  5. Maxine says:

    Hi, Kristen —

    Thank you for an interesting and do-able lesson.

    May I reference it in my blog?

    Thanks, again, and Happy Holidays.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Maxine!

      Thanks for your positive comments! If you do want to reference it in your blog, we ask that you do so giving credit to me and also linking back to the original article on our site.

      Thanks for all!

  6. Margaret Davis says:

    That is just awesome stuff….thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! Happy Holidays to you and yours 🙂

  7. Rhonda says:

    You are amazing and I love you and your wonderful article. I have just spent 14 days with an incredible bunch of people from other parts of the world and on my return have been feeling a little disconnected, until now. With heartfelt gratitude

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