Tessera: Another World Awaits

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Parallel Awareness, The Survival Code and Greatness – that is just a little of what I have for you. And you are in for a treat – I have asked Adam King, creator of the Tessera Method to share his throughts on all of this and more today.


Because, my mission is to raise the vibration of the world, and the more I help you step into your power to create the life you desire, the more I live my mission.  I truly believe that what Adam has to share with you today will do just that.

Open your heart and your mind and jump in! This is a must read, and a must share…  🙂

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“The person you want to be
lives within you now.”

— Kristen Howe

Tessera: Another World Awaits

By Adam King

Excerpt from Without the Water 

February 7th 1998. 

I had had enough.

It was Saturday night and I had just put my final entry into my journal after years of searching for purpose with nothing to show. 

We are nothing but machines, we have no soul, I said. When we die our consciousness simply leaves us, as well as any impression that we ever truly existed. 

There is no higher power, there is no God, there is no hope. We are nothing more than machines meandering through a bleak existence.

My visions of living with some kind of purpose were all a lie. All of the books I had read, techniques for going out of body and searching other worlds came to one final conclusion: We are nothing more than our brains, and our brains dictate the experience of the world we live in. 

That night I completely, and utterly, surrendered. My search for meaning, faith in any of man’s ideals or motives as well as any proof of life after death, was over. That was it, nothing more.

I closed my journal, shut off the lights, and went to sleep for the very last time. 

What happened just a few hours later changed my life forever.


What is Parallel Awareness? 

“What is the real name of the lion?” 

I asked my mother, when I was about five years old.

“Lion… is the name of the lion,” she said looking a bit confused. 

“I mean, what does the Lion call itself?” I asked. 

It’s a simple enough question when you think about it, but we don’t.  Instead, we allow our beliefs, thoughts, and even the opinions, and experiences of others govern our reality.  Actually, isn’t it someone beside ourselves (our parents, etc.) who have given us our names?

What I’m getting at is the truth behind the awareness within our body.  As we grow older, experience new things, and share those experiences with others, we create an identity from which we look at everything.  This identity is formulated by past memories, beliefs, and our very own physiology.  In other words, we are experiencing life from one perspective, and one perspective only, our acquired identity.

Now, what if I told you there was another perspective, another awareness that allowed you to see from outside of the body instead of just from it?  An awareness that wasn’t filtered by your memories, the morals, and ideals created by others, and any belief you possessed that hindered your vision.  What if I told you that this awareness, this instant connection with Source, and so-calledenlightenment were beyond your eyes?

You see, the act of looking from the self is one thing, but when you can gain the vision to see what is outside yourself as part of yourself (in other words, you are one with everything around you), you are now directly connecting with Source.  When you learn to look from the perspective of Source, you now have the ability to see from the awareness of two places at once or Parallel Awareness.

Imagine being able to see your fears, limitations, anxieties, and worries for what they truly are, as nothing more than chemical reactions within the body. But what if you could feel from the place of Source in the middle of a crisis?  What if you could combat your limitations not with just logic, but also emotion?

Would you not gain more power to overcome obstacles, if there were two of you?

We have a saying in Tessera that can instantly transform those who understand it.

“Without the Water, there are no islands; without the water, we are all a part of each other”  

Is it your time to finally see yourself not as an island, but also an integral part of an ocean of possibilities?  Is it your time to realize the truth of your own experience instead of the delusions of others?  Is it not your time to transform from seeker/observer to creator?

All I can tell you is that there is another world just beyond the limitation you call Self.  Another world that is so immense, so pure, and so beautiful that once you are there, there is no reason enough to come back.

A world in which you are aware of your constraints, thus taking responsibility for them, forgiving them, and applying what we are missing. A world in which its part or Tesserae has been given a chance to know that it is just a part so that it could move through the Mosaic, and enjoy all that it has to offer.

A world not just of abundance, or having more: money, love or control. It’s a world in which we are prepared, for whenever these things naturally enter our life, we can choose if we want them or not. Once we make that choice, we can turn this awareness around, and begin to see through the eyes of others in order to fulfill what we want.

How to attract wealth? Where to find it? How to create a better life? This is a world in which all these questions become irrelevant.

So, now, I ask you again, what is your name?

Going to the Basics: What is a Survival Code? 

You are walking up towards the counter of your local pharmacist.  What you need to ask him is considered very private to your gender, in fact embarrassing.  But the ailment has been bothering you for days; it must be resolved.

You are worried about what he may think, or even the possibility of him laughing at you.  Your thoughts create horrible images in your mind and chemical reactions in your body.  But, you must take action as the fear of doing nothing has consumed you. 

This “feeling” of being embarrassed, judged, or even laughed at, is what I call a “Survival Code”.  It is a reaction based on an accumulation of negative experiences, even assumptions that are based onpast memories, both real and imagined.  The “code” part is the reaction caused by chemicals that produce sensations within the body.

I use the term “Survival” because there are codes that the body resorts to in order to survive or stay comfortable; and protects itself from what it considers to be dangerous or harmful.  In this case, the “harm” is nothing more than a false assumption trying to stop you from taking action, talking to the pharmacist, and ultimately curing your ailment.

Our Survival Codes are the foundation of our resistance and self-sabotage. They are the driving force behind our resisting new experiences and opportunities that could otherwise easily allow us to live a more fulfilled life.

Without them we are limitless.

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Something of great importance has been running through my mind lately.

Many of us have been through Tessera.

We have become aware of our Survival Codes, seen them in action, and learned to accept and deal with them. But Tessera is much more than that.

As I teach Tessera, I am empathetically open to how everyone feels, and thinks about your own experience. This is a great place to be if you want to know what your audience is thinking. But, it’s not enough if your audience is asking you for transformation.

What I know comes from a very difficult place- a place of “knowing and seeing” without compromise.

A place of Parallel Awareness, a place from within Tessera, a place that we have built and entered so that we can look back at ourselves in a different reality. You see, when I met you for the first time, I was not really meeting you. I was meeting the version of you longing for change. But, it is also a version of you that was being dictated by your codes.

At this point in our relationship, I had two choices:

One, I could cater to your codes, tell you what you needed to hear, and deliver the answers to the questions you were seeking.

But this was all wrong. And I knew it.

This was wrong for the simple fact that the “real” you came here screaming in silence. The “real” you had at least a little fight within her or him that was destined to make a change. And that fight was directed from breaking free from the bonds of the fallacy we call “me”.

We know there’s more, we can feel it. But, without maintenance, there is nothing built strong enough to sustain tangible change. Without continued understanding, practice, and acceptance of the journey, we cannot prevail against an identity that we strive to be set free from.

As I watch the economy crumble, as violence becomes the outcome from necessity and desire, a certain “competition” of feelings grows within me.

One feeling pulls me into the direction of the familiar, the direction of fear, followed by an inevitable personal defeat.

However, as soon as I realize this is just my codes, trying to protect me from any possible threat, real, or unreal, another feeling sets in.

This “other” feeling is the tangible result that I have created in my mind. It is a place that has physically been molded, nurtured, and strengthened through my own personal reflection, labor, patience, and care.

This is Tessera. Although a place that is not originated from answers, as it comes from feelings, it is the path that brings me back home, to myself and to my place of power that can defeat my personal competition (unrest/wrestling with) of fear.

You see, it’s not about having all of the answers; it’s about having choices.

It’s about being able to see without being blinded by our sight. We must nurture this place within us every single day. If we don’t begin to build such a place because of our inability to move into the unknown – to be there just for one minute without answers- then we may never gain the vision to know the difference.

If we continue to live in a perceptual cycle of denial created by our very own codes, we will continue to build the walls that block out the sun.

The key is to realize that change isn’t about obtaining something new; it’s about accepting something great.

It’s about being present, so you can see what is truly in front of you, and act upon the choices that you, and you alone, decide to make.

“The only way to combat suffering is to change your perspective of it.

The only way to change your perspective is to open your awareness.

And the only way to open your awareness is to change the modality in which you perceive.
This is why we have built Tessera.”
Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
There are 2 things I want to mention that cause us to disconnect from source and see ourselves as disconnected (the island) instead of connected to everything.What are they?

  1. Comparison
  2. Judgment

When you compare yourself to something or someone else, you separate yourself from it – in the comparison is the belief that “that is not me”.

When you judge yourself or when someone else judges you – the instinct is to withdraw and when you withdraw, you disconnect from the all creative, all possible source.

So, what to do?

When comparing – declare love for everything you are tempted to compare yourself to. See the examples of what you desire showing up in the Universe and give thanks for it.

If someone judges you (or if you judge yourself), resist the urge to defend, defending indicates that you are questioning yourself. You know who you are; you know your motivations are good, so when someone judges you, send love.

Remember, awareness begins the shift!

“Thank You for the gift of reminding me of who “I AM” and what my true purpose in life is while I am here. I pray that you are totally full of the Joy that truly makes you happy and complete!

You are such a Blessing!


– Jason



29 Responses to “Tessera: Another World Awaits”

  1. Inogen says:

    I asked my parents the same question!
    It was not about a lion, but the name of a tree and i said ‘How do you know that is its name?’
    I was too small to explain what I meant, but I’ll always remember it as my first real thought.

  2. That is profound. I reach that state frequently, but as you say it must be nurtured, practiced and realized as what is natural. It is difficult to explain it (it took several pages for you to give a summary), so my husband will often just criticize, condemn and complain because of his own fears. He says so. He is a good man, who works diligently and responsibly, but he cannot understand why things go wrong. When he does those three “C’s,” I feel my vibration fall. From what you write, the answer is just to send love to him so he can get over those fears long enough for my vibration to rise again.

    Same with the people involved with a complicated real estate deal. When the whole thing seemed to fall apart Monday (12/31/12), I sent love to everyone involved, including myself (after thinking of the pie-fight scene from The Great Race), and yesterday (1/2/13) it appears to be back on track. The next step appears for me to take Inspired Action.

    Chemical reaction of the body is a Survival Code? Interesting way to express it.

    Thanks for everything.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rosemary!

      Yes, send love is one of the most powerful things you can do!

      Hope to hear you on the VIP call tonight – if not – talk soon! 🙂


  3. Tmi says:

    Thank you so much for this. You are really making a big difference in the world. I can honestly say this because , for some time now I have been thinking about the whole manifestation theory, the way the mind works and how to program it positively , how to really connect to my higher self and I came to the conclusion that love is all I truly need . If I can just love myself unconditionally , every other thing will fall in place. I truly believe you.

  4. Robin Bhattacharyya says:

    Thank you so much, Kristen and Adam, for this wonderful excerpt that really speaks of the truths that so many of us are awakening to!

    For many of us, myself included, this part of our journey appears to involve learning (or rather, remembering) to expand beyond brief moments of awareness/clarity/Oneness to the point where we are aware of, and being, “it” consistently. We become it, which is what we really are already, and in doing so reconnect with Source and exponentially expand our experience and what we are capable of.

    Reconnecting with, and rising to, that higher perspective/state of being (perhaps what “ascensionists” call the fifth and even higher dimensions) while still experiencing aspects of our current physical/material existence (third and lower fourth dimensions, apparently) seems to be the key now. Re-awakening – or ascending – to realize our full, true, higher selves and awareness – while still occupying our third- and fourth-dimensional bodies and minds – seems to be the path we have chosen to experience in this incarnation.

    Transcending the ego’s attachments to separation, limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and other baggage is definitely part of that process. Many of us, again myself included, are discovering this to be quite an involved process! Progress is definitely being made but there are often many lifetimes of “stuff” to bring up, heal, clear and transmute. However, as that happens we re-awaken to “another world just beyond the limitation you call Self” as you so beautifully describe it in the paragraphs above.

    So let us all fully awaken to this new world now! It’s really already here, just waiting for us to “tune in” or “tune up” to it. When we choose to raise the vibration of the world, as Kristen says, it literally becomes the “new world” we desire to experience. We are indeed powerful creators, so let’s choose to create what our hearts, higher selves and “us as One” truly desire!

    Love, light and blessings to you all, and Happy New Year too! 🙂

    Robin James Bhattacharyya
    Starspire Coaching

  5. Theyo says:

    Thank you Kristen for bringing Adam King to my attention with Tessera, I had a very strange reaction to his writings and will emmerse myself in it to find out more, I have been thinking along those lines lately and thought maybe I might be on the verge of looseing it. I am relived to know that I’m not a lost cause yet.

    Again Thank you.


  6. Marilyn R Williams says:

    Wow – love that article because it totally validates what I’ve been thinking and coming to realize this past year. I truly believe that the old world has ended and the new one is beginning and we are all going to finally figure it out and start living in love!

  7. Adam King says:

    Wow, you guys and gals are amazing. Thank you so much for the validation within this writing. Really enjoying reading your reflections and comments.
    Please also know that I am here to answer any questions you may have.
    As long as we have fun that is. 😉

    • Kristen says:

      Hey Adam!

      Love having you here – and people are loving what you wrote (no surprise) thanks for being such a great contributor to the Law of Attraction Key Magazine!


  8. Adam King says:

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world Kristen.
    You have a great group of people here. I’ve received a lot of emails and comments. Really didn’t expect this much feedback and it’s been wonderful!
    Looking forward to contributing more! 🙂

  9. Amy says:

    Thank you for this post. When I first started reading it, I was very upset. The story at the beginning- of the man who typed his last entry into his journal and then closed his computer- surrendering to the belief that we are all alone and there is no God- I was going to go right down to the bottom and write you a comment- asking you why in the world you included this post.

    This is why we have to look at the whole picture before making a judgment- I had to read the whole article to see the main point. Wow! The main point being that we can reach a level of our higher spiritual development where we are able to acknowledge that fact that we are not defined by our emotions, our insecurities, or the assumptions we have made about life. Thank you for reminding me- and everybody else- of this very important fact. I have been working on implementing this practice into my daily life for years- I just didn’t call it by the same name. I have been working on building awareness of my feelings- emotional and physical- without being attached to them. It is a work in progress. One of the issues I tend to face- which is probably the main issue- is being afraid of being judged by people if I open up to them and I’m honest about my insecurities. It’s one thing to admit these things to yourself, and it’s an entirely different thing to admit them to other people. You worry about being viewed as being weird- or weak. I think this is part of the main point of this article- to urge us to not worry about these things. I think this is the comparing mentioned in the article- we compare ourselves to other people- we’re convinced that they are better than we are- they are stronger than we are, etc…- and if you carry that too far, you automatically start putting yourself into a “weird” category. You label yourself as being weird because you have thoughts and feelings that you’re convinced other people don’t have. Of course, if you don’t share those thoughts and feelings with other people, then how will you ever know what they do or don’t experience?

  10. Amy says:

    You’re right, Kristen- we are all one! Just think what a happy world we’ll be living in when everybody realizes this!


  11. Adam King says:

    Very powerful observation, and you’re right. It’s incredible how we allow our emotions to “filter” out our awareness.
    I get asked all the time “how can I get past my suffering, my blindness, my sabotage?”
    The answer is always the same:

    Become someone else so that your memory no longer hinders your awareness.

    It’s really that simple too. This is what my breakthrough with Tessera was. Not only does the awareness of the observer change, but the environment itself will begin to change…right before your eyes.


  12. colin says:

    I think the expression is, “change how you think about things and the things you think about will change”… and this includes the environment in which we live.

    I know this is true because I’ve proven it to myself so many times. Of course there are things we are not in control of, but the way I see it, reality as we experience it is (for the most part) a reflection of what is gong on inside ourselves.

    For example; our beliefs, attitudes, emotions and memories.

    These are all things we can control. In your case Adam, when you chose to be someone else, those things all change which means your perspective changes which in turn changes the world in which you live.

    I know it sounds simple, while in practice it does take. well… practice… lol.

    You start by paying attention. Then when you think you’re paying attention, you pay more attention, and then even more, and even more attention, until you begin to become aware of how your personal perspective controls what your experiences mean to you.

    Once you get to that point you can begin questioning those perspectives and changing them in ways that better support your wishes, desires, intentions and purpose.

    Even the things you really have no control over, you can still change what they mean to you… for example the weather.

    A lot of people don’t like the rain. Well, I live in a rain forest and have I’ve ridden motorcyces all my live. When I first started riding on the street I didn’t much like riding in the rain. I didn’t own a car for the first three years , so was dependent upon my bike as my main mode of transportation and figured I better get over it or get rid of the bike.

    Getting rid of the bike was not an option so I changed my ‘perspective’ about riding in the rain. As soon as I did, I found myself investing in the appropriate riding gear and embracing the rain every time I had the opportunity to ride in it.

    I certainly do prefer riding dry roads, but because of that change in perspective (attitude and belief) I became a very good rider early on and to this day ride throughout the year… and I live in Canada… lol.

    You can apply the same strategy to just about anything. Try it the next time someone does somethng that really pisses you off. Simply put yourself in their shoes as best you can and see the situation from their perspective. In all likelyhood, you will quickly realize that they were only doing the best they could at the time with the understanding they had in that moment.

    You’ll find yourself feeling much more understanding and forgiving… 🙂

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Colin!

      Very cool that you wrote all of this – I’m sure other members of the Law of Attraction Key Community will benefit from your words!


  13. Margot van Aanholt says:

    In one of the posts above Adam King writes “Become someone else so that your memory no longer hinders your awareness.” The first part of that sentence “Become someone else…” is something that I did experience as a child in profound ways. I will share some of it, maybe you will have an aha moment…

    Before the age of 12 I visited two Kindergarten and three schools. And every change meant a change of environment and the people around me. I pretty soon realized, that I was perceived differently with every change. There were skills and knowledge attributed to me that were seemingly absent before. I could have been considered someone who couldn’t draw anything worth mentioning in one place and considered an artist in another. It was not only in that, but also in character. I knew it was not me that they were talking about, but their perception. Although of course I could not put that into words, it taught me that those judgments were theirs.

    Later, as I could put words to it as a teenager, I wrote a text saying that who I “am” depends on the role I play for the other person. I can be perceived as an altruistic helper or as a selfish monster, depending where and when you would see me or who I am interacting with. And I had the idea that my version of myself was the only right one – and that others could only see “a part of me”.

    Little did I know that my version of myself was a compilation of what I considered “the best attributes” that other gave me – I just took over the things I liked and left out those I did not like. It was a great step, not to take what others perceive me to be for truth – but it was not all. I had to make the next step and see through my own perceptions. As the moment came that I could look at myself from every point of view that was offered to me equally, I realized that what all those people reflected to me was my own life’s experience. And that there is no “me” instead all of what I am experiencing now is me – and that I have a choice in every moment out of the richness life has to offer.

    All of this I recognized in Adam’s Tessera. Not because he did put it in there for me – I took it out of the profound experience he offers. I now put a label to my experiences: parallel awareness – and with that I am almost sorry (because the labeling limits the experience for me). To me there is not one parallel awareness – I can take any perspecive I want to. And often it is great to surprise yourself with the perspective you take and ask the question: Who is it, that is talking here – aunt Betty, my neighbor, a teacher – or is it the source that embraces all and gives me a choice to speak the voice I love…

    Adam King created a great community that soon goes live. I am happy to be a part of it. You will hear about it soon, I am sure. Just follow Adam or visit my website.

    Thanks Adam for creating Tessera and Kristin for your way of bringing this to our attention, I like the way you present others by interacting them on a personal and profound level.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Margot!

      I love being able to share people like Adam with you and so appreciate that you commented on how I interact with them – it is my profound joy to be here, doing this, with all of you!


  14. WendyS says:

    Adam, you should write more often. I have been a Tessera member for just over 6 months and have heard you speak many times, but there is something really profound in what you write.

    Thinking of your question about the lion brought to mind something my 2 year old said yesterday. We were on the way home and passed the turn off to the grocery store. He always gets a cookie when we go there, and associates the store with the cookie. He asked me if we were going to get a cookie, and I told him we would go in a few days. Then, a truck turned down that road and he said, “Truck go get cookie?” What I loved about that was realizing that although that road leads to so many places and in fact leads to the interstate, his limited awareness of that road is that it leads to a cookie. He doesn’t know what other wonderful things are farther down that road (the Bounce House, for instance), and if he didn’t have me to guide him he might not ever make it farther than the cookie.

    My awareness is much greater than his, and so is our soul level awareness greater than our physical awareness. When we take the time to connect with it, however we choose to do so (and in my experience, Tessera is the most enjoyable way), then we will find things much grander than what our physical awareness can anticipate. If one road can take my 2 year old past a cookie to the Bounce House (which is Heaven to him), then what might we see if we take our eyes off the cookie and allow our higher self to do the driving?


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Wendy!

      It’s so great to have you here – and yes, I love having Adam as one of our experts, and being able to share him with people here and in my Manifest Everything Now series is one of my great joys in doing what I do!

      Thanks for commenting – I’m excited to hear more from you along your journey!

      You are extraordinary!


  15. Aline says:

    Thanks Adam for this article and thanks Kristen for putting it all together.

    I think the part I struggled with the most in this journey of awareness was that for so long no one I talked to about it got what I was trying to explain – either that or they weren’t interested in pursuing it any further.
    And so it becomes easy to think you’re going slightly mad, when you’re really trying to find a different way of living and perceiving, one which allows you to release judgement and that feeling of being “less than” that someone else referred to further up the thread.
    I’m still relatively new to Tessera, but have had some profoundly moving experiences with it. And in the community Adam created that has already been mentioned, I have found people who understand me and think similarly. It’s great to be part of this whole conversation Kristen, so thanks again. I really appreciate what you are doing.

  16. kathleen donnelly says:

    thank you for sharing this beautifull new rainbow of being in light and love to all let’s enjoy appreciate and share k

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