7 Ways to Let Go of the Past and Free Yourself

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Do you feel haunted by decisions you have made (or haven’t made) in the past?

Do you have a list of things you wish you had never done or said?

Do you feel you missed certain opportunities because you made the wrong decisions?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then your past is holding you hostage. It is time for you to be free, and I have asked Laura Silva to give you 7 steps to free yourself from your past so you can step into your ‘extraordinary’ now.

Don’t wait, read this article, and then put the 7 steps into action in your life. When you do, your freedom will begin.

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“In reliving the past, you

lost the present. It is time

to reclaim your NOW.”

— Kristen Howe

7 Ways to Let Go of the Past and Free Yourself

By Laura Silva

Have you ever replayed past mistakes in your head, over and over again until you make yourself crazy with guilt and regret? Or kept going back in time, wishing you could have a do-over? “If only” is a chain that holds you tied to the past, with a force that prevents you from fully enjoying the present… and freely creating your future. 

Holding on to past hurts – which is what we hold on to long after we should have let go – strains relationships, makes us hesitate when opportunities present themselves, distracts us from work and our loved ones, and keeps us from missing out on the delightful and important moments we are living RIGHT NOW.

Learning to let go and release the past is so liberating, and so healing, you will wish you had learned how to do this long ago. Letting go of people (unhealthy relationships), desires, bad habits, regrets, guilt, limiting beliefs and other thoughts that consume your energy will allow you to move forward with happiness and a peaceful mind.

How to keep from living in the past and missing out on today

(7 Steps) 

1. Meditate. 

Use the centering meditation technique to learn to relax your body and brain, quiet your mind and create a tranquil mental state where the emotions of the past do not pollute the present. Be fully present – focus on your breath, focus on a song or a mantra, and any time your thoughts wander to the past, turn your thoughts to NOW. After some practice you’ll find it easier to direct your mind’s focus and keep it from straying to the past. Don’t know how to meditate?

Download a free Silva Centering meditation here.

2. Be grateful. 

When you can be grateful for everything that has happened, you release those old hurts. Make a real effort to be grateful for the experiences of the past, especially the difficult experiences. How have you grown from them? What did you learn? How have those experiences shaped you? Without these experiences, you would not be who you are today!

3. Tell a new story. 

Incredible as it may sound, you perpetuate the past by telling the same story about yourself. Any time you perpetuate a story about yourself – “I can’t do (blah blah)” or “I’ve never been able to (yadda)” then how can you ever expect improve? You MUST align your speech and your goals. Even if you don’t believe you can achieve your goals yet, you must speak as if you have 100% confidence in yourself. Drill it into your head that your goals are not only possible but achievable by YOU. Simply start telling a new story about yourself. Not in an arrogant or conceited way, of course. Just make your speech reflect your potential, not your limitations. Not much later, you will start believing what you say, and the old limitations of the past will be released.

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4. Forgive. 

Forgiveness does not mean condoning another person’s behavior (or even your own); it means letting go of the burden of anger, guilt, etc. and moving on.

5. Evaluate. 

Think about a past pain and evaluate its usefulness in your life right now. How does that past pain affect you? What problems does it cause? Does it make you happy or unhappy? Does it affect your relationships and interfere with your work? Does it keep you from going for your dreams? If a pain does not serve you well, then say, “I do not need this pain. It belongs in the past.” You’ll need to practice this, but you can completely release the emotional burden of a past event (and still retain the ‘cold hard facts’ of the event in your memory). Use Silva visualization techniques to ‘see’ the old memory without its emotional baggage.

6. Take responsibility. 

You can’t control what another person did or said, but have you taken responsibility for your role in the situation? Shift your mindset from being a victim to being a participant. What might you have done differently? You CAN’T go back and take that action now, so be grateful that you understand the lesson and that you are responsible for your actions, and relegate that memory to the archives. You don’t need to visit it again if you don’t want to.

7. Accept. 

What happened in the past is history. If you carry anger, bitterness, resentment and guilt, IT IS BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO CARRY THEM.

There is a wonderful old story that perfectly illustrates this point:

“Two Zen monks were walking and they came to a wide river. On the riverbank, they saw a young woman, crying because she needed to cross the river but did not know how to swim. She begged the two monks to carry her across the river. The younger monk immediately refused, since he was forbidden to touch a woman.

The older monk didn’t hesitate and without a word, he picked up the young woman and carried her across the river.

The younger monk chastised the older monk for breaking a vow. As they walked, the young monk could not let go of his disappointment in his mentor’s behavior and his tirade continued for many miles until the two stopped for the evening. The younger monk continued his complaining, this time turning it to how tired he was after the long walk.

With a kind look, the older monk said to the younger monk, “It is no wonder you are exhausted! I only carried the woman across the river. You have been carrying her all day.”

You have a choice. While you cannot control the actions of others, you CAN control your response and you can control your choice to hang on.

Final thoughts on releasing the past: What you focus on, expands. Do you want the past to consume your life? Do you want to miss out on life because you’re stuck somewhere long ago and far away? Focus on NOW. Focus on living. Use the Silva mind control visualization exercises to gently but firmly redirect your focus anytime it reverts to its usual “coulda, woulda, shoulda” merry-go-round. You do not need to live in the past. Make that choice today, and Be. Here. Now!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
Have you ever had an opportunity show up in your life, and when it did you thought to yourself, “Oh, that’s why that thing I thought was a mistake happened”?

It happens so often that the positive reason for something that seemed like a mistake is revealed to us LATER.  And I want you to draw power from this.  Any time you find yourself wanting to beat yourself up for something that happened in the past that feels like a mistake, I want you to repeat this to yourself, “I trust that the positive reason for this will be revealed to me in the right time, and with that, I let it go.”

Try it – once you get in this habit,  you will find that it becomes much easier to let go of the past and free yourself to live in the now.

“Thanks Kristen,

I really want to thank you and all the Go Big Coach support groups for all that you did for me in 2012, for your inspiration, encouragement and the strength given to me to achieve all that I did in 2012.

l want you to know that you are a wonderful coach, one that is dependable and reliable. With you this New Year l know l will achieve extraordinary things.

In 2013 l am stepping into my EXTRAORDINARY.

Wishing you and your support group a wonderful NEW YEAR.

My regards. Nathaniel O.”



34 Responses to “7 Ways to Let Go of the Past and Free Yourself”

  1. Colleen says:

    What a truly blessed article !! Thank you so very much !!!!!!

  2. Padmini K says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Its wonderful,Marvelous.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Padmini K

  3. Tam says:

    Belated Happy New Year Kristen! I always enjoy reading your newsletters, and this one hit a note just at the right time so I wanted to say thank you. It can be hard to know the reason behind why something occurred in a moment in the past, only to get an aha moment later on, and that goes for us coaches as well!
    All the best to you

    • Kristen says:

      Hello Tamsin!

      Belated happy new year to you too! I love your comment – it is so true! Thanks for being here and commenting – I look forward to hearing more from you!

  4. Branko says:

    Dear Kristen,

    This is total truth what you’ve written.

    When one practices it and if they do it the way you’ve explained then they are suddenly faced with the moment everything is solved and easy.

    And then they will be faced with another moment of truth, “aha” moment when they are totally aware that the bad feelings from the past were not less not more but only the results of habits and repetition of the same “deja vu” behavioral pattern we are serving to in not that unconscious way.

    Well then with the next minute comes that we should remember it and make upon a strong decision to get rid of that baggage of the past. Normally there is one condition – that we learned out the lesson that baggage should have taught us.

    After all simply we should feel content as the award of real getting job done.

    One small detail – this was the algorithm of steps we shall follow similarly throughout of our life. But with difference that with this approach we will be each time more live and joyful no matter what may come from outside!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi there!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your, very heart felt, comments – that means so much to me and to the Law of Attraction Key Community!

  5. Raymond Hopson says:

    I have been feeling trapped by bad credit, not enough money to make it till the end of the month, a controlling spouse who reminded me of what I don’t do plus totally controlling our money. A few days ago I started looking at universal laws, specifically the law of attraction and focusing on changes. Immediately things started changing. I received a call to come in for an interview for a teaching position, I started receiving great tips on getting my group home business started, including help for starting a web page and marketing on google, a special intro price at a fraction of the actual price because of a special program. I’m on my way back simply by reading and believing. I have much to learn about controlling my own thoughts but I do know that “much produces much more and loss creates more loss” because of our thinking. Thanks for the news letter and keeping in touch. Be Happy Now.

  6. Sunny says:

    That´s what i needed to hear right now. Thank you so much! Namasté and Blessings

  7. wandai says:

    it is a strong subject that you have touched upon. sadly sometimes we may not even be aware of our thoughts and feelings and how much they really affect us, hence we seek a cure on the surface when we haven’t addressed the root cause. it is truly important to understand and then accept so we can let it go and move on.

  8. Valerie says:

    Hi thank you for the inspiration you send me each day it help me on some of those down days. I look forward in 2013 today continue to be on inspired with your mails, keep up the good work and may God richly bless you all thank you. Yours truely Valerie.

  9. ruben sergio says:

    You are right, and of course living is easier with out emotional burdens from de past. I agree as I realized this mayor benefit, I admit completely: understanding is basic in order to grow, to evolve and keep moving, I DECIDE TO live happily in the present creating and achieving my personal goals is my duty my own responsability get the most from the present and future opportunities

  10. Tom Sanchez says:

    Thank you very much, Ms. Silva and Ms. Howe for reminding me of several issues that I’ve had to remember about myself.

    I wish to thank you, Ms. Howe, for many such articles that have given me hope, faith in God, faith in myself, and reminders of my power over my life.

    I wish to do for others what you’ve done for me.

    In the past, I’ve inquired into employment possibilities with Rubbertree, Inc. I got a response from one of the customer service representatives contracted by Rubbertree and other similar companies.

    I would like a response from you, personally, Ms. Howe (not from a contracted representative, as in the past) as to who I am, what my professional experiences have been, and how I can help you and Rubbertree, generally, do for others what you’ve done for me.

    My warmest regards,

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Tom!

      It is great having you here and thank you for your positive comments.

      As far as the employment opportunities – my customer service team always checks with me when they get emails like yours, so you can rest assured I am hearing about it when you email.

      We are not seeking any new employees at this time, but I do thank you for expressing interest in working with us – that means a lot!


  11. aby says:

    I now think of past as old news paper.it is nice to read daily new paper aS life occurs, but no one reads old paper.Our only justifiction is that .[ allpeople all over the world do this.].They wan tto deduct some fool proof way of life.how ro avoid mistakes.The world views old ones as experienced ‘ But I believe that experience, need not be thrre. Life unfolds from within ..By repeated imagination and action life comes into being. Those who dont believe this.live unhappily with what the world already has made….history will not repeat itself as such.The only one real way to live makes one busy making ones own award winning film ofnlife of unlimited budget, which the whole world views.Its the only capacity to imgeine that makes one busy.As one refocuses on essentials three times a day past dont come to mind. aby india

  12. Rosa Muziotti says:

    Very interesting and useful. Thanks

  13. mary says:

    This email about the 7 ways was totally on time foe me today. For give and letting go is the answer.

  14. jan jackson says:

    Kristen, I stumbled upon you a few years ago when I also stumbled on attracting wealth and the law of attraction. You’re articles really hit home with me and I know you’re the real McCoy. I too am pursuing total life transformation in hopes that all I already have experienced and am still learning and attracting to me can benefits others. I’ll be sure to check in from time to time to get some bits and pieces of wisdom to help me on my quest. P.S. I loved the shovelling your shit article. So incredible important to know …. so however reads this make sure you read that article!

    Thanks a Billion…..and a Zillion
    Jan Jackson

  15. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting this article Kristin. It is very needed advice from Laura.
    I find it difficult to drop the things and people from my past I still hanker after.

    Also, if one believes that these things hold one back, isn’t that a self-fulfilling limitation?
    I’m working on a failed relationship right now, and feel that I need closure with a final physical meeting. As that hasn’t happened yet, I still feel that it is bringing negativity into my life.

    Your webinars were a stroke of genius. I love them. Thank you so much for bringing all these different approaches to us..


    • Kristen says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Lisa! And just a quick idea for you about your relationship – many times you can achieve the closure you are looking for by visualizing the physical meeting and taking yourself through the closure that way. I have several clients who have done really well with this approach.

      Also, thanks for your comments about Manifest Everything Now – I love being able to bring that to everyone, so to hear that it is making a difference for you is brilliant – thank you!


  16. Sotiris says:

    I long to do that steps when I will be relaxed. I know that I have stocked in things that happened to me in the past, so I want to feel free and happy. Your advices are precious.

  17. Hi Coach! This Silva article hit the spot! Thanks so much for posting it! I am glad because I enjoy the Silva Method of Centering, and it means much to me that you give it your approval as well.

    I’d like to say that your training, via your programs I’ve bought including SOS, NOW and V
    IP Calls, as well as your blogs and interview series, have taught me so much. Yes, there have been measurable results in my life, in my relationships. I could talk all afternoon about the magnetic power of attraction that has been at work, lol. I believe strongly in your work, and your mission, so I’ve put effort into promoting your programs as an affiliate on Twitter and YouTube, etc. For me it’s not only about Money. It’s about something/someone I believe in!

    I have Big Ambitions, certainly, however I am savoring Life right now, as well. I take more pleasure in quiet moments. I comprehend now the difference between the Wine and the Cup. Can I ever thank you enough?

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kristen Howe!

  18. Vikki says:

    I don’t agree with the forgiveness part. If you forgive then its ok for what they have done to you, when its not. You can’t blame others for your faults and if you can’t except responsibility for your actions, there is no forgiveness!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Vikki!

      I understand where you are coming from in what you said, and I just ask for you to be open to my response…

      Forgiveness (the way I mean it) doesn’t make it “okay” for what someone else has done, but it does allow you to let it go. Typically if you are holding on to the wrong that someone else has done, you stay stuck in that pain while they move on. You deserve to be free from that and forgiveness does that. Again, it doesn’t mean that it is ok, or that it would be ok for them to do it again, In fact, they don’t even need to know you forgave them. Forgiveness is within you and comes from the place that we are all connected energetically and we all falter at times – we have all done things to be forgiven for.

      As I said, it is the person holding onto the pain and the wrong that needs the forgiveness to be free.

      You certainly do not need to agree with this, I just wanted to express this to you to make more clear what I meant.

      I appreciate you!

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