Let me tell you a story…

Years ago I was doing a production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ — picture this…

It is the night when every investor in the theatre guild comes to the show — lot’s of pressure with this particular show and the thing that NEVER happens to me happens…

I’m sick as a dog and more than that…I barely have a voice and the part I play sings the entire story to the audience for 90 minutes…


I’m a trooper…I’ll push past the point when most people are smart enough to stop…but this was different.

I called the producers to my dressing room and told them my voice was almost completely gone and that I didn’t think I would be able to deliver 100%…

They insisted that I go on and agreed to do whatever it took to make that happen INCLUDING lowering some keys, changing a few endings and having some people double my voice in certain sections…


There was a point right before stage when I felt so defeated that my head dropped down and I watched tears hit the floor in front of me…

It was right at that moment that the stage manager walked around the corner…

He put his arm around me and asked me if I was ok…

I told him that it was killing me that on this big night I was no where near 100%…

And then he said it…and this thing he said changed my life in that moment and then again the next day…

This is what he said, “Kristen, relax…you need to realize that your 50% is most people’s 100%.”


Ok…here’s how it changed my life that night…

It gave me the courage to go out there and know that for that night, 50% was going to be enough.

Here’s how it changed my life the next day…

I realized that I NEVER again wanted to live my life at 50% just because I could get away with it.

Here’s the thing…

Sometimes all you have is 50% and that’s enough!


When you have 100% to give and you only give 50% because no one will notice…

Who are you really hurting?

Are you getting away with something or are you stealing from yourself?

Leave me a comment right now and tell me if you are ready to give 100% even if you can get away with less…

Leave me a comment and tell me why you MUST live at the 100% version of yourself…

Do it now…this is your life and you deserve for it to be extraordinary!

Go Big!


48 Responses to “100%”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Interesting story, Kristen, but I don\’t think not giving 100% (which I do all the time, anyway, because that\’s just who I am) is the source of my current situation. What I see around me is people letting me and others down, because they have given up on themselves or think they can get away with it.

    What I would ask is, how can I change my attitude so that either I don\’t attract those people anymore, or can inspire them to give more of themselves and help them and me reap the rewards that would result?

  2. Camayel says:

    I am sooooo ready to give 100%! Especially after reading this post. I was thinking earlier today that out of all the things I have done with my life so far (nothing too big) I have never worked hard or pushed myself beyond a certain level. Now that I am sooooo ready to work and push myself, I am lost as to what to work on! I need somthing. But now that I realized that my 50% is another person 100%, I don’t want to take advantage of my gifts. Thanks a million Kristen!

  3. Linda says:

    WOW… That is it, Because I want to give the best and I give my best at that time, always I want to give more, so my reaching will never be reached if I can’t stop and see where I have been, acknowledge accomplishments, appreciate what I have,enjoy really enjoy.
    Happiness is loving everything you have.
    Thank you for making me see how I take from me.

  4. Pete says:

    I know how you felt! -I performed in Joseph in Sydney Australia and it is a full-on production
    You are right it is time toget off the couch and follow those dreams and make them a reality!!

  5. Bernard says:

    To thine own self be true. Absolutely!, you can´t fool yourself , right?
    By the way … how did the play go???
    Investors were happy?
    A case of `footprints in teh sand´ as so often happens….
    Take care

  6. Bernard says:

    The heart with which we do things is the most important point. Technical brilliance with no heart is empty.

  7. Rev George Wesley Tagoe says:

    yes I am stealing from myself,I am encourage to my full potential to impact my world

  8. Vicki says:

    Truthful it took me years to change my life. I always took the easy way out and cheated myself for so many years and look where it got me. I learned that my 50% isn’t good enough I have to give 100%

  9. emad khoury says:

    BUT Why MUST I live at the 100% version of MYself ? EVEN THE OTHERS DO NOT deserve THE 50%!

  10. Steve says:

    Hi Kristen:

    I’m tired at living at LESS than 50%. I’m hurting myself and my family.

    Tonite I’m giving my first writing workshop.

    I’m giving 100% tonite, and to my writing career (any assignments, projects, marketing, etc).

    Thanks for the jolt!


  11. tracy says:

    i always give 100%. that’s how i was brought up. regardless of who is watching, you must do your best for your own personal satisfaction. though, in my case, it is also because i am a christian and i try to live the example, rather than just talk it.

    i have to admit, in the past few years, i’ve noticed that most people i come in contact with do as little as they possibly can. i find this extremely frustrating, because i give it 100% and because i do so, people tend to come to me with work or issues to solve. working with people that do as little as they possibly can, and then having more work piled on me because i do my share and then some, really makes me angry. it seems so unfair to me. to add insult to injury, these same folks are the first to complain about their workload. it boggles my mind. sigh.

  12. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I found this really interesting – because I\’m sure it\’s true of myself. It\’s a learned behaviour and I only realized it when it was pointed out to me and someone showed me a better way. I am so much happier like this! I can\’t tell you. The only thing that worries me is I find it easy to forget my new behaviour and need my friend to keep me at it. How can I get so that I can do this by myself. Thanks for your part in all this – you\’re inspiring.

  13. Janelle says:

    Honestly, I haven’t been presented that question before. I think I’ve been giving about 60%. I am grateful you’ve given me something to think about, and yes, I am re-committing myself to give %100. Thanks, Kristen

  14. Athanasi Sarantopoulos says:

    If, in the process of stealing from ourselves, we learn something, we can wind up appreciating the experience. When our faith and purpose are steady and continuous, we have an easier time staying in the present and on the path of our true heart’s desires.

  15. Justene says:

    I think it is a lifestyle. I have never been one to give all and therefore I have never gotten the success I dreamed of. I pray there is hope for one who has always had good intentions, but bad behavior. I think we are taught from a young age that the ultimate goal is to be able to retire and do nothing. Technology keeps us striving to come up with ways to do less. How do we learn to push past what we have been taught?

  16. Sean says:

    I think it is important to give a 100% not only for me but for the people around me. Being a good example is important to me and who knows it just may rub off on to someone else. ;]

  17. Hello Kristen,

    Great story. Giving 100% is what I strive for on a daily basis.

  18. Sebastian says:

    It’s very exciting for me to get this message right in this time. Just these days I’m turning up to xy%(going to 100).
    Reflecting the last years of my life made me realize that I wasted time by giving only 50% for the only reason that noone asked for more and I got away with it and now reading exactly this message… that’s the LoA. With each day on my new way I’m feeling better and better running on 80, 90, 100%, thanks for this backing on my way …
    Greetings from Trier, Germany.

  19. Martin Koopman says:

    I know those moments of having to face complete anihilation… and then it does not happen. Instead, the very thing that you have hoped for, dreamed about and wished for does happen. I wonder hwo or what can drive us to a place where our best is really not good enough…in the eyes of those we seek to please or hold onto.

    I ma learning and embracing the fact to know what is good enough for me. And yes, I can give 100% for me even if it is just 50% for others. Its alright. Its OK.


  20. Dhyana says:

    Wonderful story!!
    Thank you much, Kristen, for this!
    You know, I alwways said that is in my essence for give everythime 100%.
    And , sometimes, I was upset on me, because doing in this way, many people came to me only because they just knew they can receive without asking anything in change.
    And for many times I was hurt by this kind of people.
    But I realize that I made a mistake, because I gave them 100%, saying that I don’t expect anything in change, but feeling myself hurt by their actions, it seems that I expected something in change…even if was only their gratitude or a simple thank you…
    And I realized that, maybe, that person is in need and Universe know where to send it for receive, or maybe I just have something from a past life-which I am not aware – to solve with that person who come to me…or maybe I have something to balance in my life, or change…and this is the way that Universe chose for doing this…
    So, I believe that nothing is no reason.
    And I believe that be an open heart and give 100% is the best, no matter what it is about.
    And the others reaction of this…is not my business because everything we do, say or think , later or sooner, come back to us.
    I say: fill in love and kindness your life, give others without expecting anything, and will receive back for thousand times more!
    I send my Love for you, all!!
    Be well and be blessed!
    And, not at last : Have Trust!
    Universe always know everything!!

  21. Kyra says:

    I read this post and burst into tears. Not living at 100% is what is keeping me from moving forward. It truly is the one thing stopping me. I would love to see a post about WHY we choose 50%. When we know 100% will give us the life of our dreams, what keeps us from going there? I want to live at 100% sooo badly, so why am I not? There’s some truth to the “association” factor, but I can’t blame others for my lack of follow-through. Organization challenges are another roadblock. But I think it all comes down to letting the HOW stop me in my tracks instead of just committing to doing the next step, whatever it is. Thanks Kristen. This post was a needed inspiration for me.

  22. Dale Evans says:

    So going to the gym (my son’s) and having him set workout programs and expecting me to meet them, without his supervision, means I either go all the way, stop when I can’t go on or fluff through to finish. So, I put my head down and work through the physical by stepping up the mental. Game over!

  23. Chris says:

    I must admit I find this subject of % effort really bizarre. I so often see in the press that people are giving 110%, 150%, 300% etc and that they are giving so more than the next person ( I have noted that these are typically almost exclusively from people from 1 country). I fnd this so bizarre. No one can give more than 100% on any day time frame etc.

    I agree that 100% on one day will be more or less than another than day depending on circumstances, health, psycology, mindset, environment etc…. Why not KISS (Keep It Simple) and just to commit to giving your best every day in what ever circumstances you find yourself in ? The idea of settling for less on a particular day, doesnt gel with me. I think we should give of our best in whatever we do in everything we do and make this into a habit …. You do this people recognise you for it (trust me I was the busiest person in my department but people always came to me when things needed to be done …) The other thing to remmember is balance in your life beween work, family, friends, health and fitness, personal development, travel and spiritual, now that is the challenge, giving 100% every day in all areas is a challenge I have not yet mastered …. to achieve balance is to achieve ‘at one ment’ or enlightment so to speak…. I wish you all great balance in your lives as well as the simple committment to give of your best always …. 🙂

  24. Ron says:

    It’s amazing how few of us even give 50%. We all have so much potential, much more than we are even aware of.

  25. Alfredo says:

    Kristen. Usually my 50% is others 100% and when I go my 100% I even surprise myself and I feel great. However I’am so used to give my 50% and to live in my confort zone that I have to have a very good reason to give my 100% not being enough the reward of feeling good with myself. I wish I could perform naturally and continuously at a 100%. I may not be ready to commit to give my 100% in everything I do right now, but I will definitely start asking WHY I am not doing it if I desire it so much?

  26. Ron Owens says:

    I worked for the government many years ago. I was chastized for giving 100% because it made the other employees look bad. That was when I decided to own my own business and give it all I could give. The result has been success in business and an opportunity to help others.

  27. Mark says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I read Rosemary’s comment and that surely fits. I am surrounded by people who give up. It makes it difficult to be positive when your surrounded. I have to keep moving forward regardless.
    Thank You.

  28. Migen L. Osorio says:

    Dear Kristen,
    I give it all I’ve got, everything that I get into. But I have gone only as far as 85%. I am now ready to go 100% with your admonishing me to GO BIG. I am a writer, painter, and psychologist. As a writer I wear many hats. I am a freelance writer, a poet, an essayist, a novelist,a short story writer, and was once a copywriter. As a painter, so far, I had had three solo exhibits of oil paintings. As a psychologist, I headed the guidance office of a university. I have been into so many things as you can see.
    My only wish early on was to be able to say “I have no regrets,” a sentence I read from a feature article in a magazine about my mother’s best friend, Leonila D. Garcia, a former First Lady of the Philippines, the late wife of President Carlos P. Garcia.
    As a freelance writer I get to meet many distinguished Filipinos. And I am enriched by all of them.
    We Filipinos have many things going for us but we tend to downgrade ourselves. I do not want to add to the din so I write about what is good in us Filipinos.
    We Filipinos have yet to truly appreciate our intelligence, creativity, and talents. We tend to think small as the Filipino National Artist Nick Joaquin once observed.
    Yes, Kristen, now you can see why I still have to go big. We Filipinos think in terms of smallness. It is taking time but I am encouraged by your proddings for me to GO BIG! It is just a matter of time.
    Thank you for everything.
    Very truly yours,


  29. I agree our 50% is most peoples 100%.

  30. Claudie says:

    Hi Kristen

    It would be nice to think that we could give 100% all the time but somehow this is not alaways possible. However as long as we give that is OK as far as I am concerned.

    What is annoying, is when people give up without even trying. Just coming out of our comfort zone and having “a go” is a positive what ever the percentage is.


  31. Sirkku says:

    Many tanks for you! I know and I feel you are 100% and the most people are 50%. It´s .. clear now. I were surprised, why I´m so stuck and very bad feeling. The reason is ít´s only 50%. And I´m sorry my english is too only 50%!

  32. PANSY PIERCE says:


  33. Kevin Sloan says:

    Great Story Kristen ! Living by ONLY GIVING 50% results in a hollow , lost LIFE !!! I believe in giving your all EVERY DAY !! And feel guilty when I do not ! People who only give 50% are only half living , and wander around aimlessly thru life wondering why they have this hollow feeling in their stomach !They are only half alive ! I couldn’t imagine living like that ! I can also say that if i had lived my life by only giving 50% , that I would have NEVER EVER come back from a life changing surgery that RE-ENFORCED that 100% is WHAT YOU SHOULD BE GIVING EVERYDAY ! I have Crohns Disease and ended up after an 8 hour surgery with a colostomy !! Life changing , ” YOU BET” , I refused to consider that the colostomy was going to be there for the rest of my life . PERIOD ! END of the STORY ! NO WAY ! NOT to ME ! Two more operations and 9 months later , NO MORE COLOSTOMY !! 17 years later , NO COLOSTOMY !! Was I depressed , YES , was I suicidal YES , but if I had only given 50% , I wouldn’t be able to write this story . 50% is , and I know about ” is the glass , half empty or half full , but 50% is HALF DEAD ! Thanks for reading the novel . And Thanks Kristen for giving me the oppurtunity to share with others my novel !

  34. Babalwa says:

    I’m guilty of this one, I always give 50 or 60%, I’m scared of the limelight and being above others, but I realise that I’m cheating myself and the world of my true potential. I always regret this at the end. Right now, I’m going to give 100% everywhere I go and in whatever I do

  35. Roberto says:

    That 100% stuff is a complex issue. I know what you mean by giving 100%, however we will be getting burned out at pushing the envelope all of the time. So what is the solution to preventing the burnouts? Giving 100% to only the things, events, people, projects we really care about. Tell us.

  36. Antoinette says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Agreed, it’s only 100% that’ll get one 100%. How do i give it when my spirit’s in ‘depress mode’? I’d love to enrol in your ‘Go Big’ courses but being broke 99% of the time, makes it nigh impossible..

    I wish you 100% of the best in your great coaching programmes so that you shall always make a Big difference!

  37. Ayman Baroudi says:

    you are the real one the great and top honest,
    we all love you and will keep loving you even if you give only 1%

  38. Rebecca says:

    This was inspiring and there are no coincidences in this world! I had just done a couple of “rounds” of tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) on stepping up my game in every area of my life and letting go of struggle, suffering and all forms of victimhood. Because that’s what all struggle is…believing in our own story about what a victim we are and believing in our inability to change it. Well, I KNOW I can change my life and am well on my way! Thanks!

  39. Andy says:

    lol This is a tough one for me to think of but I think I figured out a few stories of mine lol.

    Alot of times when I do things for the first time, I’m usually nervous or worried sort of like your story Kristen. ^_^

    So, alot of times I think that I’m perhaps 50% although I’m aiming for 100% when I aim for my goals. But what you said makes alot of sense Kristen and raises my determination more as I aim for my goals. Thank You & Go Big (I love that quote lol)! ^_^

  40. bart says:

    To really make it 100% in todays world whe you get to 50% your half way to 100%. Nothing comes easy but any one can get the 100% when needed.
    Quiting for me is not an option even when i know there people around whom would do what ever it takes to keep me from by creating falls believes is one my ticket to step it up and take it to the next level.
    But sometimes i still find out to be looking for diffirent means due much is done online.


  41. Kristen,
    I am not giving 100% although I am capable of it. Your story hits home, thank you for sharing it. I’m hiding behind my fears…this has to stop!

  42. Patty says:

    Right on, Kirsten! I recently recommitted to myself to go for it, do whatever it takes, and to play 100% for Me, My Life, My Work, My Clients. I’m on the field and I am flying. Also, going for less than 100% is playing a mediocre, lame game. Allowing others to pull you along on worse, being in the bleachers and not playing at all. Here’s to a 100% Game!

  43. mbakwa says:

    Hi Kristen
    Its really sad to know you have 100% and are just giving away 50%. The point is I really do not think I have that much. I would love to give the 100% if I could. This reminds me of my tithes. I have never given tithes but for fund raising. I just turn around and think what I have is not even enough and so why give some out. The good book says give and the gates of heaven will be open to me but I still do not have the courage. I do pray Kristen that I may even be able to give that 50% and avoid stealing from my self. Many thanks Kriten.

  44. Kristen: Thank you for your encouragement. I have always strived to be at 100%, but after my 5-way bypass (April, 2009)sometimes I thiink I’m at 25%.
    I guess I’m a has been.I have accomplished a lot in my life, but it’s a struggle to accomplish a lot anymore.I like your messages, but I’m just not there yet. I think I had a confidence-ectomy with
    my surgery. I’m 79, but i’m still trying.

  45. Gerardo says:

    Thanks again for your guidance, it has cleared many questions, I’ve had for a long time, about how much we all give of ourselves, in all walks of life. The one question that still lingers in my mind , is this, lets say in a relationship, you know you’re giving 100%, and you feel that the other person, is not giving you the same energy, or lets say in a business relationship the same scenario, my question is should I continue giving 100% of my self? and I believe you will awenser yes but anyway , any feedback is appreciated

  46. Jane says:

    Hi Kirsten, there are two messages here – I love paradox. What resonates with me is that I can easily be too hard on myself – it was a beautiful moment of forgiving yourself when you heard that what you had to give was ‘enough’. I also hear that it’s great to give up excuses, limiting beliefs and reasons why not to contribute fully to the moment. The synthesis of your message, as I perceive it, is to release whatever is in the way from giving yourself fully to life.

  47. Gayla says:

    I am so ready to give 100%. I actually have no choice in the matter. If I could give 200% of me, I would. I have always stayed in my comfort zone, giving only half of myself because I didn’t want to overshadow my friends and family. I’ve always pushed myself back, to lift everyone else up and it’s got me no where. However, I’ve had some successes in my life and feel if I had ever given 100%, I would now have everything my heart ever desired. I have lived and learned. Now is the time to give my all because it’s my time!

  48. wealth creator says:

    all human beings need to give 100% because we each have ONE life to live.

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