The Language of Manifestation – Step 1 of 3

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I am so excited, because I asked the amazing, Brennan Smith, to join us and write about the Language of Manifestation and he said ‘Yes!’ – AND, even better than that, he agreed to write about the 3 steps of manifestation in 3 different articles.

So, make sure you go through this article and then next week you will get step 2 and the week after that you’ll get step 3.  This is such a great way for you to be able to easily incorporate these 3 manifesting steps into your life. I know you are going to experience some amazing things because of this!

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“The Universe offers guidance – the mind offers assistance to follow that guidance. The mind is NOT here to guide you, it is here to assist. Your awareness of this will quiet your mind chatter and open you up to the true and infinite guidance of the Universe.”

— Kristen Howe

The Language of Manifestation

Step 1 of 3

By Brennan Smith

Words are an incredibly powerful force of creation.

Every time you speak or think a word, you are taking an action, and it is inside the energy of action that manifestation happens. In action, the Universe can co-create with you.  Which means those 50,000 words you think or speak or type each day are a manifestation goldmine.

Let’s make them powerful.

You probably already know that the 3 major steps to manifestation are:

1: Define your vision

2: Affirm / visualize your vision as true now

3: Take inspired actions aligned with your vision.

Language is a huge part of all 3 steps.

This entire article is centered around Step 1: Define Your Vision. We’ll make sure your vision is declared using potent language.

Here are 4 tips for creating a vision with powerful language:

1: It leaves out the “how”: a vision is an empowered space for “who” (you are) and “why” (you exist). Your projects and goals (“how” you’re manifesting your vision) come later.

Sample Vision: I am fully alive, and inspire others to feel fully alive.

The “who” is a fully-alive you, and the “why” is to inspire others. Now you can choose projects that are aligned with that. 

2: Speak in “committed I am’s”: a vision stated powerfully is a vision that is you. You are a living commitment of the vision you choose. Therefore, write the vision as a declaration of being who you choose to be in the world.

Sample Vision: I am honesty, empowerment, and love.

Once this vision is declared, everything you do or say either matches the framework of the vision or not. Makes decisions easy, right?

Great! Now let’s move on to tips 3 and 4…


“Manifestation Success”
lays the foundation for
successful manifesting
within your mind…


3: It lights you up: the language of a powerful vision turns you on, stokes your fire, and zzzings through all your senses. If it’s your first time writing a vision, write one that just plain feels good, and then let it get more zzzingy over time. 

Sample Vision: I am a bodyguard for Mother Nature and all her beauty.

If you love nature then the language in this vision speaks volumes. If not, then this isn’t your vision! Declare yours!

4: It’s bigger than you: a powerful vision speaks to something big – something so bold you can’t accomplish it on your own. It might even be so big & exciting that it scares you, which is awesome.

Sample Vision:  The people of the world live in peace.

That’s a huge vision. It’s so huge that it requires you to enroll other people to help, which multiplies the amount of energy generated. Can you say, “shortcut?”  Yep.  Powerful.

Your vision can now expand, through affirmation and inspired action. In those posts, we’ll play with advanced language! If you need support along the way, we’re here to help.

I have one final tip for you today…

Declare your vision to anyone who will listen.

Mine is: I consistently awaken myself and other amazing people to the fun, adventure, love, and fulfillment of inspired action. Zzzing!!!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I love Tip 4 from Brennan’s article – “It’s bigger than you” and I want to get into that some more with you right now because this is so important.Why?

Because all too often people come up with a vision based on what they think is *really* possible. The challenge with that is this, “what we think is *really* possible in any given moment is reported to us from the limited, conscious mind.

And if we ‘play it safe’ with our vision and only go for what our conscious mind thinks is possible, we won’t be excited enough. Excitement and enthusiasm call to the limitless power of the Universe.

So, just play with this – come up with the vision that excites you to your core – even if you can’t see how it would be possible. Suspend your disbelief and know that everything is possible when you tap into the power of the Universe.

“Thank you for everything you share with me. You’ve helped me so much with your info and advice, that the only way I have to pay you back is sharing your fantastic input with other people in need.

Big thanks for your magnificent spirit and I promise I will make you proud someday!


Angel Z.”



46 Responses to “The Language of Manifestation – Step 1 of 3”

  1. Sneska says:

    Just “wow” !!!! The best vision explanation so far!

    Thank you both 🙂

  2. Evelyne says:

    Very powerful tips, specially the 4th one. Its bigger then you. Thank you for the reminder and the multiple gift. Evelyne from a French island afar from where you live. Warm regards.

  3. Tameem Saied says:

    Very good tips Brennan, many thanks!
    And thanks Kristen for requesting Brennan Smith to explain these manifestation tips in a brief and coherent way.

  4. korby says:

    Thanks so Much for sharing these tips, I will put these tips to use!! I am going to focus on what I want and go for it. I appreciate the advice because I am wanting to cross paths with my soulmate and I am visualizing him and what our life with him will be like and focusing on That!!


    Korby K

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Korby!

      That’s wonderful – and here’s something you can as well – focus on treating yourself how you want your soul mate to treat you. Give yourself that same level of respect and love!

      It’s great having you here!

  5. ROBERT says:

    This is highly exciting and great to have someone simplify things so I can now focus on one thing na dnot hundreds of others. mine is


  6. Eddie Gallego says:

    I know all you say is possible. Trying to close the door and letting go of old negative beliefs and experiences is the hard part.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Eddie –

      Stick with me on my answer here, because I completely understand your struggle – but “what if trying to close the door and let go of old beliefs wasn’t hard, what if it wasn’t a struggle, what if it was fun?” It’s a shift to approach it this way, but can you see how when you do, you are instantly telling a different story?

      I believe in you!


  7. Susan says:

    INSPIRING! Feels so right – many thanks for bringing my focus back to what is important and inspiring me to dream BIG!

  8. Tom Sanchez says:


    As always, you bring people and words that inspire me and erase my doubts when I need them the most.

    Thank you and Brennan for this article. As one poster said earlier, this is the clearest explanation of setting a vision I’ve ever come across.

    Thank you both!

  9. Nigel says:

    Wow! A real eye opener – at last I am gritting rid of my cynicism and learning to live. Thanks Kriisten for awakening mr.

  10. Karin says:

    Thank You for this Kristen! I have to get back to this inspireing information many times,
    so it sticks in me .. :))

    Love and Light

  11. Azad says:

    Great articles.
    As I was reading this article, it seems that Vision & Purpose is the same. If they are, what is the best way of finding out what your purpose is in this life?
    I constantley keep asking my self that question.

    Thank you.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi there!

      Here’s the difference (as I see it) between Purpose and Vision – Your Purpose is what you are passionate about and what you are here to add to the world. Your Vision is the way(s) you will deliver on and live your purpose. As to finding your purpose, I actually have 2 articles I wrote that might really help you: and – you can copy and paste those 2 URLS in your browser and please read them in the order I gave them to you.

      If you are in my VIP Inner Circle ( ), there is also a whole module dedicated to purpose. If you aren’t in the VIP Inner Circle, the 2 above posts should get you started.


  12. Peter says:

    I sincerely appreciate all these enlightenment. Yep, am helped, am lifted, am honored and gratified through your word….I will keep on speaking because there is power in it.

  13. Charles says:

    Good info appreciate that

  14. fow says:

    hi kristen…from deep inside my soul i thank
    you for charinarg your time with allpeople.around the. helped me to see deep inside thanks very much………………………………..fow

  15. Lydia says:

    Inspiring Information Indeed!! Thank you so much Kristen for inviting Brennan Smith to explain these manifestation tips in the simplest way. I now understand and am revisiting my vision. Thank you!!!

  16. carl says:

    thanks kristen I still practice this I lost another 10 pds I got another raise at work and my dr sd my blood pressure is no long high things are looking up keep posting this info

    and Im stil having problums of letting go for my ultimate goal

  17. Micah says:

    I never thought of doing that, just like the comment I left on Kristens facebook page, I cant remember which one it was but it was to the effect of thinking the negative things are easy, brilliant. Why have I all the sudden started noticing all this stuff ? That’s feels kinda weird being able to do that. Am I crazy or something ? I used to look for these statements and rarely found one, Im really kinda confused. I do feel that something big is in the cards for me soon, I dont know what it is, but I have an extremely strong feeling.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Micah!

      It’s great to see you here AND on my facebook page 🙂

      It seems to me that you aren’t crazy, you are just shifting! And that is exciting!


  18. olaitan oluwole says:

    wonderful way to start this month thanks for the insight and vision tips.,Kristen,Brennan Smith Welldone

  19. Cathy V says:

    Nice tips. The words we use to describe things make all the difference.We are creating all the time and to be aware of what we are saying gives us much more power.You have a comforting voice Kristen that is easy to listen to. Thanks for your encouragment

  20. Mansoura says:

    wow, that wonderful staff. you Kristen, you helped me a lot. i now start to realise myself in life. Keep it up.

    Thank you


  21. Rob Wortmann says:

    I now am financially flourishing & debt free which allows me the freedom to nourish and assist the growth of thousands of people.

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  23. Rashmi says:

    So reassuring and inspiring , I had been shying away from stating my vision thinking it is too pompous !! 🙂 But now I know I am meant to be what I have so wanted to visualize yet denied it !!

    Here’s mine :


    This truly has been my hearts desire since I was a child , so I know that’s exactly what is going to happen. The difference now is that I believe in it instead of thinking of it to be a pipe dream of mine !!

    As I said it and visualised it , I had a realisation that it is the other way round. It is not that we manifest what desire , but we desire what we are meant to have anyway. Our soul already knows why we are here and reminds us through creating this desire in us.


  24. Thea Khama says:

    I am a living light of love.
    I am breath of heaven ; strength of stone.
    I am a bridge and a guide between the realms of heaven and earth. My goal is to continue to uphold all beings in remembering their way between heaven and earth and to turn tumultuous inner turmoils into peaceful crossings.
    I am manifesting my dream of creating a world-renowned sanctuary for white lions in Botswana in conjunction with Thaba Ya Moya – A Serenity Sanctuary – comprising of: a 5-star eco lodge, healing arts centre, Teen Spirit life Empowerment workshops, artist community, African wildlife sanctuary, organic farming and education, recreation and research centres co-existing in an eco-friendly environment.

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