The Language of Manifestation – Step 2 of 3

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Drumroll please – it’s time for Step 2 of the Language of Manifestation series from Brennan Smith. I’m excited by the response from Step 1 and can’t wait to take it to the next level with Step 2 today.

You’re going to love this – for those of you that have wondered exactly how to create affirmations that work, this article is a MUST read – Brennan gives you examples and explains everything is the most straight forward and simple way, so that, even if you have struggled with affirmations in the past, you are going to GET this and start using them powerfully from this moment forward!

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“What you declare to the Universe

with complete conviction and

faith is bound to come forth.”

— Kristen Howe

The Language of Manifestation –

Step 2 of 3

By Brennan Smith

We’re exploring language as an action you take 50,000 times a day in your thoughts and conversations and emails – 50,000 daily opportunities for the Universe to co-create with you!  Step 1 was all about Declaring Your Vision, with powerful language. (If you haven’t gone through the article with Step 1, click here to read it now).

Once you have gone through Step 1, you are ready for Step 2… 

Step 2: Visualize and Affirm your Vision 

So picture your vision as a young sapling tree, and see affirmations and visualizations as nutrients in the soil. Language would be the roots – the communication system delivering strength to your vision.

Weak affirmation language = weak roots, weak vision, and short-lived motivation.

Strong affirmation language = life and power and sustainability for your vision as it evolves and grows and expands (the best visions are always expanding, because you are too!)

Here are 4 Keys to Writing Powerful Affirmations: 

1 – Declare your truth by what it is: and leave out what it’s not. 

Ever heard a well-meaning affirmation that goes, “I am stress-free and illness-free?” That’s called declaring who you’re not. Instead, declare who you are. 

Example: My body is healthy and strong. I feel vibrant and alive! 

This is a powerful language law for everyday use. In all your conversations and thoughts, put the focus in the direction of what is. 

2 – Declare that it’s true now: declare who you are and what you do in the present tense. 

Some people write affirmations like a holiday wish-list. For example, “I want to have ___________________.” Want all you want . . . the power is in the “I am.” That puts the affirmation in the future, and for the affirmation to be effective, it MUST be in the present tense (not the future). 

Example: I am a successful entrepreneur, who serves my clients impeccably. 

Who you are, and what you do. Bam.  That’s got manifestation magic in it.

Now let’s move on to tips 3 and 4…


“Manifestation Success” –  
You *really* can successfully
manifest within your mind…”


3 – Include the language of emotion: 

It will add a ton of zest to your visualizations when you feel the sensations of victory and accomplishment, and these same emotions belong in your affirmations. 

Example: I am more inspired and fulfilled with every step on my journey of life. 

Everyone has their favorite emotion words. Play with a bunch of different ones, and see what feelings really grab you with a smile. 

4 – Affirm you’re committed to mastery: 

Most folks have felt that some of their affirmations seems too far-flung or impossible. What they’re really experiencing is having an affirmation that isn’t backed by commitment. When the spirit of “no matter what” is built in, the affirmation can be bold and exciting. 

Example: I am a world-class facilitator. My daily practices bring fun & excellence! 

Masters practice daily. Speak that commitment into existence, and the co-creative force of the Universe will match you and bring miracles into possibility. It’s awesome. 

We both know that daily visualization and affirmation are the key communicators between vision (possibility) and results (reality). So build reminders into your day – digital pop-ups, saying an affirmation and high-fiving a photo of yourself every time you walk past it, vision boards, or whatever is fun for you – and do your affirmations & visualization.

Just like your vision, you’ll want to declare your affirmations to others frequently, and get feedback. These affirmations were some of ours. BOO-YAH! Go declare yours!!

See you next time for Step 3!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I love Tip 4 from Brennan’s article – “Include the language of emotion”.


Because (and you have heard me say this 1 million times)…

Emotions ALWAYS win!

When you infuse your affirmations or anything else with powerful words that you have a strong, positive, emotional attachment to, you set yourself up for unstoppable momentum, joy and success. Play around with words to discover what words have the most positive charge FOR YOU. And that’s the important part. The emotional charge we have with words is a very personal thing.

Just because I get REALLY charged up about a word doesn’t mean you do, and vice versa. There are no right words or wrong words. What matters is that you discover which words make you feel great and excited and full of positive energy. If a word makes you feel just “Eh” then it doesn’t have a strong enough positive emotional charge for you.

This can be fun – so have fun with it!


I have been working on energy and vibration level since I started your course a few weeks ago, and every day is a great day!



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  1. djim says:

    “Thanks a lot, Kristen, for these precious articles, they are life changing” djim

  2. Darren Pugh says:

    Thank you, a fab article.

    I am currently having a lot of fun using an affirmation that generalises the qualities i wish to embody and that that doesn throw up a load of internal friction or resistance from my current belief system because i am not actually making any bold statements such as “I am”…..

    I just repeat in an easy going fashion and with feeling- Relaxed, Confident, Successful.

    This is a great way to practice being “open” and “receptive” to empowering suggestion.

    Please feel free to adopt it as your own if it resonates with you!! All the best, Darren.

  3. angie says:

    SO TRUE on the “I want” verses ” I AM” word choices are so important and energetic vibrations. I am blessed to be apart of your newsletters!!!

  4. belynnda says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Thanks for bringing us these articles. I am doing my affirmations daily, and always love when I hear
    that I am on the right track. It is true about the emotions. Sometimes I get so excited about my business, that I can’t stand it! I try to keep that emotion going when I am doing my affirmations. It feels good!


  5. Geraldine says:

    i really enjoy reading these articles. I get so excited and I feel as if the world is at my feet just waiting for me to reach out and touch it.

    Thank you for inspiring me

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