3 Steps to Attract Money Fast (Part 1)

Right now, most people are flying through their lives feeling the need to attract money fast. There is panic in the air, people feel like they are drowning and have nothing to hold onto.

Are you one of these people? If so, you are certainly not alone…

Believe me, there is a way out…

In fact there are 3 steps to attract money fast…

BUT I’ll tell you now; these 3 steps will probably go against all of the instincts you have.

Let me explain…

When you feel like you need to attract money fast, you are normally in a state of panic, it could be a very small state of panic, it could be overwhelming, but if you feel like you need something fast there is urgency.

When you feel urgent, the instinct is to push and try to make things happen or figure things out. When most people feel like they need to attract money fast the 3 steps they try to use are what I call the 3 C’s:

  1. Complain
  2. Cut Off
  3. Constrict & Conserve


Imagine this, a guy goes into work and gets laid off from the job he was certain he would have until he retired. Panic sets in and I guarantee you, the first thing he does is start complaining, about his boss, the injustice, the economy, the president, the guy that he thinks pushed him out etc. etc. etc.


Then what does he do? He gets angry, his ego is bruised, he needs to figure out how he is going to take care of himself and his family and he immediately cuts off and closes off and withdraws into himself. If anyone tries to talk to him he probably shuts them out, doesn’t pay attention or gets annoyed.


The last step is the kicker, he is so focused on his new ‘lack of money and need to make money fast’ that he starts to think of all the ways he can protect himself, cancel cable, never go out, eat out, go shopping, see friends etc. etc. etc. He completely constricts himself and starts conserving…he literally goes into ‘Starvation Mode’ for money.

This process seems completely natural right? I mean he has himself and his family to protect so he better buckle down, cut his losses, crawl into his cave and figure out how he can fix this and force it to be better…



The 3 C’s only serve to make the situation worse…Are the 3 C’s completely natural? YES…but will they serve to help you out of your situation quickly? NO…

The 3 Steps to Attract Money Fast require you to step out of your comfort zone and go against survival instinct. The 3 Steps to Attract Money Fast are what I call the 3 G’s.

These 3 Steps may sound ‘Woo Woo’ and even completely ridiculous. All I can do is give you these 3 steps and ask you to try them and give them an honest shot the next time you need to attract money or anything fast.

If the 3 C’s have been working for you, by all means, stick with them…but if they haven’t then the 3 G’s are worth a try don’t you think?

We’ll get into the 3 G’s next post…make sure you come check it out!

Go Big!


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23 Responses to “3 Steps to Attract Money Fast (Part 1)”

  1. LOA says:

    Hey Charlie!

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    Go Big!

  2. Steve says:


    I can’t wait to see the 3 Gs.


  3. Adam says:

    Hey Kristen,

    Your course is great! I’m really enjoying it!!



  4. alice says:

    I am excited about this, and ready to give the 3Gs a shot!


  5. Rebecca says:

    Yes, panic and worry with counteract the attraction to money. When you’re faced with obligations and the money is not coming in fast enough, it’s easy to panic. Many people say, “…let go and let God.” Unfortunately, landlords, creditors, schools, etc…do not care about divine timing 🙂

  6. robert says:

    makes a lot of sense! Robert

  7. RUDY says:

    Kristen, I believe you . Thank you .

  8. Avi says:

    Thanks for the post.
    This is so true we live on survival mode which
    is deep rooted and is simply more obvious
    when we find ourseelves in the low then we
    react in ways you’ve depicted. There is got
    to be a better way.

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  10. Noel says:

    I am intrigued!

  11. Linda says:

    I can relate to the 3 C’s so well and I know they don’t aid in getting the flow happening. Kristen I look forward to reading the 3 G’s.
    Thank you for your wise words that are encouraging.

  12. Lisa says:

    Tired of doing it the 3 Cs way so I can\’t wait to find out the 3 Gs! Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Already practicing. Thanks.

    Go Big!


  14. vajira says:

    Hi Kristen, You are absolutely correct. the 3 C’s are natural responses many many people do. I myself used to do certain activities such as not to spend for high value items/food thinking that I don’t have money . However, fortunately now I understand by trying to save without doing what we want will only help stagnating in the same position . I strongly believe that we should eliminate the 3 C’s if we are to be successful and attract money. Thanks , Vajira

  15. Leila says:

    If the 3G’s are opposed to the 3C’s then when I was younger they came naturally to me. Was I really being irresponsible or was it wisdom?

    Can’t wait to hear what they are exactly.

  16. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Those who strive for worldly wealth is his or her earthly reward and those who seek divine treasure he or she has its own entirety.

    Alex Gabriel V.

  17. PANSY PIERCE says:


  18. Saverio says:

    I look forward to reading about the 3 G’s it sounds quite fascinating! I am aware of the 3 C’s and always keep a concious look out for them in my mind to disregard thoughts of scarcity.

  19. bart van hoeck says:

    Sounds very interesting to know the 3G’s.

    We all need to keep going when wanting to break thru and go BIG

  20. pradeep says:

    your report is interesting ang encouragig keep it up

  21. Rosemary says:

    Rebecca, you have stated my own thoughts succinctly. I already read about the 3C’s and the 3G’s. Time has been my enemy, or, more clearly, the lack of time has been oppressing me. Time is money. Both have been eluding me. Both are illusions or are not ends in themselves.

    Thanks for all your help, Kristen.

  22. Heather says:

    I agree, being grateful for what you have brings balance.

    It allows one to be calm amidst life’s injustices,so I am grateful that I have the knowledge and the evidence to overcome false allegations re my character, my parenting and my medical history.

    I am believing that this evidence will be considered and I will be freed from the oppression and threat I currently face, that the money required to resolve my legal situation will be provided.

    I am believing that those breaking the Law will be charged appropriately so that others get the message crime doesn’t pay.

  23. siddharth says:

    Hey Kristen,

    Your course is great! I’m really enjoying it!!


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