If you become frightened…

I was watching the most recent episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the conversation that happened in one scene made me leap from my chair to write down this quote so I would remember to post about it.

Here’s the quote:

“If you become frightened, instead become inspired…there’s always a way.”


Seriously, knocked my socks off!

Think about this…

Normally we become scared when we feel we may be trapped or or unable to succeed…

This is with everything:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Creativity
  • Dreams
  • Goals
  • Health
  • Weight Loss

etc. etc. etc.

We’ve all heard it a million times, where there is faith there is no room for doubt and where there is doubt, there is no room for faith.

Faith and doubt CANNOT exist at the same time in the same space about the same thing…

Doubt stops us in our tracks…

  • Fear makes even the strongest souls question if they can move forward…
  • Faith moves our feet forward 1 step at a time…
  • Inspiration gives us a glimpse of the path…

You will feel fear!

You will feel doubt!

You will want to turn back!

You will think you can’t go any further!

You will think there is no possible solution!

I know you will do all of these things because you are human…

I’m not asking you to get rid of your fears…

I am telling you that in the face of fear and doubt you can rise above them for a moment to stop and say this to yourself…

“There is always a way, even when I don’t believe there is — I now choose to be inspired to discover that way and follow that inspiration.”

You don’t need to know the answer…

You just need to know there IS an answer…

There is ALWAYS an answer!

So I say this to you my friend…

In this tumultuous time when it is far easier to believe there isn’t a way…

“If you become frightened, instead become inspired…there is ALWAYS a way.”

Leave me a comment and let me know if you are ready to choose to be inspired in the face of fear!

Do it now…

You are extraordinary!!

Go Big!


32 Responses to “If you become frightened…”

  1. mariana says:

    YOU , are extraordinay !!!!

  2. Janelle says:

    I’m glad I read this today. I am posting this one on my fridge! Thanks, Kristen–

  3. Leila says:

    It\’s true, Kristen, we may not get extreme situations often. It makes it hard to practise them. So, if you\’re paralysed with fear how are you going to learn from them. Inspiration makes more sense.

  4. Bill says:

    The battle with fear and doubt is definitely an ongoing thing.What happens with me is, I sometimes forget those tips/techniques.Kind of like reading to many golf tips and your game seems to suffer even more.But I really like the tip/technique you just shared.Thanks

  5. rachel says:

    that sounds so cool because at the moment i am there and i keep thinking that there is no way out,but what u said is so true there is always an answer,and to be inspired by this i like that way of thinking even if it is hard thanks rach

  6. Linda says:

    Great words…Inspiration goes a long way. I am testing the theory now. I am waiting on a job, I so desire. A town house buy, and I need to replace fear, I relate 100% to the need to take on the strength from those words “If you become frightened, instead become inspired…there is ALWAYS a way.” Thank you.

  7. Tom Justin says:

    That’s memorable statement. Along those lines, and pardon my lack of humility, but I wrote in my blog and for a future book, “To find inspiration is like finding gold. To be an inspiration is like creating gold.” It really does come back to you. So, thank you for YOUR inspiration.

    Tom Justin

    • Kristen says:

      Hey Tom!

      Great to see you here…you and I share an eclectic background with the arts and business etc. It’s nice to have you visiting my world!

      Go Big!

  8. Tom Justin says:

    Here’s another one: F.E.A.R.
    First Evaluate According to Risk – That helps keep fear manageable.

    Tom Justin

  9. Vickie says:

    This is a good post that everyone should read. I was raised with this quote “Where there’s a will there’s a way” Thank you

  10. Luiz says:

    Ok. sound like a instant help
    to keep up.

  11. Melody says:

    The fear comes because we are stretching past our comfort zone AND we are not living in the present.

    As soon as we stop and breath deep, the racing energy of fear has to stop and them faithcan come in and stay awhile.

    I have started to understand that fear in this sense is a sign I am not present with my dream – I am racing ahead trying to find solutions in a limited way – not allowing them to unfold in eprfect time with every action of the now taken.

    Breathe, deep and long and then ask what do I need to do right now for my dream?

    And when the answer comes – then act.

    Fear will go away with this.

    Fantastic post – thank you!

  12. timmy says:

    Dear Kristen, Thank you for the daily post. they have been of tremendous help in my life. keep it up

  13. This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Thanks for being part of my synchronicity!

  14. Richard says:

    When you feel negative in anyway if you can realise that Your feelings are not you…they are separate from you.
    You have gone into misidentifying yourself with them as you….
    then breathe out and let them go…SIMPLE

  15. John Dennis says:

    thank you again for giving me the power to go on and move on sell my house and buy a new one closer to the one i Love i had fear’s and was about to give up , but now i know my life is going to be a better place to live with . i’ll be closer to my goal and i love it i’m not afraid anymore . life here i come again . love you for it. John

  16. Inogen says:

    I always say to others ‘fear and excitement are the same thing – it’s all adreneline, so tell yourself that you are excited!’ I know that it’s true, it’s just hard to remember on a daily basis.

  17. Guylaine says:

    Another acronym for F.E.A.R is False Evidence Appearing Real

  18. adam says:

    your ideas are brillient.I congratulate you on your excellent work.

  19. Andrea says:

    Thanks Kristen. I think it’s easy to worry a lot in uncertain times, and worry is certainly a type of fear.

  20. Lezlie Ely says:

    Great saying (good show too)…
    There IS always a way ~ thanks

  21. Rosemary says:

    Right now, I fear the Bank that I haven’t paid. I am inspired to find a way to pay them tomorrow.


  22. Janelle says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for being true to your calling.

  23. Marko says:

    It is funny how this is so true:
    “We’ve all heard it a million times…”.

    And still many times no acting on it. So how to put it to life ALWAYS? Reprogramming self – is there a shortcut 😉 ?

  24. Just this morning I was dealing with several of my recurrent fears that periodically surface when least expected. So reading your blog today came at the right time. I also took FEAR and made it into “Finding Energy And Release” because, when you think about it, fear robs you of energy to do anything, and releasing fear frees you from the prison of your doubts. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  25. William Clapp says:

    You said it here, “you don’t need to know the answer, you just need to know that there IS an answer… the universe/creator has it, and we need to ALLOW it to come to us!

  26. William Clapp says:

    Be still, catch the butterfly by allowing it to land on you, not by chasing it!

  27. William Clapp says:

    Faith is the substance of things unseen!!

  28. Babalwa says:

    Wow! now am inspired 2 face my fears

  29. Sandhan says:

    Great post ~ very helpful for me today.. and tomorrow .. and every day in fact!
    I’d not thought about some of the things you said in quite the same way so thanks for giving me a different perspective on things.
    Happy to meet you

  30. SudarshanSK says:

    thanks !!!

  31. rey bahian says:

    Thank you for positng this. Me, too, once I’ve watched Grey’s anatomy tonight, I wrote this quote right away in my journal. I do believe we always have choice to be either happy or side, frightened or inspires, to hate or love and the list goes on.

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