Think and Grow Happier!

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What would happen if you could have a bug free mind? What if you could stop negative thoughts in their tracks and instantly connect to happiness? I’ve brought Andy Shaw in to talk with you about exactly how you can do this.

I’ve interviewed Andy several times for my Manifest Everything Now Series, and I always love his straight forward approach. The article he has for you today is no different – he cuts right to what matters and doesn’t hold anything back. He shows you how to tune your mind and achieve happiness without pain – make sure you read this one through (and I suggest reading it again tomorrow).

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“Never underestimate the

power of happiness – in the

end it is what we all seek”

— Kristen Howe

Think and Grow Happier!

By Andy Shaw

It seems obvious that we should spend time with our thoughts thinking about things which make us happier. However, the fact that things are obvious is by no means enough of a reason for humans to do it. In fact virtually all people’s thought processes predominantly involve thinking about things which make them unhappier.

Instead of focusing on things which help their well-being, they unconsciously choose to focus on things which take them away from it.

It sounds like insanity when it’s spelled out and it is. It happens when we unconsciously let go of our thoughts and let an insane entity inside our minds decide on a) what we think about, and b) how we think about them.

Through our absence of thought we allow the voices in our mind to direct our thoughts towards things which are unhelpful and then allow ourselves to create and cultivate feelings towards ourselves which are destructive. If that isn’t insane then I don’t know what is… But then everyone does it, so it is considered normal. The secret of how to be happy lies in understanding why we allow ourselves to be sad…

These thoughts we allow in are seemingly minor when looked at in isolation… Some aren’t obviously, but some are minor destructive thoughts which can lead to big, big problems. Things like, I can’t do this, or I’m fat, or nobody likes me, or I don’t fit in…. These thoughts lead to big problems in massive numbers of people’s lives.

These are the adverts or similar to the ones that are being aired inside our minds 24/7 by the entity which is our ego. The ego is made up of all the experiences from your past; it has no knowledge of the future. And your ego’s job is to keep you safe. Now when you look at it like this you would be forgiven for thinking, ‘Cool, my entire life experiences and its job are to keep me safe…this is a good thing.’

However, the ego is anything but good. It is a neurotic little dictator that does everything it can, plays every trick on you imaginable to keep you trapped in your past and afraid of the future. Doesn’t sound so good now does it?

Well it gets worse, your past life experiences are not necessarily or even likely to be right. You see, the assumptions you made along the way were made with the help of this insane squatter in your mind. So basically any decisions and assumptions you made, thanks to its help, need to be fully re-evaluated with a clear and calm mind.

What I mean by that is you need the crazy person in your head silenced, and then you need to consider was the assumption you made correct. Anything from your past could be built on sand. It may be right but because this squatter helped you decide, then you cannot trust your judgement without testing the assumption.

Keep on reading for how to claim your happiness…


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Most of the decisions you will have made will have been unconscious ones where you listened to the crazy person’s voice and reasoned that the voices inside your mind were helping you.

Well just imagine this, if you had a radio station broadcasting to you 24/7 with intoxicating, indoctrinating advice… every other input you gave your mind was assassinated by this insane little visitor…. Then do you think you would be in a trustworthy position to make rational decisions?

Of course not, and virtually every person on Earth has an insane person bent on keeping them trapped in the past, running the show in their minds.

The Nightmare of Your Life 

The way out of this nightmare is quite simple; however, it will almost certainly be too simple for today. Don’t worry I’ll share it with you anyway, but it is almost certain that it won’t get past the front door. Right now you are not in control of what thoughts you allow in and which ones are useless.

But once you’ve learned to silence your mind then this technique is immensely powerful. It is that no thought stands still, every thought either takes you towards your desires or it takes you away from them. So all you have to do is learn to look at your thoughts and ask of each and EVERY one…

Is this thought helping me and taking me where I desire to go, or is it hurting me and keeping me trapped in the past? Essentially that is the single most powerful thing I can give you.

However, it takes me the best part of my book “Creating a Bug Free Mind” to get through to you the power and the life change it can deliver for you. And of course you need to know which thoughts help and which ones hurt and that takes a little more explaining too.

This technique gives us control of what thoughts we allow into our minds as it gives us a very simple way to evaluate them. As no thought stands still, each and every single one either takes you towards your desire or away from it. So all you have to do is evaluate the good and the bad. Remove the bad and focus on the good…that’s it!

A technique for focusing on the good is to practice some self-advertising. Your ego does stacks of self-advertising to you. In particular it advertises things like ‘you’re fat’ again and again… all of the time in fact.

We have all seen adverts on TV that are aired hundreds of times and in the end we end up a) knowing the product and b) considering buying the damn stuff…

Anyone in marketing knows if you have enough money and you are not looking for a quick return from your investment that basically you can buy your market with this sort of bombardment.

~Now your mind is doing that to you 24/7…~

So one way to combat it is to find a thought pattern which is destructive and replace it with a positive one. Let’s take ‘I can’t do that.’ What about changing it for, ‘I can do that if I decide to learn it.’ Or, ‘I can do anything if I put my mind to it.’

Now don’t they sound like the sort of things successful people would say to themselves?

All you have to do is find and replace the destructive thought patterns and replace them with constructive ones. This is not about thinking positively, it is about not thinking negatively. Your statements are now the truth, ‘I can do that if I decide to learn it.’

So all you have to do is look for the repeatedly aired adverts and reword them into a truthful statement. Then use the trigger of the old advert being aired for you as a flip switch to switch over to your new replacement advert.

If you just do this for a week you will be amazed at the difference in your life. You will feel like you have become positively charged. Everyone around you will notice something very different about you. And you will have altered your outcome temporarily.

If you can keep it up then you will have altered your outcome permanently. However, this takes effort and I’m not that big on effort. The problem with effort is it takes effort to keep on track.

So how I designed my teaching and techniques are ones that work without effort and are in tune with our body. When you learn how to tune your mind into getting what you want without pain, then effectively you are thinking and growing happier!

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
You probably already know some of the recurring thoughts that you have that work against you, so try this exercise…

Make a list of the top 3 recurring thoughts you have that you know work against you. Then, for each of those thoughts, ask yourself this…

“When I think this thought, what is a different thought I can choose that works for me instead?”

Now you are ready for it the next time it pops up – carry this list with you and when you catch yourself in the negative thought, pull the list out and refer to it. Just the act of stopping yourself to pull the list out will short circuit the habitual nature of the negative thought.








“Hi Kristen … 
Thank you for everything, I’ve been on my spiritual journey for some thirty years now. 
Having been raised by an atheist, I’ve been slow on the uptake in accepting my higher self, but as it works … you entered my life right on cue, everything you are teaching is 100% on the correct path!!! 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. you are truly awesome and truly loved from here, bless you, and bless everyone who has the pleasure of having you in their life.
Darrell P.”








6 Responses to “Think and Grow Happier!”

  1. Deanna says:

    I have just started on this path of positive enlightenment after loosing everything I had, my home, my marriage, my self worth, my pride and my dignity. I didn’t even know it was coming at me nor did I even know it was happening until it was all too late. I am in financial ruin,very miserable and becoming very lost. I have tried to read at least 40 books, hundreds of websites and spent money on what I found out later to be gimmicks all in an effort to get myself out of this horrible rut. For some reason I can’t seem to focus on anything positive, I am trying and believe this is the way out for me but am really struggling. I don’t have money to spend on courses or even more books but am still looking for encouragement,enlightenment or some magic potion (lol) to help me survive this dark time. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you are able to share your wisdom and advice to help me.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Deanna!

      You have found the right place – I give you new (free) content from myself and other expert authors every week. You are not required to buy any of my programs in order to hang out here at Law of Attraction Key, so get comfortable and check out as many of the articles as you can. I also suggest taking a look at the tip in every issue as these are quick things you can do to get focused on what you DO want and not the other way around.

      Just remember, you are connected to the Universe, you are connected to the source of everything. Change your current story (the one that you tell) one detail at a time and your life will transform!

      You are extraordinary and I believe in you!

  2. DEBANIK says:

    Thank you Andy.

    I shall do the exercise in the “quick tip” at the end.

  3. Lynda J. Ottey says:

    Hi Deanna,

    Listen to Kristen, I get all sorts of free audio and ebooks, some with homework that requires me to work on self, you could not have paid me money to answer any of the emails I get years ago, thinking that everything is a flake, it sounds to easy, it’s not real…..but it is real and easy, why I say it’s easy because I love doing the self work, that’s why most of us think we fail at the Law of Attraction when in actuality none of do. You draw to you what you think you are and feeling, so if deep down somewhere in you, you think you are a bad person, underserving, with emotions of anger, guilt, and hopelessness than guess what? your life goes in that very direction. If you want to get out from under, it starts with you, if you are looking for a quick fix where you don’t have to never deal with you, then you never wasted a dime, you got what you paid for….peace and blessngs!

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