Don’t reinvent the wheel…

So many of you are struggling…

So many of you have decided (either by choice or necessity) to break into your own business…

So many of you are banging your heads against the wall with the business you started…

I get emails every single day asking me what is the 1 thing I can say that will help you succeed faster.

If you need to start to generate money fast then listen up because chances are good you are wasting valuable time.

Listen closely because I’m going to tell you the most important thing you can hear about this…

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

When you start your own business you need to discover what makes you different from your competitors and identify your unique selling proposition and all that other stuff you hear and read about…

But here’s the truth…

Especially in the beginning…

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Yes, you need to separate yourself from the pack, but at first, look at what the people who are successful in your business are doing and DO IT!

Get started…

Model success and go for it…

Let me throw some cold water in your face right now…

If you aren’t successful in an area, then you DON’T know better than the people that are!

  • Listen to them…
  • Watch what they do…
  • Look at the moves they make…
  • Follow their lead…

Eventually you will become successful and you will find what makes you unique and THEN you can invent something new.

But until then…

Give yourself a break and increase your chances of success by almost 80% and Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!

I can promise you this…

If you are genuine and show up as you, you will be unique from the beginning…

Just because it’s been said before doesn’t mean it’s been said how YOU say it…

Every time I have a coaching session with a client and I suggest they do something and they object to it because that is what everybody else is doing I say — everyone else is doing it because IT WORKS!

Put the odds in your favor…

I’m not saying copy someone word for word…

As I said, if you stay true to yourself, you will bring a fresh perspective and approach to everything you do even when you are modeling someone else’s success!

I want you to be honest with me now…

Leave me a comment and tell me how you are going to use this to model success and stop reinventing the wheel now!

Do it now…accountability is key…if you write it here I can hold you accountable!

Go Big!


18 Responses to “Don’t reinvent the wheel…”

  1. David says:

    probably the best way to start is as an affiliate marketer selling other peoples products and services for a commission, the problem is which ones to choose ?

  2. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    There are a lot of things we want, but there are few things we need. What I really need is a little joy in my life. Although it is small and simple but it is my little true happiness. If Santa Claus had asked what I wanted, I would have said: wisdom. Because my soul thirsted and starved for the truth.

    Alex Gabriel V.

  3. Tom Justin says:

    Great advice, as usual, Kristen.


  4. kim says:

    Will Do! Thanks

  5. Linda says:

    Learning from multi-tasking, and trying to focus on one want is a large reinvent in my life. I am holding on strong to faith in myself to move towards my success.

  6. Alan says:

    Simple, yet profound advise. Kind of takes the pressure off. Thank you

  7. Sean says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I plan to have a Production Company and have talked with two other people about starting this business.

    Thank you, Kristen. I now know It would be wise to observe another Produciton Company that already exists. How it is set up and how it is run.

    If the company business plan is already there for you because somebody else took the time to make it then I say let\\\’s just all share in the knowledge and give a BIG THANKS to the person who created the original idea.

    Keep Dreamin,


  8. beverly says:

    thanks, i strongly believe in that just duplicate the person who is successful similar to youir buss. That is actually franchizing. Just imagine the same mcdonalds all thru out the world. If mcdonald in america is not similar to mcdo in japan and europe i think mcdonalds isnt dat successful.I think MLM BUSS is what fitted to say about these matter. DUPLICATION

  9. Leila says:

    Sometimes (all the time!) we think the only way to be successful is to be original. I agree with you Kristen that it\’s not neccessary. Enough for now to just get on with it. Thanks.

  10. Ryan says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Honesty is where everything starts. Successful people spend time in serious introspection. The find their negative tendencies, take responsibility for them and make a vow to improve themselves.

  11. Velda says:

    Hi Krisen,

    It is like you are talking right at me. Great advice!

  12. Apcelon says:

    Thanks for that piece of advice, I just sparked something deep down within the recesses of my soul… Thank you! Kristen

  13. The reason why you must never allow yourself to lose your morale and dignity is because by disregarding yourself you become hopeless and disillusioned with life. Your actions will always reflect on your character and your attitude towards life, therefore must never give up trying to succeed in life.

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