Are you using this success secret?

Let’s talk about 1 of the most thrown around ‘Buzz Words’ when it comes to any growth…

Personal Development


Weight Loss



What’s the word?



It’s a buzz word…

We all know it…

I can’t tell you how many emails I get telling me that all someone needs is an accountability partner and then they’ll get the results they are looking for…

Here’s what I have to say to that…

It’s true!

It may be a buzz word, but when it comes to any kind of movement, growth or development…

It’s true!

I don’t care who you are…

I don’t care how successful you are…

I don’t care how motivated you are…

I guarantee you that when you have someone holding you accountable you will far exceed the success you would get without the accountability…

Listen, I am extremely self motivated — in fact, a place where I am always able to find my motivation is with working out…

I am actually one of those people that will get up every day and go to the gym AND I will work out hard when I’m there…


When I work out with someone else or with a trainer I work even harder and get better results.

It isn’t good or bad, it IS human nature…

Start using accountability today to turbo charge your results…

Here’s the key though…

You have to make sure you have the right person holding you accountable or it won’t work…

But if you asked me right now what you could do to get more results between now and Jan 1st than you thought possible I would say do whatever it takes to be held accountable…

You can do this in many ways…

I have coaching clients who send me daily emails, weekly emails, talk with me on the phone for 5 minutes for an accountability report…

There are a million ways you can be held accountable, you just need to find the way that works for you and then get started!

Don’t fall into the trap that 90% of people fall into…90% of people go into this time of year and the year might as well be over…they decide that everything they want to do has to be put on hold until the start of the next year because of the holidays etc.

Don’t fall into this trap!  You can enjoy the holidays AND move forward in all the areas of your life during this time…I promise!!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to be held accountable to following through on consistently between now and the last day of this year.

Don’t just tell me what you are ready to be held accountable to…

Tell me WHY…

Let’s do this!

Go Big!


12 Responses to “Are you using this success secret?”

  1. Janelle says:

    I want to be held accountable for finishing a specific section of a home study course by January 1st. Thanks for the tip, Kristen!

  2. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen,

    This is a great idea and it’s true that people wind down way too early. I would like you to hold me accountable to keeping my routines going throughout the next few months. I have this sense the pressure’s off and I will tend to relax but I’m happier keeping up the routines to improve myself. Thanks.

  3. Angie Gray says:

    Hey Kristin,
    I wrote you before about my situation, I have started taking strides to make myself feel better, I started working out at the Y and went back on my diet to loose some weight, hopefully this kind of mindset is going to help me pick myself back up and start to move on with my life, I know I have a long way to go but I am at least moving now and getting out of the house.

  4. Linda says:

    True yourself is the only person accountable for you.That is agreat point, as when you share an experience it has more meaning and power. I see the wisdom in having another person in your life to help make you accountable for your action/s. Thank you,for the words of importance.

  5. Barb says:

    That\’s a good question. I have an allful lot of emails that I have not read. I do read yours, but it seems like I don\’t have time. I need to get an Ipod so I can download some of the E-books I ordered and voice file emails that I have. I have Henry Gold and Stuart Lichtman, Ed Zimbardi, and a couple other people….I really need to make time to read all these.

  6. James says:

    Great post! I love it when the word accountability is used. Its a scary word but the only way to be truly happy and successful in life is to accept the fact that we are all accountable for our own lives. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Arnie says:

    Thank you for this excellent site. There is so much that I have learnt from you, you have hit the nail right on the head here.

  8. Barb says:

    Funny how it works, as soon as I sent in my post about reading emails that I have procrastinated about, I went through about 5 of them. I found 1 about dreams that has enlightened me. I haven’t gotten my IPod yet though.

  9. Jackie says:


    Thank you for your website it has helped me a lot. I want to be accountable for my own happiness and not depend on someone to make me happy. I also lost my job earlier this year and I want to be accountable for applying for at least ten jobs a day and trying to set up at least one interview in any given week. Even through the hoidays. Everyone says quit looking for a job until the beginning of next year but I disagree. I need to keep looking for a job and I will find it.

    Thank you Kristin!

  10. kay says:

    I do not have an accountability partner so will have to use 1 of the million other ways, which 1 hasn’t come to me yet, but will stay open to ideas.
    I have been too lazy to discipline myself to meditate/quiet my mind for 10-15 minutes a day, despite the benefits I often read about. So my goal is to do this daily without fail until jan 1, 2010. And then can re-evaluate and determine whether true or not.
    I will put up a reminder and try to be accountable to that.

  11. Rosemary says:

    I would like to be held accountable for finally getting into internet marketing of my listings. I sign up for great programs (e.g., and, then cower from taking the time to learn how they work so they can be put to good use. If even one of my listings sells through that, it will have more than paid for those programs.

    I can relate to the e-mail overload Barb talked about. There were 311 in my home e-mail box when I opened it this morning, and despite my best efforts, it never seems to get smaller unless I either delete or file them away for “later.” I do read yours, though.

    I am also committed to going within, but for years I have avoided taking the steps I need to really figure out why despite my best efforts, and long though happy hours of work, I haven’t achieved wealth and the level of success I desire. There are, after all, only so many hours in the day. Does this mean I need to simplify, or just use my time better? Yesterday, I was so wired trying to get everything done so I could enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, that it took an hour or two just to wind down.

    The other thing for which I should be accountable is finding the right people to help me, and then letting them help me. My assistant asks me if she can help, but either I don’t trust her or don’t want to take the time to explain it to her.

    Ah, that illusive illusion called Time. It’s a recurring theme.

    Thanks for the post, Kristen

  12. Barb says:

    How ironic this popped again. I just posted a comment, feedback on the \\"are you in or out\\" and that brought into mind this topic about accountability. I will say it again, this is the 1 that got the ball rolling for me. I had to figure out what time of day works best for me, but once I figured that out, it works. I have made it 1 of MY traditions. Don\\\’t get me wrong, I still get backlogged at times, like writing a little extra here, but I read everyone\\\’s posts as well and share my thoughts too. I find it really interesting how other people feel. They open up a little bit more here, share their thoughts and it\\\’s fun to read where everyone is at and what they are working on in their lives. Everyone is short on time. I am going to start to work on weeding out some of the things that I spend time on and don\\\’t get much out of it.

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