Your Brain – Powerful Missile or Loose Cannon?

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Our brain is here to work for us. BUT for many people the complete opposite is what they are experiencing in their lives. It seems that they are at the mercy of their brain.

If this is you, don’t worry, you can actually turn your brain into a heat seeking missile that is completely focused on the life you choose to manifest. I’ve brought Sharon Kells in to help you understand how to do exactly that. I really love this article, because there is a scientific base to it that helps reinforce your belief and see how much you are capable of.

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“Our conscious mind is
here to work 
for us – NOT
other way around.”

— Kristen Howe


Your Brain – Powerful Missile or Loose Cannon?

By Sharon Kells

It is said that the human brain is the most complex phenomena in the known universe. One of the most fascinating aspects of the human brain is consciousness. In other words the human brain is consciously aware of itself.

Unlike any other species on this planet the human brain can study and gain understanding of itself. Through the FMRI (Functioning Magnetic Resonance Imaging) we can now witness how the brain works. We can see which areas of the brain are involved with various functions. We can observe neurons firing and neural pathways lighting up when we move certain parts of our body and when we think certain thoughts.

The human brain is the most sophisticated and intriguing organ known to man. It is also the most powerful and most complex matter known to man. We are really just starting to, not only understand how the brain itself functions, but also how we can, in turn, make it function. In his book ‘The brain that changes itself’, Norman Doidge tells us that the way we think and how we use our brain directly influences our brain structure. He calls this neuroplasticity.

Think about this for a moment

The way you think, how you think and what you think has a direct impact on your brain’s structure. In other words, what you believe not only affects the results you get in your life, it actually shapes your brain. This in turn affects how you experience your world and this subsequently determines the results you get. These results then again reinforce the neural pathways, and your beliefs further. How amazing is that!

You have probably heard the saying: What your mind can conceive (and believe), you can achieve. This sounds rather ‘new age’ and many people were rather skeptical about the validity of this ‘assumption’ until recently, when developments in neuroscience, including the work of Dr Doidge clearly demonstrated that it was not just some lofty idea but a scientific fact!

Your brain; an evidence seeking missile

When you focus your mind on something, your brain will actually go out and look for it. Want proof? Just think of the color red for a moment. Now take a look around you and notice all the things that are red or variations of the color red! You instructed your brain to focus…and look, there it is! Did you notice all the green colored things while you were focusing on red? Probably not! When you instruct, focus and direct your brain on something specific, it is like a powerful missile that will hone onto its target.

Keep on reading to find out how to use your brain to get what you want…


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An unfocused mind is like a loose cannon

So who is driving this sophisticated piece of ‘machinery’? What do you focus on? What are your beliefs? Who is in charge? Is your ‘saboteur’ in charge, or is it your ‘poor me’, the one that believes you always have bad luck or fail at anything you try? Or is it the one who believes you can be successful and will find a way to do it? Or don’t you even know what part of you is in charge? If you don’t then the one with the loudest ‘voice’ will have the most power.

Remember that an unfocused brain is just like a loose cannon that will go off in all kinds of directions. And you will probably end up in the direction not of your conscious choosing and not where you would like to be.

Your brain is like a GPS

Just think about how powerful your brain really is and what you can achieve when you focus it on what you really want. Imagine that you can set your brain like a GPS? Imagine if your brain would say; tell me where you want to go, what would you like me to focus on and I will get you there!

Tell me what you want – don’t tell me what you don’t want!

Whatever you do, I don’t want you to think about a pink elephant.

What did you think about just then? You thought of a pink elephant of course! You see, the brain can’t reverse, so it’s very important to tell your brain what you do want, not what you don’t want. What if you don’t believe it? Easy! Tell yourself that you do even if at first you don’t! The neurons in your brain will fire anyway as they don’t know the difference between reality and imagination.

Remember, fake it until you make it!

Don’t fall into the trap

Aim high and challenge yourself. That said make sure that your goals are based on a reality that you can accept. As you start to experience positive results, your self-belief will become stronger and things that you previously thought were impossible will now seem very achievable.

Just don’t fall into the trap of irrational positive thinking. No matter how much you believe you can fly, it’s not going to happen, other than in your dreams. If you create too much discrepancy, too much conflict between your conscious and subconscious, your brain will go into paralysis and it will achieve nothing!

Your brain knows the difference between merely dreaming and real, tangible goals that you want and can achieve.

Instruct your brain

If you’re not serious about achieving your goals, then why would your brain make the effort to get you there? Find out what you value, what is really important to you and what you truly desire. Set your goal and focus your brain; believe that you can and will achieve them.

Remember; what your mind can conceive your brain will help you to achieve or as Dr. Seuss said: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I’m so glad Sharon mentioned how important it is to ‘aim high and challenge yourself’ while simultaneously making sure that what you are aiming at feels possible (as opposed to aiming at something that feels completely impossible).

When you do this, you constantly grow and what didn’t feel possible before suddenly feels inevitable. Think of it this way – if you wanted to run a marathon, but had never run a mile in your life, conceptually you know it is possible. But if I asked you to tell me exactly how you would do it, suddenly it would feel impossible. If you decided to go out on your first day of running and run a complete marathon, that would also feel impossible. Does that mean running a marathon isn’t possible for you? NO – it just means you have to grow up to that possibility.

If you decided to run a marathon and made your first line of focus being able to run 1 mile straight through without walking. Then (sooner than you would think) you would feel that running 5 miles was possible – and then 10, 15 and so on. The momentum you gain by working within the realm of what feels possible (while still pushing your comfort zone) is SO powerful and will get you to your goal faster than you can conceive.

Try it – pick a big goal you have, and ask yourself what you believe is possible within that goal. What’s the first step? Focus your energy on that step and that step only and when you achieve that step, focus on the next “believable” step. You will grow your comfort zone and discover that everything is possible when you grow your belief sets and advance to it in this way.




“I wanted to say thank you for the great videos and the positive messages you send all the time. It’s an inspiration and people can use that nowadays, big time.

I’ve watched your Manifestation Map video; it’s definitely something I’ll try out. And I’ll continue watching the vids you send.

Thank you for the inspiration.”

– Loana





30 Responses to “Your Brain – Powerful Missile or Loose Cannon?”

  1. james says:

    Yeah, thanks for that insight. It really made me rethink of my goals. Goals that are impossible to achieve in bulk straight away. Easily achievable goals at a short period of time can re-enforce me to reach my big goal. I think that’s a real fact common sense.
    Thanks for that and keep on giving more of these useful thoughts.
    Truly appreciate it.


  2. Abdul Latif says:

    Simple yet profound ! Makes complete sense !

  3. jusna says:

    Thank you. I am setting my goals after reading the above article. It makes sense what you focus on you achieve.

  4. Florence Butale says:

    Thank you for this invaluable information. I am inspired to make good use of my brain.

  5. fathallah says:

    Thank you for the information included in this Newsletter. They help to learn better about LOA in a more scientific clear way.

    I appreciate your generosity very much.


  6. jolly says:

    great! stunning n terrific!!!

  7. LaShaunn says:

    Love the information that you provide and the individuals you present on the weekly call and all the great offers and materials available to help us manifest the lives we desire. I also received your Manifestation Map, completed it and am finishing up the AMF series. Then on to The New Message of a Master. I’m super excited about the infinite possibilities I can now envision for me living the best life possible. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! Keep up the good (great) work!

  8. Katrina says:

    This all makes perfect sense and I do believe it works to focus your brain. My problem is keeping focused. Starting right now I will tell my brain what I want and focus on that!

  9. Balaji says:

    Amazing article..

  10. Rosemary says:

    I’ve heard you say this before, but each time I hear or read it, it reinforces my resolve. Still, lately I’ve been focusing on keeping myself down to stay in my little sinecure, so long as I can continue to “play” at real estate. My sister came to Sparks last week-end, and we mostly played the whole time. My clients took us to dinner at the Atlantis Steakhouse. We have tickets to a Luau at the Atlantis for Friday. We are planning a trip to Santa Rosa around my birthday in July. All of this reminded me how much I have missed playing, enjoying the finer things in life. This desire will push me into doing better (more?) and not sabotage myself with mindless games.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants! 🙂


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rosemary!

      I’m so excited for you to ‘play’ again! You deserve it!

      I appreciate you and love that you thank me for a kick in the pants 🙂

  11. viswambharan says:

    Thanks for the guidance for positive action

  12. Mugdha says:

    Thank you Kristen for such amazing stuff time and again! Your philosophy really helps to lighten the mind but what does one do when a problem keeps popping up over and over again even when you don’t think about it? How does one get that problem to disappear once and for all?

  13. Mugdha says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you for really replying to my message? My question was about a problem popping up again and again inspite of me not thinking about it. The PROBLEM keeps popping up. Earlier it was the thought of the problem which kept popping up but I realized quickly enough that as long as my thoughts focus on it, it’ll keep coming back. With tremendous effort I managed to not think about the problem at all and when I least expected it, when I was in one of the happiest moments, – there it came again. What should I do? Please help. I REALLY believe in the Universe – rather I KNOW that it wants to help but why does this keep happening?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi there!

      The next time the ‘problem’ pops up, instead of resisting it and seeing it as a ‘problem’ – stop and say “Okay, I see you, what are you trying to reveal to me? I trust that the Universe will help me see your message in the right time and place and I release you.”

      Try it – you’ll be excited at what happens. 🙂

  14. tsitsi says:

    thank you for the messages! i really appreciate. thanks again.


  15. Juliana says:

    Thanks Kristen, It’s like you get me, you understand. I can relate to a lot of your teachings. I feel like your talking to me through the window of my eyes. Love that feeling! Totally Blessed to have found you and your Wonderful knowledge!

    • Kristen says:

      Wow!I love what you wrote about me talking to you through the window of your eyes – that’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing that – you made my day!

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