You Have Nothing to Lose

Welcome back to the current issue of the Law of Attraction Key Newsletter!

I wrote you something special today – something from my heart, something to remind you of how infinitely powerful YOU are.

Read it once, quietly, to yourself – and then read it again out loud. Feel it resonate within you. You are extraordinary – you are miraculous – you are limitless!

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“You have nothing to lose – because

everything is within you already!

You ARE a miracle!”

— Kristen Howe


You Have Nothing to Lose

By Kristen Howe

You have nothing to lose…

You already have everything within you…

You are a miracle and you are filled with the extraordinary power of the Universe.

You have nothing to lose…

It’s time to quiet your mind…

Let your heart rest easy…

Breathe out all the stress from your spirit.

You have nothing to lose…

Regardless of what your outer mind may report…

Your inner self knows the truth…

And the truth is…

You have nothing to lose.

Did you hear the cry in your head that says…?

“But that’s impossible”

“How can I have nothing to lose if all I seem to experience is loss?”

“And lack?”

“And struggle.”

Breathe with me – in and out, and in and out, and in and out.

Go deeper, beyond the loud voice of your screaming brain…

Drop down to the place of inner knowing deep within you…

That still quiet, calmly powerful, voice that lovingly says…

“You have nothing to lose.”

“Reconnect to me.”

“I am here.”

“Loving you – for I am you.”

“I breathe faith – because I see and feel and know what is true.”

“You have within you the source of all.”

“That infinitely creative source that moves mountains – lives and breathes and moves within you.”

“And so, you have nothing to lose.”

“When you feel that you do…”

“Drop into me…”

“Connect with me.”

“Let your brain scream all it wants.”

“And then connect – connect – connect.”

“If you want to know how to KNOW that you have nothing to lose because you are already all – then connect – connect – connect.”


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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I mentioned that for the most impact of this issue, read what I wrote once, quietly to yourself, and then again out loud.

And I want to add something to this – the third time – read it to yourself while looking in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes as you do. Notice when you want to look away, and in those moments, stop reading, look yourself straight in the eyes and say “Whatever it is I am resisting here, it’s okay, and I love you.”

Then go back to the beginning and start again. Do this until you are able to read the entire thing without wanting to look away. That is how you can connect to that inner part of you that knows how miraculous you are.






“Hi Kristen,

I love all of your emails.

Each and every one of them inspires me and a lot of times uplifts me on a really crappy day but this one actually brought  tears to my eyes for the simple reason – that’s exactly how I want to feel about myself and my life. That’s what I want to believe. About me, I think I’ll make a point of starting every day with this video because it’s a wonderful reminder for us all to have faith and believe in ourselves which is something I honestly struggle with a lot.

Thank you for all that you do and the kind message you’re putting out there. I hope you continue to touch many peoples’ lives the way you do.

Kind Regards,




35 Responses to “You Have Nothing to Lose”

  1. Sumit Chakrabarti says:

    Thanks Kristin! That’s truly inspiring.

  2. Vincenzo says:

    Ciao Kristen,ti faccio i miei complimenti per il post.Era da tempo che non leggevo qualcosa che mi arrivava direttamente al cuore ed al cervello.Continua così ed io continuerò a seguirti perchè ne vale la pena.I miei migliori.

  3. Evandro Honehe says:

    Warm and Strong Accoe (I Honour your Heart and Spirit)..Dear Kristen,

    May this message find you also Loved Ones with an Amazing and Fantastic Health..Joy and Prosperity. ..
    Thank you so much for all yours emails since 2009 which I truly appreciate and honour your Connection toward your Inner Self Spirit help many to re-discovery their abilities and go forward in Mind achievement firstly on Subconscious One teaching and reprogram in order to develop what persons really need awakening approach on Joy without choose to suffer because material or another point in their path…

    Mark this words soon I’ll meet you in person plus your special team to say AHE’E (Thank you)..drinking a delicious coffe in Malibu.

    Walk in Beauty with Abundance. .Appreciation. .Success. .Passion all Blended in Unconditional Love. .
    Evandro Honehe (Wolf Clan Medicine)…UK..

  4. Bev says:

    What an incredible thought – and thank you, it made an impact.

  5. Roger says:

    Thank you for wonderful insight you are helping to develop and evolve as a new individual through the knowledge and awareness and helping develop powerful consciousness to attract the best.

  6. selina says:

    Your articles today have been very inspiring. You always lift my spirit. I hope one day very soon I will be able to do what you are doing. That is making myself and others fill great all the time.

  7. SUSAN says:

    please could you assist. I want to receive the complimentary “law of attraction key” copy but when I filled in the information (i.e. my name and e-mail address) the response was just “you have already subscribed” ……… Yes I know that, but how do I go about receiving the complimentary copy

  8. Tony says:

    Thank you for this.

  9. Lori says:

    Thank you. It will be an interesting exercise.

  10. Terry says:

    I was inspired by the newsletter I was the reminder I needed to get me through

  11. Patricia Weber says:

    This is just lovely. It’s a poem within wisdom. I love the tip to read it in front of the mirror! That would, make it mine for sure. Thanks so much Kristen.

  12. Barbara says:

    How do I order hard copy CDs????

  13. Maxwell Goodluck says:

    You have really inspired today. Thank you.

  14. Rosemary says:

    My struggle is with health, since my nasty trip and fall three weeks ago. First it was a broken bone in my right hand and now it is a deviated septum. I breathe in health. I have nothing to lose but my fear of frailty and distraction from my purpose in life. Thanks for the reminders you send every day.

    Yes, both of us are extraordinary.

  15. Gerardo says:

    Thank you soo much for all you do to shine the light for all of us who feel disconnected, one way or another. Just love the knack you have to remind us all of our true essence, you are amazing, and you are my hero, thank you for being you……… Gerardo

  16. Jean says:

    Kristen what you are giving the World is priceless. At last I feel that there is a huge shift in vibrations and you have helped do this. I love your Wisdom and I love what you are doing.
    Bless you and thank you.

  17. Mugdha says:

    Thanks a ton for this Kristen! Your emails ALWAYS brighten up my day and seem to come at the very moment when I feel close to feeling frustrated. And having read your article I always bounce back. Thank you so very much.


  18. Victoria says:

    My heart opened and I felt such relief at hearing how attracting what you don’t want means you are a master. I knew that I was manifesting what I didn’t want and seeing the people around me getting what I was intending and this helped me let go of the resentment I was feeling around that. I have to let in and be open to receiving what I do want for myself. Thank you so much – this was such a helpful way of putting it. Your work is great Kristen…

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