Are you losing money because of this?

T’is the season…

I’ve been decorating and shopping…

One of the things I love to do is come up with a great idea for someone and shop online…

And this is what brings me to this post…

I have to get this off my chest —

If you have your own business, I don’t care how small your business is…

I have 1 thing to say to you that could be the difference between success and failure (especially during the holiday season)!


Please don’t make people have to jump through hoops to give you money for whatever you offer!

I don’t care how good your business or product is…

If it isn’t easy to give you my money, I’m gone and giving it to someone else…

Here’s an example:

I wanted to buy a gift certificate for someone in my family who lives accross the country.  I know that they love this one business in their area so I looked for the website —

  • No website (Strike 1)

Then I looked them up online to get their number and called and left a message.  They called me back and said if I wanted a gift certificate they’d be happy to help but I need to email Susie (and then they gave me Susie’s email address.)

  • Adding a step for me to take (Strike 2)

When Susie emailed me back she said she would be more than happy to create a personal gift certificate for me and that I could just swing by to get it and they accept payment in the form of cash or local check.

  • Minimal payment options (Strike 3)

Keep in mind that I am more persistent than most people who would have stopped after strike 1 or 2.

What did I do?

I deleted Susie’s email and went to my second idea for a gift for this family member. I purchased it and had it on it’s way to me already gift wrapped in 5 minutes.

Please tell me you see the lesson here…

You could have the best business in the world but if you make it hard to do business with you, you will  lose that business…it’s as simple as that!

Look around you as you shop…

Notice the places that make it difficult and the places that make it easy and learn from each of them.

I notice this everywhere…stores, coaches, actors, entrepreneurs, people looking for jobs etc.

Start with that one goal in mind and see how you can adjust things…

And if you don’t have a business — how can you apply this principle to your life?

Leave me a comment of how you are going to apply this as of today!

Go Big!


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12 Responses to “Are you losing money because of this?”

  1. Laura says:

    Amen sister!!

  2. Richard says:

    Very simple and to the point, marvellous.
    Have indeed experienced and done exactly the same.

  3. I strictly believe in law of attraction. Your points are really right.

  4. bart van hoeck says:

    Time is easly waisted unless you learn how to spend your time and money instead just buying a book get one that will teach you on how you can improve every aspect of your life or get a cd that helps you relax and make it easier to become a better person or feel better about yourself. I’ve got book going from Mind programming by Eldon Taylor to books about the LOA & the secret and knowing how mind programming has a great deal to do with the secret going from NLP and so on.
    So BIG time starts for me when i’m pretty thats what i want cause i can feel it and see it now to achieve it and 2010 is GOING to BE that year.


  5. Hector Herrera says:

    You cannot believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Scrolled through 5 pages of Google results without finding anything. Very first page on Bing. There you are!…. Gotta start using that more often

  6. Kathleen says:

    Hello Kristen,
    You are so right. On sunday my computerscreen didn’t work anymore. I called a friend to see if it was just the screen or my PC too. He came right over on a Sunday, brought and old monitor and yes, lucky me, it was only the screen. Mondaymorning I call to order a new sofisticated screen. I ask if it has sound too and they say yes. I give my client number and the cardnumber to charge it. A delivery service came this morning. Wonderful screen NO soundsystem. I call and they say it will take to long to order and deliver, find a store in your city and get speakers. I go find a store and yes I get top quality speakers and the design matches the screen beautifully. Ok, in the store I ask them for a headset with microphone because I live in Belgium and due to time difference I have to get up at 2am or 3am to attend calls that interest me so I can’t wake up my daughter. The salesperson tells me to just plug in the headset in the small box that came with the speekers and the woofer. Okay, headed back home. Guess what: the connection did not match so the headset could not be plugged in. I call the shop and they laugh and say they forgot that the connecting parts did not match. I got back to the shop came back with a good headset without microphone because they say their no longer in production for the connection to the ‘Expensive’speakers. That I did not understand at all. All logic went out the window and I came home plugged in the headset knowing I will get a call at the end on the week and a separate standalone microphone with the same design of my screen, speakers and headset will be available. Thank you God, Thank you Universe for this valuable lesson. I just started my own membershipsite and this gives me the drive to provide excellent service and content to my members. By the way, Kirsten, you were one of the people that helped me find my way. Thank you for your products, your emails and blogs. I believe 2011 is going to be My Year in every way. I found my way. Kathleen

  7. Rosemary says:

    I know my website needs work, so my #1 New Year’s resolution is to revamp it so it works for all of my businesses: Commercial Brokerage, Commercial Sales and Leasing, Residential Sales, in Nevada and California. It has stymied me for a long time, but this time I’m going to do it.

    Thanks for the prod, Kristen.

  8. Bonnie says:

    The key is education and we learn every day and every moment. Understanding, how every thing is connected, the easier it well be. But we have to shift our thinking and believe that this is possible.

  9. VICTOR CASTRO says:

    You are right most of the times we are honding ourselfs from getting more from life.The example you are presenting is really simple and powerful. thanks for sharing this with us.

  10. VICTOR CASTRO says:

    Thank you for sharing this valauble information it is simple and profound at the same time. thanks for sharing this with us.

    Victor Castro

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  12. Petronella says:

    You r right Kirsten have been doing my driving lesson and the instructor was just so unfriendly guess wat i left the driving school cause am not used to it, i discovered i wasn’t learning anything and i was going to pay for more lessons.

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