Communicating Authentically

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Communication is such an important element in life. Think about it, we communicate with other people, with ourselves, and with the Universe. There isn’t a single area of life where communication doesn’t take a major role in how things go.

And there is another word that, I believe, is absolutely essential to combine with communication and that word is authenticity. When you are authentic, your communication becomes clear and strong. Being authentic is ultimately important – for you and for your experience with the world and everyone in it. I asked Dr. Joe Rubino to write this week’s article on communicating authentically. Make sure you read this one through and think about how you can apply it to every area of your life, from business to relationships to your self-expression.

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“Don’t underestimate yourself – you
have the infinite power of the
Universe within you!”

— Kristen Howe


Communicating Authentically

By Dr. Joe Rubino

You maximize your personal power when you exude an energy of  authenticity.

When you not only speak from the heart but walk your talk, others get the real you. Living authentically comes from closing the gap between who you are, what you do and what you want others to get about you. Authenticity results when who you are being equals what you are speaking.

In contrast, when you project a facade that differs from what you think and who you really are inside, others sense the disparity.

When you are speaking and who you are being don’t match, it keeps you from being heard and decreases your personal effectiveness.

For example, have you ever dealt with a slippery salesperson who was trying to sell you something you didn’t want? You perceived the pushy, self-serving, overbearing energy as inauthentic.

On the other hand, you can deal with someone who has something you can buy, and their communication is completely authentic so you feel completely comfortable doing business with them.

The difference is the authenticity (or lack of it) in how they communicate, and it is the same for you when it comes to your communicating.

Keep on reading for the answer to communicating authentically …


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The answer to communicating authentically starts with being at peace with who you really are and what you have to offer. It’s about giving up your right to make someone do what you want them to do, and looking to contribute something of value instead.

The result will be that you will no longer be projecting an image that serves to conceal some aspect of yourself that you are hiding. You’ll start to come across as real, concerned, down to earth, a good listener….all qualities that will attract others to you.

We all live our lives out of images we hold about ourselves, others and the world in general. When the image we have of who we are is inconsistent with the image we wish others to get about us, we put on an act to conceal whatever it is we can not stand. What this means is that if you are not totally confident that you or your opportunity, company and products are exceptional, other people will sense it – no matter what you say.

So, before you can communicate powerfully with others, you must first do whatever it takes to handle your own beliefs. If you do not, you will constantly attract those objections to you that you yourself still have!

Accessing your power means handling any doubts you may have. It’s all about believing in yourself and your company, products and opportunity and not being afraid to let others know it – from the heart. When your doubts no longer run you, you can speak with an authenticity that comes from being yourself.  You can then have the freedom to focus on sharing authentically the greatest opportunity in the history of the world. And, you will have the power to succeed.


1) Begin to notice when your energy is coming across in authentically.

What qualities or thoughts about yourself, your products, company or opportunity are you reluctant to let others discover?

2) Identify any areas where your belief level is not at 100%.

What steps will you take toward resolving these issues?


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
If you find that you are struggling with beliefs about yourself, your business, your health or anything else, it is absolutely essential that you take steps to increase your confidence in those areas. But, I often get asked how to communicate authentically in the meantime…

Here’s what you do…

When you are struggling with your beliefs about something, use this power question…

“I see that I need to grow my beliefs about this, and while I do, I’m going to focus on the aspects of this that I DO believe in, and they are [list them here].”

Let me give you an example, let’s say you have a business and you feel doubt about putting that business in front of people because it is new. That’s completely normal, and if you went into every meeting and interaction with your awareness of those doubts, that will filter into the meeting and will create struggle if you try to cover it up with a false confidence. Now, let’s also say that even though it is new for you, the techniques you are sharing in your business helped you personally turn your entire life around, so you 100% believe in what’s possible. If you stop trying to cover up where you have doubt and instead look to shed light on where you have belief, you will make huge strides AND your belief in the other areas where you may have some doubt will increase exponentially!


I did [the ‘stream of conscious’ exercise in the Law of Attraction Key Report]  last week when I read about this. It’s amazing! When I described my life as it is now, I was describing everything that is wrong with my life. I am getting this! I will be looking forward to getting into the 5 steps with you.

Thanks so much.”

– Bob H.




18 Responses to “Communicating Authentically”

  1. Valentino Falcone says:

    Excellent Article. After reflection, I noticed several areas ( new product ) where the product has helped me and by golly have actually expressed this to several potential customers hopefully bolstering my case for the product and service. Thanks for validating my sales instincts and providing more insight into our world between our ears.

  2. John Checki says:

    Good to know thy self and be real.

  3. suman Dhar Jalali says:

    A beautiful way to rebuild ones confidence in ones skills I am sure it is going to help me

  4. Antonio Toledo says:

    Thanks, Kristen, for sharing this article by Dr. Joe Rubino. Communicating authentically is key, especially for people who know technique and process. When you know technique and process, you can dysfunctionally use that ability to hoodwink some people. Authenticity, honesty, help you become a good human being.

  5. martin says:

    I believe communicating is important. But didn’t think whether I am authentic. Thank you for this report. I will have to work on being authentic as well.

  6. Blockhead says:

    I needed to read this right at this moment.
    A Mega Thank You .

  7. Rosemary says:

    I have always believed that I am not so much selling real estate as counseling those who wish to sell or buy it. My doubts come when my fellow real estate sales people seem to one up me and get more clients than I do, sometimes with less than honorable results (by them, of course). This article helps me to see that those doubts need to be examined and not make me feel that I am not getting enough business. My core values are such that the clients I do attract are those I am most able to help.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  8. Tricia says:

    I am always looking to improve my communication skills; especially the nonverbal ones. As I am totally blind and hard of hearing, I am unable to read other people’s body language or facial expressions, and have difficultly detecting subtle changes in tone of voice. As a result, I am often fooled or misunderstand people. I would greatly appreciate any solution you or other readers of this article might have to this problem.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi there!

      It is wonderful having you here, something I would suggest is to become very aware of energy – and you might even find that engaging in Reiki helps you really tune into energy so you can feel your communication.

      I really appreciate you!

  9. Mike says:

    I’m working on an MA in Communication and the points made here are right on. If you’re not good for your word, you’re not good for anything. Thanks for sharing and the reminder that being genuine is being the best you can be.

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