7 Habits You Can Learn From Centenarians on Living Long and Being Happy

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I overheard a conversation the other day that blew me away – it was between 2 women who were probably in their 50s. The gist of the conversation was this, 1 of the women was complaining about aging. She wasn’t going overboard with the complaining, but it seemed that every sentence ended with her saying something like, “at my age”, or “that’s what it’s like as you get old.”

Her friend listened to her for a while and then said, “That’s so funny, I don’t feel that way at all, I’m excited to be alive and kicking as long as I can – which I guess will mean that I get older, but aging isn’t this terrible thing to me, it’s a privilege because it means I’m still here.”

The first woman who had been complaining got very quiet, I could tell she was uncomfortable, and then she said, “But how? How do you feel that way when your body is aging and you don’t look or feel how you used to?”

And her friend very simply said, “I don’t know how to explain it, I just don’t think of it that way, I don’t think of it as bad. I don’t know, I’m just so happy to be here.”

This is the key to successful living – you can be happy for the years that you are here – and I brought Natalie Ledwell in to help you with 7 habits that will help you live successfully. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this is a must read, and be sure to use the questions I give you at the end in the Quick Tip.

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“To live long AND happy, that is a true gift!”

— Kristen Howe


7 Habits You Can Learn From Centenarians on

Living Long and Being Happy

By Natalie Ledwell

Louise Donner from Denver just turned 100 years old, a new centenarian who is known to be a bundle of feistiness and strong notions. People who know her say that she seems to have found a way to gain immunity to the opinions of others. Despite what her doctors tell her she should be doing at her age, she leads a vibrant and active life and evens participates with a local tennis club twice a week.

In case you didn’t know, a centenarian is someone who lives beyond the age of 100 years. Today we are going to look at centenarians because those who live to be 100 are some of the best examples of successful aging. Unlike the population at large, they have found a way to escape most age-related pitfalls.

So are they any big differences between people who live to be at least 100 and the rest of the population?

There’s no doubt that genetics plays a role on how long you live, but new research is coming to light which seems to indicate that the way that these people think may actually play an even bigger role on life expectancy than their genes.

Researchers were surprised to find out that most 100 year olds are in surprisingly good mental and physical condition. In fact, they are often happier and feel healthier than those who are in their 50s and 60s!

The good news is that, no matter what your age is, if you start living like a centenarian right now, you will live a longer, happier, and healthier life! In fact, researchers have learned that once you start living the centenarian lifestyle, the benefits you receive will just keep adding up and building on each other.

The most surprising discovery was that almost all the differences between centenarians and the rest of the population were learned behaviors. That means that you can learn to start living like a centenarian right now, just by adopting some of these simple habits.

Keep on reading for what you can learn from those who have celebrated their 100th birthday …


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So what can we learn from those who have celebrated their 100th birthday?

  1. Centenarians complain less about their health. Even though many need to utilize medical treatments to maintain their health, they tend to very positive about their current state of health and downplay the bad.Takeaway: Try to cultivate a sense of gratitude for any and all health blessings you do have. Staying positive about your health is the best way to maintain it.
  2. Centenarians never stop learning. Researchers found that this group contained avid learners who enjoyed more of their own interests and passions compared to their younger counterparts. They love to get their learning fix and many enjoy reading or watching educational programming. Many centenarians also complete puzzles or other brainteasers on a daily basis to help stay mentally sharp.Takeaway: Make time to learn about the things you love, no matter how busy you are. Find a hobby or interest (anything will do) that makes you passionate, and pursue your aspirations!
  3. Centenarians are amazingly optimistic. Centenarians love life. Despite the fact that they must deal with the difficulties of aging, they tend to be a surprisingly happy group and score much lower on tests for anxiety and depression than the rest of the population. In addition to their positive outlook on life, they are much more accepting of circumstances which they have no control over.Takeaway: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let go of things that you cannot change and focus instead on pursuing what makes you happy. Try to take satisfaction out of life’s little pleasures and focus more on what you want to achieve as opposed to what you wish were different. These small changes in focus will help you reap more appreciation and enjoyment out of life.
  4. Centenarians nurture their spirituality. They tend to be more spiritual than the population as a whole. Whether they take part in religious services or practice spirituality on their own, they are connected with something bigger than themselves.Takeaway: When you nurture your spirituality, you will gain a sense of purpose. Spirituality is not about what you’re doing as much as it’s about your inner being. A common way to develop your spirituality is by joining a spiritual group or religious organization that shares similar beliefs to you. If pursuing your spiritual beliefs feels unfamiliar, consider what activities or actions make you feel fulfilled and peaceful. You may find it helpful to take time to meditate each day and think about how your life fits into the greater whole.
  5. Centenarians are more satisfied with their financial situation. This doesn’t mean that they are rich, just that they are more satisfied with what they do have. They tend to be content as long as they have enough money to fulfill their basic needs.Takeaway: It is easy to get stressed about money. One thing to remember is that no matter what your situation is, there are many things that you have to be grateful for. Nothing will ruin your sense of happiness about your finances faster than comparing your financial situation to the circumstances of others. For most people, the grass is always greener on the other side. Therefore, try to stop comparing your financial situation to others and instead focus on your own personal happiness.
  6. Centenarians live life to the fullest by cultivating their social relationships and protecting their independence. As a group, centenarians regularly participate in social activities and endeavor to retain a role in society. This gives them strong social relationships to lean on when they do need help and support. They tend to live in neighborhoods that give them pleasure, feel safe, and are perceived as being neighborly. They also relish their independence and refuse to give up control over their lives. For example, they live in places that have access to local facilities and services, such as public transportation. This gives them the freedom to participate in society by engaging in their hobbies and other social or leisure activities.Takeaway: Remember how important your friends and family are to your well-being. Try not to take people for granted. The best way to do this is by putting forth the effort to preserve and maintain your relationships. Take an active role in society and pursue your interests with others who share them. Don’t just ‘let things happen.’ Take control and do whatever it takes to protect your independence and maintain a sense of self.
  7. Centenarians keep healthy habits. They eat less salt and sugar than average, and as you’d probably expect, tend to be leaner throughout their lives.  They exercise regularly and endeavor to maintain good mobility. They take good care of their teeth and make a point to go to the dentist regularly.Takeaway: You know the mantra, try to eat well, exercise regularly, and cut out extra salt or sugar from your diet. Brush your teeth every day and make a point to get your teeth cleaned at least once or twice a year.

Now you have it. By following the seven habits outlined above, you can also live a long, happy and healthy life that defies all expectations, just like Louise Donner!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
I love the 7 habits that Natalie gave us in her article and I want to give you some power questions to help you live the 7 habits, starting today. Here are 7 questions for you to use, I suggest you ask yourself and answer every morning for the next 30 days, it won’t take long to do, and by using these questions every morning for 30 days, you will adopt these healthy habits as your new way of life.

  1. What is something about my health that I am grateful for today?
  2. What is something new I learned or did yesterday, and what is something new I can learn or do today?
  3. When I look at my life now, what can I feel excited and optimistic about?
  4. What can I do today to connect with my spirituality, myself and nature?
  5. How can I express gratitude today for my basic needs being met?
  6. What is 1 thing I can do today to authentically connect with someone else?
  7. How can I support my amazing body with healthy choices today?

When you start to live each day with the answers to these questions fueling you, your life will change in massive and exciting ways!

“Hi Kristen,

I just finished going through your “7 Days to Daily Manifesting” program for the second time, and I just wanted to thank you for creating it.I admire you in many ways, and felt compelled to email you and tell you.

I especially appreciated your personal story you shared on the last audio.Sending you a big hug and thank you :-))

Hope you have a great week, and much continued success to you!Love,
Mary Andrews”




26 Responses to “7 Habits You Can Learn From Centenarians on Living Long and Being Happy”

  1. martin says:

    I just read 7 habits, and feel I owe it to myself to live this way. Growing up I may have done things that were the opposite, but I’m grateful that I love to learn and have dreamed about living to be 100.

  2. Jenie says:

    God bless you for sharing 7 habits …soo grateful.

  3. Nhial hoth Gatkuoth says:

    Thanks a lot for providing these 7 tips
    they are vey useful and helpfull particlarily to a person of 60 year old , I am determined to reach my hundreds year. thanks a lot .

  4. Bello Tajudeen says:

    The 7 habits of the centenary are the keys to leave a successful live that is free of worries, ill-health and bad life. Thanks for the information. All the best and keep the message flowing for the worried minds. Bello

  5. Abo says:

    Thanks for your truly inspirational work, articles, software and other aids. I really feel empowered to extend and share my little knowledge with those around me.

    I have actually begun to do just that.

    Looking forward to more empowerment from you and sites like yours.

  6. Good morning to everyone in this beautiful world. I’m planning ahead to be a centenarian. Yes, whatever is in your mind will influence how your body is coping with life. My goal is to inspire others to get out and “do” whatever your choice is. I pedaled across America at age 67 to raise money for kids scholarships. At age 76 I now have 10,000 miles on that $600 bicycle, have raised $36,000 and continue to advocate music education in the schools. Friends and family all thought I was crazy but I never once thought I was “too old” even though they thought I was. I’m a concert pianist and this was my dream to give back to the next generations. Find a passion of your choosing and go for it! The rewards for yourself and the community are priceless. Love, Patricia Starr Ms.SR.CA ’06 and Ms. SR. NE ’08 Check out my Rhapsody in Blue with 82,000 hits on http://www.patriciastarr.net.

  7. Rosemary says:

    Let’s see: I shall be 65 years old tomorrow (July 12th), and still revel in the surprised looks people give me when I tell them my age. My grandmothers lived to be nearly 103 and nearly 105, so I have at least 40 years to occupy myself. Today, my husband and I are going to Santa Rosa, CA, for our annual fun trip.

    Thanks for the fun questions.

  8. donna laurin says:

    A long and satified LIFE is what the Christian Bible teaches.
    Many have chosen to listen to the medical reports, family history, and to today’s culture to determine longevity.
    How long and how you live is a God choice!
    We are all created in the likeness and image of God.
    As a man thinketh, so is he.
    The world can benefit from the wisdom and experiences of Centurians!!!
    So begin planning your 100th party Now… mine is in 2055!!!

  9. Nalinaksha Mutsuddi says:

    I consider you have given me an invaluable gift. It shows the road map how to live lively up to 100 years and beyond. I’m already 80. With the help of your benefaction I hope to complete another score. The most important thing is that it depends solely on the mental factors, that anybody can cultivate if one wishes. You have taught me how to do it. I’m extremely thankful to you.

  10. Rosa Muziotti says:

    After reading your post I understand better why elders are considered wise people.

  11. Feroza says:

    I am grateful that you share such wonderful thoughts with the world and personally it makes me give a different outlook to the way I picture myself. I agree the best of blessings is first to always THANK the Almighty every morning for having been able to enjoy rest through a long sleep with our five senses and to be able to see this beautiful day as there are somewhere a handful of people who do not know what the day looks like or what it is to be up on your feet as they might have spent years in bed or with mental or physical disabilities. Similarly we should show such gratitude before going to bed as we are not sure whether we will see this tomorrow or that tonight will be our last night on earth. What you mentioned in those 7 habits are not new to me but I admire you for sharing such wonderful advice of wisdom to those who give less value to life and those who do not know how precious life is when you live it with positive thoughts. God has gifted us all with a hidden treasure and it is to us to unwrap this gift within ourselves to see beyond the horizon window. Love you all. Feroza.

  12. PJ says:

    Human technology is advancing at a faster rate (the way that we communicate with each other the resources that are available to us NLP, tapping, etc., etc.,) these and other means are there to help us live longer, it’s a great day to be alive!

  13. joseph says:

    try this……..take the greatest moments of your leisure n look back your youthful,pick most of effortless situations that really made u happy,your mind will open that file n refresh it n the more u do your inner self adapt that n fill inn your world with youthfulness……..dont deny yourself to live in vitality…u r capable

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