To Attract Money Fast you have to Give Money? Am I crazy?

Does the thought of giving when you feel like you have to attract money fast seem crazy?

If you answered ‘Yes’, you aren’t alone…

In fact I had a coaching client almost hang up on me earlier this year for this very reason.

Here’s what happened…I have been coaching this client for a long time, and like so many people right now, he’s hit a rough patch.

In our last session, I listened to him as he told me all about all of the things that were going wrong and how it was turning his world upside down since over the last 5 years he had really gotten his life on track and now it seemed like it was all going away.

Finally, he said, ‘Kristen, I need to attract money fast, what do I do?’

My answer was simple…

I said, ‘If you want to attract money fast, you need to give money.’

‘WHAT?’ The anger and fear that came through the phone at me was enormous.

‘Yup, I know it’s counter-intuitive, but when you feel like you NEED something, but the fastest way to bring it into your life is to give exactly what it is you feel you need.’ That was my reply, and that was when he told me in no uncertain terms that I must be crazy and that he was going to hang up.

Keep in mind, this man is not the combative type, he is unbelievably kind and sincere, but his comfort zone was shot and I sounded like a crazy person.

So I challenged him…

‘Okay, you need to attract money fast right?’

‘Yes!’ He was more than at the end of his rope now…

‘And you think I’m crazy for telling you that when you feel like you need to attract something fast you should give it, right?’


‘Are you up for a challenge?’

He paused…and then, ‘Yes’ came over the phone…

‘Okay…here’s your challenge, for 1 week you accept that the way you are going to attract money fast is by giving money. You follow through on that with inspired action and at our session next week, if you don’t have more money than you do right now, you don’t pay for the session AND I will post a blog post saying that I made a mistake.’

‘You got a deal!’ He sounded like his old self, determined and excited…

Half way through the week he called me ecstatic because he just landed a new client that would bring him an extra $3,000 a month…

This is what happened…

According to him, he hung up the phone with me and went on a walk. He ended up on the main strip in his town that had a bunch of restaurants and watched a woman park her car and jump out to feed the meter. After searching though her pocket book for a minute she started asking people if they had change for a dollar. Every person she asked ignored her or shrugged and kept walking.

He said he was about to turn around and walk the other way so she wouldn’t ask him, and then he remembered the challenge I gave him. He dug into his pockets and found a bunch of change, walked up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and handed her the entire fist full of change he had pulled out of his pocket. She went to grab a dollar to pay him and he waved her off. She said, ‘This is more than a dollar, let me count out what I need and give you back the rest.’ And he said, ‘Keep it, that way you’ll have it the next time you need it.’ And then he turned and walked away.

He told me that he felt good and suddenly free and realized how much he had been clamping down on money.

‘It wasn’t a lot of money…but if she had asked me for it a day ago I would have felt like I couldn’t give it to her and would have avoided her at all costs. That’s not like me…’ He said. ‘I’m not like that and yet since I need money fast, I was clenching onto whatever I do have and it was constricting me in so many ways.’

I asked him how his new client came about and he said this guy had been calling him for 3 weeks, but his messages were always vague and my client was so concerned with how he was going to attract money fast that he kept putting off calling him since he was too busy focusing on his money problems.

The day after he gave the change to the woman, he was feeling much more focused and was actually getting work done as opposed to spinning his wheels all day in a panic about money…and he decided to the things that were unfinished, the phone call to what turned about to be his new client was one of those things.

I thought an actual story could illustrate this better than me trying to explain it…

I promise you, whatever it is you feel you need more of…go out and give it!

It doesn’t have to be a lot…it isn’t about the amount…it’s about letting go of the constriction you have. When you constrict, you block the flow, when you give you open yourself up to receive.

1 word of caution here…don’t make the mistake of going out and giving and then waiting to see how it will come back to you…the second you start looking for it as proof that this works, you are constricting and blocking the flow again. Just give and let go…it sounds crazy but it works.

  • If you need to attract money fast, go give it!
  • If you want to attract love, go give it!
  • If you want to attract positivity, go give it!

And then let go and trust that you have removed the flow blocks and are now ready to receive.

Let me know how you feel about this post…it is a hot button topic, so I won’t be surprised if you have resistance to it.

I challenge you with the same exact challenge I gave to my client…let me know if you are up for the challenge…and let me know what happens!

The last step in the ‘3 Steps to Attract Money Fast’ Series is Generate and we’ll talk about that next time, see you then!

3 Responses to “To Attract Money Fast you have to Give Money? Am I crazy?”

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks Kristen, for putting things into perspective. My life has been stressful lately but I’m still able to recognize way more than 3 things I’m grateful for… and I believe most people take things for granted… even waking up and using the PC to read articles like yours, and not being in a hospital bed somewhere is a wonderful thing to be grateful for… it’s up to each one of us how we experience life.

    • LOA says:

      Hey Tim!

      I’m so happy that you are finding things to be grateful for even during stressful times. The more you can focus on what you do want, the more you will draw those positive things to you!

      Go Big!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I do give money. I’ve donated what I could to a favorite charity. I donated a book to a child for Christmas 2009. I give generous tips even though I could use the money myself. I gave a donation to a group I was in, even though I was going to use the money to buy some food. I.m constantly give money away. Maybe that’s counter-intuitive for me because I’m a generous giver. I could unconsciously be saying to the universe, “..nah, I don’t need this, let me give it to someone else.” This is why I’m practicing the art of receiving since I am a natural give. There has to be a balance between the two.

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