Ten Easy Ways to Start – and Finish – Your New Commitment in Life

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Today Vic Johnson is here to share where lasting motivation comes from and how we can find that “spark” of inspiration and ignore negative emotions and let the positive influence us.

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“We are built to grow and meet new
challenges with curiosity, enthusiasm
and joy. To do so, we must release
the need for struggle, when we
do, we realize we can fly.”

— Kristen Howe


Ten Easy Ways to Start – and Finish – Your New Commitment in Life

By Vic Johnson

If there’s something we all struggle with, it’s not starting a new project. And it’s definitely not setting goals. It’s following through on these efforts the whole way: beginning, middle, and (most importantly) end. And while we might feel motivated one day, feeling just as motivated the next day is tough. In the end, we give up on our goals before our efforts really got off the ground.

Where does lasting motivation come from? How can we find that “spark” of inspiration that pushes us through obstacles to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? How do we ignore negative emotions and let the positive influence us?

Follow these ten tips and you’re sure to find the answer.

1. Start by writing your goals down.

What if I were to tell you that there is a scientifically proven way to increase your chances of reaching your goals – and it only takes a few moments of your time at the very beginning of your new project?

You’d likely tell me to take my magic beans and sell them elsewhere.  But there is indeed a study performed by Dominican University (not Yale, as self-help urban legend states) that showed that writing down one’s goals does indeed increase your ability to reach them.

2. Make a plan to achieve your goal.

It’s one thing to write down your goal. It’s another thing entirely to create a plan to achieve it.

Dwight Eisenhower said that “plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” As a general in World War II, he knew that war was often chaotic and that his best-laid plans would quickly be turned on their head in the unpredictability of battle. But without initial planning, no battles could even be won.

But to make sure your plans don’t get out of hand, be sure to follow our next tip:

3. Begin a new daily routine – even if it’s small.

Early on, you’ll be tempted to spend 6 hours a day on your goal, working feverishly to accomplish amazing things. But you’re more likely to stick a routine if it’s not a drag on you. That’s why it’s okay to start off small. Don’t think you have to exercise 3 hours a day – start with just a half hour. A routine that’s manageable will be much more likely to succeed.

4. Tell people about your new goals.

Making your goals public is a great way of staying accountable – an excellent deterrent for cheating if there ever was one. We have a social instinct that tells us we should keep our habits consistent, and telling people about our new goals (and then quickly following through on them) takes advantage of this fact. You don’t have to provide constant updates on Facebook – but try making your goal public and seeing how accountable and motivated you feel afterwards.

One word of caution: don’t share your goals with people who have a history of being critical of you. Share them only with your cheerleaders!

5. Picture yourself already having the goal accomplished.

When you first start a new endeavor – whether it’s weight loss, earning more money, or getting an A on your final exam – the early days can be tough because you don’t see the immediate rewards for your results.

Buy yourself the shirt or dress you want to fit in to. Picture yourself wearing it, and enjoy that feeling now. Why put a time delay on happiness?

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6. Don’t let failures become catastrophic.

Let’s face it – no one’s disciplined enough to never fail at their habits. We cheat on our diets and we skip the gym. But if you let one failure define your overall effort, then you run the risk of letting your entire goal fall by the wayside. Instead, focus your efforts quickly and regroup.  Don’t try to work harder tomorrow to overcome the failures today because you might burn out. Instead, focus on maintaining your daily habit. If you followed tip #2, that habit will be just as manageable as always.

7. Don’t let it become too easy.

At this point, you may find that your daily routine is not as challenging as it once was. Remembering what Dwight Eisenhower said, it’s time to re-do your plans and get back to challenging yourself again.

If your goal was to get fit and start running a mile every day, maybe after three months that mile has become too easy. What can you do? You can make it harder. Run farther. Run faster. Challenge yourself to a better mile time.

8. Enjoy, but ultimately ignore, your early victories.

Let’s say your goal is to go from a size ten to a size six. That’s a great goal – clearly definable.

But you might be tempted to give up not because it’s too hard, but because you’ve achieved some of your goal. Stop your daily routine now and you may slip back to your old habits.

Don’t do that. Enjoy being a size 8, but remember what you wrote down.

9. Reward yourself.

One of the best ways to follow through with a goal until the end is to reward yourself once the goal is achieved. A dieter’s “cheat day” is a great way to do this. Continually reward yourself when you’ve maintained strong discipline and you’ll be amazed at how easy the “tough” days start to be.

10. Set new goals.

Following these tips, you’ll eventually find that you come to a new place: you’ve achieved your goals! It will feel great, but you might eventually ask yourself “what now?” Now it’s time to challenge yourself to greater things. Earn more money next year.  Add some muscle to your newly-svelte frame. The options are unlimited – but you won’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor unless you get back to work again.

If you’re ready to tackle new endeavors and reach goals you never thought attainable, it’s time to take action. Print this article out and post it on your wall and you will be well on your way.


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
In tip 7, Vic says, “it’s time to re-do your plans and get back to challenging yourself again.”

I love this because it brings up a great point. There is a misconception around the Universal Laws that has people believing that if they are really using the power of the Universe, they won’t have to challenge themselves and they won’t have to do anything. I think there is a simple explanation for why this misconception was formed, and we can do away with it right here, together. Here’s the explanation…

Somewhere along the way, the words challenge and struggle become interconnected. And that is the misconception right there – struggle is what the Universal Laws allow us to release, but we still thrive with challenges. Let me explain…Challenging yourself isn’t the same as struggling with something. You can work hard at something and challenge yourself to go to the next level, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle. Do yourself a favor – right now – give yourself permission to separate the words challenge and struggle. Redefine them in this moment so that you can now see that challenge is a positive catalyst for growth.

We can live without struggle – and that is what we are all here for – to discover how to release the struggle from within us (because that is where true struggle lies). Say this with me now –“I live a life of ease and flow. I release struggle and I embrace challenges for within every challenge is the opportunity for me to become more of the extraordinary person I really am.”

Just wanted to say “Thanks”

Kristen, I have gained so much from your emails & [Facebook], that changes are occurring daily for me & life is wonderful & heading in the right direction.

Forever Grateful

Janine D.”




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    Hi Krisren, Greetings.
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    God richly bless You.
    Lve Basil Tryon

  2. Jared says:

    Set your goals and then just do the right/next things as they come up. Sometime it will be something grand and sometime it will be brush your teeth or make the bed. If you know your goal already is and cannot not be, it’s a breeze.

  3. Marc says:

    (I just sent you an uncompleted message–by hitting the wrong key, now I don’t know whether it was sent or just deleted!). If this is the FIRST one you’re getting from me, just let me know and I’ll re-express my earlier attempt at praise and thanks for you and your words. If this is the SECOND
    message, I just want to thank you for BEING such a great example of Truth and Love.

  4. baki says:

    your messages always inspire me to tapping into living with peace,prosperity and taking me nearer to supreme silence.thanx a lot.

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