Break it down…

I’ve found that people are really struggling with something that is holding them back in a BIG way…

So what is it?

Here you go…

They overwhelm themselves with huge things they have to accomplish in a short period of time…

Here’s my solution…


Here’s what I mean…

Don’t overwhelm yourself by choosing a huge thing to do without breaking it into steps…

Here’s an example…

A client of mine was in a session with me and he said he had a crazy busy day the next day and he was overwhelmed…

I asked him what he was up to and he told me that he was getting his website up and running.

I said “Okay, what does that mean?”

He said, “What do you mean what does that mean?”

I said, “Well, how far along are you?  What specifically do you have to accomplish tomorrow in order to get your site launched?”

He said, “I don’t even know, there’s so much I’m just going to jump in, but I have to tell you, I don’t even know where to start.”


  • We spent the next 35 minutes breaking down all the steps of what he needed to do.
  • Then we prioritized them.
  • Then we figured out what he could have someone else do.
  • Then we scheduled each of the steps in increments of 15 min to an hour.

In doing that, we realized it was actually going to take him 2-3 days, BUT he had a PLAN and it was broken down into manageable and doable steps!

And I guarantee you he will actually get it done instead of heading into day after day of running around in circles with it…

When you have something that you have to do, here’s a rule of thumb of it you need to break it down…

If doing it will take more than 1 hour then you need to break it down into smaller steps!

That’s it…

This can literally change your life right NOW!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you need to break down into smaller steps!

Go Big!


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14 Responses to “Break it down…”

  1. Jef says:

    YES breaking it down does work and i try to do this as much as I can in the time I have. Sometimes i forget to do so coz i’m just plain lazy… but yeah, break it down!! It works. Great stuff. 😛

  2. Bill Austin says:

    Kristin, Totally awesam, perfect,Just exactly what I needed to hear. Ill let you know how it turns out.

    Love Bill

  3. Tom Justin says:

    Hi Kristan,

    You\’re right. Anything can be systematized and the bigger the task the more important breaking it down becomes.

    Suggestion: Take that system for the website you created and make that into a special report. It will show your readers how you work and think and give another valuable resource to the world of website builders, especially novices.

    Tom Justin

  4. Linda says:

    So Wise, And until you hear it again and again it is like everything we do. Multitasking is expected and the more you do the more that gets added on. But the truth is, slow down and focus on the end result, and like you point out small steps make the difference to accomplishing the task choosen. I am seeing this truth more and more as I slow down, the results are shown, and success is more likely the outcome. Thank you.

  5. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, I like the idea of breaking things down to make them easier. I find that sometimes you break something down into smaller chunks and start work on one of them. That chunk then expands into chunks intself – ones that can be larger than the original one. What is the next thing to do? Is it fullscale reappraisal of the whole project?

  6. joe says:

    Hi Kristen! Great advice except I do not what steps I need to take.I know what I need to push forward,I just do not know what are the steps thaat it involves.But I will eventionally figure it out…(I hope 🙂 )

  7. david says:

    how to run a full marathon below 6 hrs.
    to some this a easy fit but to those who have not and aspire to do it; you may like to follow what i did for my last marathon. i make sure i accomplish 7.5 to 8km within each hour. any spare time after accopplish the mileage i will walk to build up my stamina. with that firmly in my mind i did it in 5 hr 43min.. haha

  8. Michelle says:

    This system of breaking it down really works. I actually had to do this last night before I read Kristen’s posting. I had been away from home so a lot of essential chores had backed up plus my trains home from work were late and I was very tired but some things had to be done else I would not have any clothes to wear to work etc. So I wrote a list of what had to be done last night, things that could wait and until when – and things that could be let go. I also had a lot of work things spinning through my head so I have calendered these for later on in the week according to urgency. My list which took about 10 mins and ended the chaos. Today does not seem so bad.

  9. Michelle says:

    Oh by the way I am in London hence the timing.

  10. Hi Kristen,
    I have a BIG problem! I am living in an unsafe house, & must move NOW. I am 50 yrs. old, & have COPD as well as ADHD; both un-medicated due to lack of insurance/job/money. We are currently using Kerosene to heat, & I’m the only one to pack up a two story house.
    We can not afford help, my boyfriend’s hours where just cut…he is only getting 4 days a week now, which means a very short pay.
    I don’t know if it will help you to understand or not. I am scared I can not do this myself. How do I break THIS down? I need to be quick, but don’t know where we will go, or if we will have to store our stuff, or for how long.
    ANY ideas/ help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. bart van hoeck says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I\’m with the thought of in the coming year to take lessons in Interiour design,and now for the moment i have to re-arange my room.
    But i\’m thinking of much to do cause i definitly have to have done this 1st is to have a more stable economic situation and beeing financial capable to tell the employers i\’m out of here.
    So to make this by the beginning of October is for me one way cause then i can take serious long vacation to get some inspiration.
    But this is all in the coming year so to break it all down in diffirent pieces i need to go the library this way i can see about the feng shui how to adjust my room into a positive charged eviroment which at the same time would help me with learing about therapeutic healing consultant.


  12. Barb says:

    Moving to FLA for good Friday morn., 4 a.m. Put in my permanent change of address today. Once I get there, I have somewhere temporary to stay, but will have to look for a permanent place. This is what I needed to read, talk about feeling overwhelmed! In the meantime, I have to keep up with my part-time job as a medical transcriptionist (homebased, online), I am starting up my own business, websites, products, provisional patents, trademarks, etc. (to keep up the lifestyle I have grown acustom to with my ex-husband). But, the 1 thing I always do, is read Kristen’s blogs.

    Thanks again Kristen, Barb

  13. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Kristan, for the reminder of breaking things down to small bite-size pieces. A good movie to watch on this very subject is “What About Bob?” A comedy but a great lesson on “baby steps”.

    Thanks for all you do,

  14. alice says:

    Talk about feeling overwhelmed. The rough cut of my thesis film to be done by February 20. I have been running in circles for weeks now. I feel so trapped by the deadline I spend hours/days finding ways of saving time … non-sense! The worst part: I am very aware of this self-ibernating process. Reading this hopefully will help. Any input on how to make mini-tasks very welcome. Ciaociao & grazie!

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