Are You Living on Purpose?

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Do you wonder if you will ever find your purpose? Have you written off ‘living on purpose’ as something you missed the boat on – or as something that isn’t really that important?

If so, it’s never too late to discover and live your purpose and I have asked the amazing Marcia Wieder to help you discover your purpose today. I can’t wait for you to read this issue of the Law of Attraction Key Magazine – and make sure you do the exercise Marcia gives you – it’s simple and it works…

I share a quick way to get yourself tapped into your purpose in the Quick Tip section of this issue – make sure you check it out.

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“Why are you here? What were you put
here to share with the world? There is no
one else like you – appreciate that and give
your life to discovering how to express
your extraordinary self.”

— Kristen Howe


Are You Living on Purpose?

By Marcia Wieder

Your Purpose is who you are, what gets you excited; I might even say that your Purpose is remembering why you’re here. If you’re like a lot of readers, you might say, “I want to make my dreams come true, but, between you and me, I don’t think I have a Purpose.”

Your Purpose is not a big, burdensome, heavy weight that you “must” accomplish in your life; rather, it’s a joyous expression of who you are. One of my clients, who didn’t think finding his Purpose was the way to double his business, didn’t increase sales until he defined who he was; then, it was easy. Standing in your Purpose, the quality of your dreams (and your life), will change.

Your Purpose could be anything that gets your juices flowing; it comes from what turns you on in life. Your Purpose is anything that touches your heart and makes a difference to you. If you’re working at a job just for the money, and what you’re doing doesn’t make you feel proud, perhaps you’ve lost your sense of Purpose. The test is how you feel: are you turned on, or do you rationalize by saying that if you don’t “sell this product, somebody else will.”

Most people are so busy reacting to the needs of daily life that they’re happy just to be getting through the day. It’s hard to live on purpose when life revolves around daily crises and you’re always feeling overwhelmed. By taking the time to define your Purpose, you’ll open up more time and space, have more energy and be more focused.

Keep on reading to find out how to get in touch with your life’s purpose…


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You may be wondering how to determine your Purpose. Here is a simple exercise that will help you get in touch with your Life’s Purpose by looking at your past accomplishments.

Life Purpose Exercise

On a sheet of paper, list three times in your life, from the day you were born, to this moment, when you accomplished something about which you are proud and passionate. Look for three successes about which you can say, “I did that; it felt good.” Write them down simply and quickly; as you write the first one, the other two will come.

If you can’t find at least three accomplishments–and I promise you’ve had at least thirty-three, maybe three hundred and thirty-three–perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself and setting your sights too high. Now look for the pattern, the common component that made you feel good about those achievements. What was present for you in all three examples?

If you think at first that there’s nothing consistent about the listed deeds, get in touch with what you were feeling then, about the events and about yourself. Avoid narrowing things down; try to stay with broad, generic statements. Perhaps all the items listed were fun or you were learning something new.

Don’t be concerned if passion seems to elude you at first. Some people feel passion about their Purpose as soon as they define it. Others may not be sure if the stated Purpose is something that truly excites them. You may not experience passion until you’re in action on a project; someone else may be turned on by the planning process. If you’re having difficulty finding the common thread in all three accomplishments, but you were excited by two of them, you’re probably on the right track.

It doesn’t matter whether your Purpose is single-focused or multi-dimensional. Imagine using the zoom lens of a camera to capture your Life’s Purpose in the most general way. Then play with the picture until the form, sound and “feel” of it is right for you. If your Purpose comes from what you feel passionate about, you are well on your way to making your dreams come true.


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
So many people get caught up in the feeling that living your life on purpose is a luxury. If you find yourself thinking that way, stop and remind yourself that people live on purpose every day, and then ask yourself this question…

“What is something small I can do right now to express my purpose to the Universe?”

And then do it – it could be as small as smiling at a stranger, and when you do it, you will remind yourself that you can choose your purpose ALWAYS.


Bless you, Kristen!

I know I was supposed to take the course over seven days but… your message resonated like few things have and I had to keep going to get it all. 

Absolutely fantastic and I KNOW it’s just right for me. Putting it into action everyday now and feeling it! 

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!



8 Responses to “Are You Living on Purpose?”

  1. Deb fryer says:

    I want to thank you for these articles. I have taught elementary school for 31 years in private schools. My own children were educated in the schools where I taught. Last year I was laid off due to not enough students enrolled. At age 57 I decided to “give back” in some way. I did the exercise recommended in this article and realized what my purpose was when I worked for pay and what it is now that I am ” giving back”. Guess what! The purpose is still the same!!!! The assignment in this Article helped me bridge the gap between working and the unplanned “early retirement”. I found my purpose to be helping people in general( skills, listening, overcoming difficulties, physical help, finding more qualified help for their special situations, and most importantly, helping them feel good about what the have accomplished so that when they don’t need my help anymore they are in a good place to search for THEIR purpose. Keep these free newsletters coming!.

    • Kristen says:

      Amazing! And I am so excited that you are here, sharing your purpose with the world – you are raising the vibration and I am so excited for you (and for everyone who crosses paths with you)…

      Remember this, your giving back spreads beyond the people you directly touch!

      I believe in you!

  2. John Checki says:

    Live with Passion and Purpose: Written three novels, became a CPA, CFP, CRC, help people define, pursue, and live their dream lives. Married, children, grandchildren, loving life and passing on the Legacy of JOY.

  3. GERRY HEINZ says:

    Thank’s for this article our purpose is realy like our own master key to our inner self immage of who we are, and working on to perfectuate. Time is your best freind working on your side !!!

  4. Cathy says:

    As I read this article I felt the emotions surge through my heart, and move up until they reach my eyes, and turn into tears. My passion is writing, I knew that when I was ten years old. Then there is drawing. Yet I have pushed both away, saying, some day. Some day is here.

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